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Transition Ceremony and Appreciation Fund

Chang Shik Yang
June 28, 2006

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
3224 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20010
Tel: (202) 319-3200 / Fax: (202) 319-3200 / E-mail:
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed only to the Regional and Vice Regional Directors

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers. Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All Leaders of FFWPU and Related Organizations U.S. and Canada, All Blessed Families and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: June 28, 2006
Re: Transition Ceremony and Appreciation Fund

True Parents are making an historic sacrifice through the 120 Nation Tour, and the walls are coming down all over the world. This is the time when, through our unity with True Parents, we can fulfill our responsibility to inherit the spiritual authority and victory that has now been secured through the dedication of Cheon Jeong Gung on June 13th.

We express profound gratitude for the example our Regional Directors are now demonstrating through their attitude of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to True Parents' call for them to return to the Fatherland.

Donation for Regional Directors’ National Transition Fund:

All families are asked to donate $200 to National Headquarters ($100 per member) to create a National Transition Fund. Rather than a monetary gift being given locally, this National Transition Fund will provide equal financial support to all outgoing Regional Directors as they move to their new missions in Korea. This was agreed upon with the Continental Director and all Regional Directors on a special conference call on Sunday, June 25. (This is not to be confused with the monthly income that will be maintained for six months, from July 1 - December 31.) The Transition Fund is totally different. This fund is to be collected by the Regional HQ's and reported and sent to National Headquarters by the regional finance person or bookkeeper.

All outgoing Regional Directors will receive six months of their monthly income to facilitate their transition, contingent upon their going to their new mission in Korea. This requires serious sacrifice and commitment on the part of all American members to also support the Acting Regional Directors as they start their new missions.

Holy Wine Ceremony:

FFWPUI has directed that the Holy Wine Ceremony must be completed by August 30th. (September is mentioned in the memo but we are encouraged to complete by August 30th). Therefore all Blessed Central Families should complete the Holy Wine Ceremony in North America by August 30, according to official instructions sent by FFWPUI HQ (Ref. No. FFWPUI 2006-30). A "love offering" from each family is appropriate for receiving the Holy Items and Holy Wine. No amount should be set for this, as the offering should come from the heart. (Note: This is completely separate from the National Transition Fund of $200 per family / $100 per member). Rev. Kwak clarified today that the Holy Wine to be used is the NEW HOLY WINE from JUNE 13th. All Blessed Central Families must conduct this ceremony first before it goes to non-Unification blessed families. This means that we may have the Holy Wine Ceremony with the June 13th Holy Wine and distribution of this Holy Wine on July 2nd or after. This ceremony must be completed by August 30, 2006.

Transition Ceremony:

All transition ceremonies should be done throughout America at Sunday service, July 2nd. This should include the congratulations and expression of gratitude for the Regional Directors’ sacrifices in America and the installation of the "Acting Regional Director". All authority for the region will be transferred at that time to the "Acting Regional Director", who in most cases is the Vice Regional Director. All regions are directed to complete the transition by July 2, 2006.

Guidelines for the Acting Regional Director:

The Acting Regional Directors will be directly guided by the Continental Director and the President. During this transition time, it is especially important that the Acting Regional Directors work in close communication and coordination with the HQ. No personnel changes or initiatives outside of the National Headquarters’ explicit directions can be initiated without written approval from the Continental Director and President.

The first priority is to maintain the same level of providential responsiveness and attendance as exhibited under the leadership of the Korean Regional Directors. Therefore it is critical that the Acting Regional Directors are united with the Headquarters’ direction and intent. As we move forward, the Continental Director and President will also direct an examination of how our ministries, projects and activities can be organized in the most effective way. This will include the consideration of structure as well as the evaluation of personnel.

The Acting Regional Director (ARD) position is an interim assignment. The permanent Regional Directors will be appointed after an evaluation period, and consideration of other possible candidates in addition to the Acting Regional Directors. As the ARDs assume their responsibilities, it is vital that all leaders in the region work cooperatively, and that all members provide their full support to their ARD. All ARDs will be reviewed by a special "National Review Committee" as to their performance and qualifications before elevation to "Regional Director".

Guidelines For The Transition

Complete transition should occur on July 2, 2006, including both Regional Director’s congratulations and installation of the Acting Regional Director.

Full transferal of all authority must be given to the Acting Regional Director by July 2nd

Acting Regional Directors will serve an interim role to keep the position and central leadership clear as we move forward. Some current Vice Regional Directors may not become "Acting Regional Directors". In addition, Acting Regional Directors will not become "Regional Directors" automatically, but rather based on a process of review and evaluation.

Acting Regional Directors do not have authority to make any changes in personnel or plans without written approval by the Continental Director and President.

Basic Schedule for Transition Ceremony:

Opening Prayer
MC introduction
Song - (Choir or solo)
PowerPoint of memories and victories together.
Sermon - Regional Director
MC Introduces the "Officiator of the Ceremony of Transition" (either a HQ representative or a respected elder of the community.)
Official Congratulatory Letter From Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins read.
Transition Ceremony - Presentation of the official HQ Plaque of Congratulations - being made by Headquarters
Flower Presentation
Presentation of Letter of Appointment as "Acting Regional Director"
Acting Regional Director - Acceptance speech
Flower Presentation
Song - (Choir or Solo)
Prayer and Conclusion


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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