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Urgent Memorandum - Gyocha Blessing III

Chang Shik Yang
December 7, 2005

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
Second Generation & Blessed Family Departments
4 W 43rd St. New York, NY 10036
TEL: (212) 997-0050, ext.123 FAX: (212) 768-0791 E-mail:
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, USA President

Memo: BFD 2005-12-07
Urgent Memorandum - Gyocha Blessing III

TO: Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Central Families
FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
DATE: December 07, 2005

RE: IMPORTANT CLARIFICATIONS Regarding True Parents' Matching and "Gyocha" (Cross-cultural) Blessing, December 29, 2005 As we prepare for the upcoming "Gyocha" (Cross-cultural) Blessing in Korea, please consider the following updates and clarifications. For basic information refer to Memo BFD 2005-12-03, "Urgent Memorandum II- Gyocha Blessing," paying careful attention to the developments listed below. NOTE: LODGING, CONTACT NUMBERS, TRANSPORTATION IN KOREA AND ADDITIONAL DETAILS WILL BE COVERED IN THE NEXT MEMO:

I. Information and Application Site for Gyocha Blessing All relevant international memos, HQ memos, forms and instructions are available at Please visit there for basic information.

II. Photo Preparation for Those Who Can and Cannot Travel All candidates for matching should prepare two 8 X 10 photos: one full length and one head & shoulders only. Please dress well and prepare professional quality photos, with the full face and forehead visible (bangs should be brushed back or to the side). These should be prepared and submitted with candidates' application even though they are planning to be in Korea. All applications must be submitted with the photos as well. Each candidate should keep a copy of both photos to bring with them to Korea.

For Those Who Cannot Travel- True Father's plan is to match all candidates in person in Korea. Although there is no guarantee that Father will match additional candidates by photo, we strongly encourage all candidates who cannot travel to Korea due to visa restrictions or other reasons, to prepare two 8 X 10 photos exactly as directed above. Our Continental Director and Blessing staff will do our best to represent all candidates from North America whether present in person or by photo, and make the best offering possible.

Photos, applications and fees should arrive at the appropriate office (as instructed below) no later than December 17th. It is best to send hard copies by mail or overnight delivery. Emailed photos will be accepted, but their quality when printed cannot be guaranteed. Please prepare early enough so that good-quality photos can arrive at HQ by mail.

NOTE: Only photos will be brought to Korea for each candidate with important information from the application affixed to the back of both photos. HQ will prepare the photos with appropriate information, and keep the applications on file. Candidates should bring a copy of your photos and application with you to Korea, to be sure that the information you need is with you. HQ will prepare a second set of information for the back of your photos, and you will also have your application just in case.

III. First and Second Generation Application Process

First Generation- In addition to the application available at the Gyocha Blessing information site, you will find an interview and confession form. This should be completed by each candidate, signed by the appropriate church and regional leadership and submitted with the application, photos and fee. In addition, a health report and academic report can be found at the Gyocha Blessing site, and should be submitted as well, along with the AIDS test, physical exam and, if available, a copy of the highest academic certificate achieved.

IMPORTANT- One year of purity is considered a minimum condition for First Generation to receive this matching and Blessing. Re-blessing candidates and those previously married should provide the necessary documentation of divorce, release from previous Blessing, etc.

Second Generation- The application process is as originally described in BFD Memo 2005-12-03. All information and forms are available at the Gyocha Blessing information site.

IV. Application Deadline

The initial deadline for all applications to be received in the appropriate office is December 17, 2005. Please submit forms by this date to allow time for reporting and preparation. Hard copies sent by mail or overnight delivery are recommended. Emailed material will be accepted, but the quality of photos printed out cannot be guaranteed, and technical problems may prevent or distort printouts. Remember:

First Generation applications should be sent to the Blessed Family Dept. in Wash., DC

Second Generation applications should be sent to the 2nd Gen Dept. in New York, NY

Fees for both First and Second Generation should be sent to Sheila Song, Blessed family Dept. in Washington, DC. Include an Email address or fax number so a receipt may be returned to you immediately. See addresses and contact numbers below or at Gyocha Blessing online information site. REMEMBER: All applicants should keep a copy of photos and application material, and bring to Korea together with the receipt for your Blessing fee.

