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Gyocha Blessing Memo

Chang Shik Yang
December 16, 2005

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers. Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: Regional Directors and Vice Regional Directors
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: December 16, 2005
RE: Gyocha Blessing Appointment of Hoon Dok Family Church Representative for Each Region One Family Three Churches

True Parents 100 City tour is coming to its final stage. We can feel the incredible spiritual wave that is transforming this world and removing all barriers and boundaries. The Gyocha Blessing carries with it enormous grace to heal and restore blessed families while creating new ones. This is a great moment in history.

Blessing in Korea: The official name is the "International Cross-cultural Blessing Ceremony for World Peace" - Please do not stop your outreach to Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy as well as all qualified first and second generation candidates. Every family should feel responsible to secure one candidate for the blessing.

Youth Development: The most serious development for our future is our youth. We formally ask all departments, affiliated organizations and institutions to appoint Second Generation college graduates as interns and trainees in every area of our movements work. The President's office has added two special young people for this purpose. Mr. Tossa Cromwell is now special assistant to the President for project management and Second Generation concerns. Mr. Im Joong Kim is special assistant to the President for Second Generation communications and development.

Hoon Dok Family Church (Family Association) - Each Region Assign One Official HDFC Representative for the Region: Rev. Joshua Cotter (VP and National Director of Field Operations) is in charge of the Hoon Dok Family Church development and implementation. Rev. Jorg Heller and Rev. James Stewart have been assigned to assist the regions with this historic central providence. We formally and officially ask you to appoint this very important representative who will work with the HDFC (Family Association) to fulfill Tong Ban Kyok Pa (Breakthrough on the Neighborhood Level) through the HDFC providence and True Parent's idea for our family, home from the community to the nation and the world. Goal Extension: Our memo of NHQ20050903 concerning final directions for the last quarter of 2005 stated that through the HDFC each family should gain one family as a member. We will adjust this to the end of March, 2006. (Membership definitions and Family Association development necessitated this extension).

One Family Three Churches - Rev. Joshua Cotter will also oversee the implementation of this direction working directly with Rev. Stewart and the Vice Regional Directors. Originally all should return to our hometowns as Tribal Messiahs and owners of Cheon Il Guk, however due to the Christian foundation of America, True Parents gave approval that we could fulfill the hometown tribal messiah providence by being the connection to three churches per family. The requirement here is not to try to develop the church or the relationship with the minister but rather to be the source of connection between the church our family visits, and the ACLC and the Christian ministers' work. The responsibility of each family is simply to visit and give respect and love and a invitation to the monthly ACLC Prayer Breakfast. A few families will develop the skill to do more; however the core responsibility is to visit once per month and connect the church to ACLC by delivering invitations to ACLC programs, pilgrimages to the Middle East and more. Let God do the rest. Rev. Cotter, Rev. Stewart and Rev. Heller will be responsible to work with the region so that each and every blessed family has three ACLC churches they are connected with. If they can't visit, they can give a donation or some gift for the church each month to be delivered by the ACLC outreach team.

Ambassadors for Peace goal of 15,000: Throughout True Parents' historic World Tour, True Father has emphasized the importance of Ambassadors for Peace. IIFWP USA Secretary General Mr. Jim Flynn and the network of Ambassadors for Peace are leading us to victory in appointing 15,000 AFPs; making this important goal is an official direction for the North American movement.. We are now gaining significant momentum as our movement pulls together to expand this critical AFP network. Exciting development is occurring as Ambassadors for Peace connect their colleagues to the AFP initiative. Goal Extension: Our memo of NHQ20050903 concerning final directions for the last quarter of 2005, stated that the Ambassadors for Peace goal should be achieved by the end of December. We are now extending that to March 31, 2005. Please work with the AFC/ IIFWP USA coordinators - tremendous breakthroughs and results are now coming in many regions.

ACLC Focus: MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. ACLC is finalizing the brochures, registration forms and materials for a new membership drive. Each region has the goal so that we will collectively reach 2000 paid members. This goal was to be completed by December 31. Goal Extension: This program is just about ready to launch; therefore our goal completion time is extended to March 31.

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