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Special Category" West Coast Workshop for Second Generation who have Fallen- Los Angeles, April 14-17, 2006

Chang Shik Yang
February 27, 2006


TO: Regional, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Family Department Representatives; for all Blessed Central Families and Second Generation

FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins and Rev. Phillip Schanker

DATE: February 27, 2006

RE: "Special Category" West Coast Workshop for Second Generation who have Fallen- Los Angeles, April 14-17, 2006

The first west coast special workshop for members of the Second Generation who have fallen, and/or their parents will be held over the Easter Holiday, on the weekend of April 13-16, 2006. With the theme "The Path, Mission, Hope and Ministry for "Special Category" Second Generation," the 3-day program will be held in a beautiful and private site nestled between the mountains and the sea in the Los Angeles, CA area. Youth in this category, as well as their parents, are welcome to attend. Parents of a child in this category can also attend by themselves.

As always, participation in this program is private, and reserved for those Blessed Children who have fallen, but are reconsidering the value of the Principle or seeking a path to the Blessing in their lives. Parents may attend with their children, if there is understanding and approval from their son or daughter. Parents whose children have embraced a relationship or lifestyle outside of the Blessing, who are seeking the way to love and embrace their children while standing for their faith may also join, and will meet as a separate group.

Participants are required to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all participants, and will be asked to sign an agreement promising not to discuss who attends or what takes place during the weekend to anyone outside of the seminar or the "SCBC" ministry. As always, those who wish to attend should contact the ministry by Email at privately to learn the location, schedule and registration details, and receive a registration form. The form may also be downloaded from this hidden site:


The Blessing is given by the authority of True Parents on a 6000-year foundation of indemnity, including the sacrifice of Jesus, a history of circumcision, celibacy, and martyrdom, True Parents' victorious course and your own physical parents' sacrifices. Children born from the God-centered union of a Blessed Couple are eternally precious to God. Although one of those young people may have tragically fallen, the eternal value of a Blessed Child cannot simply be erased. Therefore the course and responsibility of youth in this category is unique, and needs to be understood and supported.

Following the crowning of the King and Queen of Peace, Father opened a gate to embrace Second Generation who have fallen. In successful workshops in the USA and Europe, as well as at Chung Pyung Training Center, a number of youth and parents have experienced the unchanging love of God and found hope in a clear process of restoration, as well as a path to the Blessing. Many couples have already been matched and Blessed as a result of this process.

Why do we call this group the "Special Category?" True Father has made clear that BCs who have fallen are not simply "First Generation," with all the historical investment in their lineage and their parents' Blessing simply erased. It is a serious loss for these children to just marry any outside "1st generation" spouse despite the fact they may feel love or commitment horizontally. It is similarly tragic for a fallen BC to pursue or marry a pure Second Generation, undermining the foundation for that unfallen BC to restore the original standard of love purely and fully through their Blessing. By those who have fallen connecting with the same category for their matching and Blessing, True Parents intend to provide a course to restore their total position and value by the time of the birth of their children.

To support this process, an "SCBC" (Special Category Blessed Children) ministry has been established in the US, with a secure and private website and discussion group for youth only (one for the parents is coming soon), matching support and networking with candidates in the same category worldwide, and ongoing education.

The April workshop will be led by Rev. Phillip Schanker, Vice-President for Education of the Family Federation and Mrs. Hiromi Stephens, Co-Director of the Blessed Family Department, as well as single and Blessed Second Generation from the Special Category Ministry.

The spiritual circumstance and path to the Blessing for this category will be discussed, and we will do our best to answer any and all questions. Special meetings will be organized for youth who have attended previously, as well as for parents. Participants in past workshops have experienced both relief and encouragement through encountering others who can truly understand their situation and feelings. Some need to simply focus on healing and renewing their spiritual life and family relationships.

We look forward to hearing from those young people who wish to find a clear path toward the Blessing, or simply to reconcile the past and search for their purpose and destiny.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins


Workshop Schedule: Friday, April 14th, 5:30 PM through Monday, April 17th, 1:00 PM

Location/Travel: The workshop retreat site is within 90 minutes of Los Angeles Int'l. Airport. Some other airports may be more convenient. For air travel, plan on Friday afternoon arrivals and Monday late afternoon departures accordingly. Contact SCBC Ministry for details.

For Further Information Contact: Mrs. Hiromi Stephens

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