V. Regional Reporting System- Each region should prepare a report regarding the number of candidates for matching and Blessing from your region. A detailed report form and instructions will follow. The categories to be reported are:

1st generation attending matching in Korea: males / females

1st generation sending photos only: males / females

2nd generation attending matching in Korea: males / females

2nd generation sending photos only: males / females

TOTAL candidates for MATCHING: males / females

2nd generation attending Blessing ONLY (matched by parents already): males / females


VI. More on Candidates for Re-blessing

First Generation candidates whose Blessing was broken are welcome to attend the matching according to the guidelines explained in BFD memo 2005-12-03 and if matched, join the Gyocha Blessing on December 29. No maximum age limit has been given, and candidates who have children may participate in the matching and Blessing. It is important, however, to consider carefully the challenge to accept Father's match with anyone from any country unconditionally when children, careers, and other responsibilities must be considered. We are currently investigating whether any pre-counseling or special recommendations for matching will be acceptable prior to attending the Blessing. We will announce any developments, but at the present time it should be assumed that all candidates should be prepared to receive Father's match without question.

VII. What About the Categories We Told to "Prepare?"

An earlier memo encouraged a broader range of candidates to "prepare," in case they might be called to the matching and Blessing. While we remain prepared for any new direction, it seems that True Parents' focus for Second Generation remains primarily upon the "original standard" of Cheon Il Guk matchings (including new candidates and those whose match was broken by their partner prior to the Blessing), and those previously matched by their parents whose matching has broken. For First generation, in addition to new candidates (especially those who participated in the UPF Inaugural tour), a wide gate of grace of Re-Blessing is extended to those whose earlier Blessing was broken, provided that previous situation is clearly resolved (see the guidelines in BFD memo 2005-12-03).

VIII. Additional Blessing Workshop Available

In order to fulfill the educational requirement for candidates to attend a Blessing Workshop within 2 years of being matched and Blessed, on the weekend of December 16 - 18 there will be three workshops open to both First and Second Generation. The locations and basic schedule are as follows:

A. East Coast Workshop- UTS, Barrytown, NY. Friday, December 16, 6:30 PM until Sunday, December 18, 2:00 PM

B. West Coast Workshop 1- Bay Area Family Church, San Leandro, CA (San Francisco-Oakland Area- near Oakland Airport) Friday, December 16, 6:30 PM until Sunday, December 18, 2:00 PM

C. West Coast Workshop 2- Southern California Regional HQ, Pasadena, CA (LA area) Friday, December 16, 6:30 PM until Sunday, December 18, 2:00 PM Detailed workshop information will follow, and pre-registration will be available via the Gyocha Blessing online information site soon.

IX. Important Dates and Schedules for the matching & Blessing

A. First Deadline for Applications: December 17, 2005

B. Date of the Matching: December 26, 2005

C. Date of the Blessing: December 29, 2005

D. Where/When to Arrive for Matching: Sunday, December 25, 2005 at Kuri Training Center just outside of Seoul City.

E. Where/When to Arrive for the Blessing: Details still to be announced

F. Lodging Information: Still to be announced

X. Where to Submit Forms and Fees

A. Application Material

First Generation submit to: Second Generation submit to:

Gyocha Blessing
ATTN: Inguk Seo
Blessed Family Department
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
T: (202)319-3200, X 126
F: (202) 299-9496

B. Blessing Fees

All fees should be submitted to:

Gyocha Blessing- ATTN: Sheila Song
Blessed Family Department
3224 16th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202)319-3200, X 126
F: (202) 299-9496

For further information visit, or contact:

Second Generation Blessing Department
Telephone: (212) 997-0050, ext. 123
Fax: (212) 391-0222

Hiromi Stephens
Blessed Family Department

Blessing Application Form

Most sincerely,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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