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Detailed Schedule - Ancestor Liberation and Blessing

Chang Shik Yang
August 8, 2006

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
3224 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20010
Tel: (202) 319-3200 / Fax: (202) 319-3201 / E-mail:
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, President
United States of America Headquarters

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed only to the Regional and Vice Regional Directors

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers.

Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All FFWPU Leaders, directors of all related organizations and all Blessed Central Families and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: August 8, 2006
Re: Detailed Schedule and Instructions for Families coming to UTS for the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing

Brothers and Sisters coming to UTS on Aug 10:

I. The general schedule:

7:30 a.m.

Check-in for:

-- 9:30

Enrollment fee payments ($120 per family, $60 per individual)- for everyone who has not yet paid

Original Palace donation - you can offer this donation on Aug. 10th and still have your picture taken with Dae Mo Nim at 9:00 a.m.

Wish papers - to write wish papers and offer the donation

9:00 Photos with Dae Mo Nim for those who gave donation for construction of the Original Palace (meet in the auditorium on first floor)

Candles bequeathed for parents of seung-hwaed 2nd and 3rd generation


Gather in preparation for Ancestor Liberation

12:30- Lunch (each family should bring some food with them; some food will be on sale at UTS)

(Also Blessing participants change into white robes)

1:10 Ancestor Blessing, Spirit World-Physical World Blessing

2:30 Registration Blessing

3:00 Conclusion

II. To families taking a photo with DaeMo Nim on Aug. 10th:

Please arrive at UTS by 8:00 a.m. dressed as you want to appear in the picture.

Families will line up and fill out their forms in the auditorium, on the first floor. (There will be signs with directions.) The photo session will begin by 9:00. It goes very quickly - when your turn comes, please get in position promptly! We are expecting up to 100 families to take pictures in one hour, so time will be very tight on that morning. Prepare your children how to take their places smoothly.

We'll need your full cooperation so that everyone can have their photo taken.

If you want to give $30 for postage, your photo plate can be sent to you from Korea. Otherwise it will have to be picked up by someone who goes to Chung Pyung.

III. Dress Code:

The standard at Chung Pyung is that no one wear sleeveless shirts or any pants above the knee. The same standard will apply on Aug. 10th. For the holy song session you will need a white shirt (t-shirt is fine) and light slacks.

IV. To members arriving by train or plane:

We'll have some volunteers from the local community helping with transportation between the Rhinecliff Amtrak station and Kingston motels. If you want more information, write to Cliff Yasutake at

People arriving at Albany airport can take the Trailways bus to Kingston. Sharing car rental with others would be an excellent option for getting back and forth to UTS on Aug. 10th. We expect about 2,500 members to gather on that day.


Adirondack Trailways 800-776-7548 $14.50 one way

Departs AlbanyAirport for Kingston: 12:25 pm 3:50 pm 5:50 pm

Arrives 400 Washington Ave. Kingston, NY


Super 8 Motel - Kingston 845-338-3078 487 Washington Ave. 5 min. walk from bus

Budget 19 Inn - Kingston - 845-331-1919 187 Rt. 28 1 mile from bus station

Quality Inn - Kingston 845-339-3900 114 Rt. 28 West (2 min. drive from bus station)

GasLight Inn - Red Hook 845-758-1571


Kingston Cabs 845-331-8294
New Kabs 845-336-2400
Royal taxi 845-338-9420
Red Hook Cab 845-758-1478
Rhinebeck Cab 845-876-2010


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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