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Last Chance for Educators Workshop

Chang Shik Yang
October 5, 2005


TO: Regional Directors, Vice-Regional Directors, State & Church Leaders

FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Phillip Schanker

DATE: October 5, 2005

RE: 2005 Educators Conference at UTS: October 7 – 9, 2005 Last Chance to Register!

As our September 12th announced, the Fourth Annual Educators Conference will be held this weekend, October 7-9 at UTS, Barrytown, NY, under the auspices of the Center for Education (CFE). This year’s theme is Education that Connects the Family, Church and Community, and is an excellent opportunity for the professional development of our pastoral ministry and religious education. We have encouraged each region to sponsor its key educational and ministry leaders to attend, and welcome every Tribal Messiah wishing to grow as an educator. Highlights include uplifting General Sessions featuring Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins and Rev. Dr. Lonnie McLeod, and more than 40 breakout sessions offering materials and best practices in 5 areas: Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Family Ministry and Pastoral Education. The 2nd Annual Blessed Family Association Convocation will take place during the weekend as well. If the following session topics interest you, visit the CFE website at to learn more about the center & conference, and to register.

Children's Ministry (C)

Robert Beebe: "From Confucius to True Parents: A Multi-religious Approach to Character Education"

Bruce Clarke : "Running an Effective Children's Ministry "

Johanna Duffy and Keiko Fortin: "Improving Children's Concentration through Teaching Aids"

Laura Nabetani and Paul Fontaine: "Age Appropriate Methods for Pre-K – 6; Teaching Father's Life"

Kimihira Miyake & Mentors: "Activity-Based Group Mentoring Approach to Pre-K Ministry"

Youth Ministry (Y)

Jeff Adshead: "T2: Establishing and Running an Adventure Camp for Teens"

Sandra Cusson "The ‘DP Jeopardy Game' in Youth Ministry"

Tony Devine and Michelle Myers: "Youth Mentoring and Connections"

Hanako Ikeno, Kimihira Miyake, Lillie Kirkley, Nathan Breland: "Raising

Middle and High School Service Project Leaders" (TBC)

Rachel Johnson, Kimihira Miyake, Towa Aoki: "Mentoring Mentors for Pre-K"

Geros Kunkel: "European HARP"

Kazuki Tomeda: "Rediscovering God"

Myrna Lapres: "Using Venturing as Part of a Youth Ministry Program"

Guillinda Loum, Marric Buessing: "Beantown Bash"

Alan Saunders: "Preparation for the Blessing"

Ichinori Tsumagari: Character Education through Tong-il-Moo-Do and Service Learning"

Richard Urban: "Creating an Abstinence-Based Peer Counseling Program and Club in a Public School"

Young Adult Ministry (YA)

Hiroshi Higashino: "Teaching Divine Principle to Young Adults from the Perspective of God's Heart"

Clair Hoover: "The Role of the Arts in Developing a Culture of Heart"

Harumi Kawamura: "Why DP Lecturers Alone Cannot Save the Unificationist Youth, or Essential Elements for Unification Young Adult Ministries"

Richard Panzer: " Relationship Education as College Ministry "

Philip Thalheimer and Keith MacMurdie: "Adventure – The Alternative Classroom " Naokimi Ushiroda and Panel of 2 nd Gen.: "Witnessing and 2 nd Generation Education"

Naokimi Ushiroda, Towa Aoki and Joe Leonard: "College Students—the Key to Building a Vibrant Youth Community"

Family Ministry (F)

Tony Devine and Heather Thalheimer: "Parents: The Primary Spiritual and Moral Educator"

Jim Edgerly and Nora Spurgin: "Financial Planning"

Mei Nan Goto: "Connecting the Home, Church, and Community; Bringing Together Parents and Children"

Linda Haft: "Raising Our Children to Be Abstinent"

Chad and Ann Hoover : " Spiritual Formation: Parental Roles in Post High School Choices of Our Youth "

Farley and Betsy Jones: "Living and Loving in Two Worlds"

Sheri Rueter, RN, BSN, M.Ed.: "What Your Kids Might Already Know….that You Probably Should Know"

Alan Saunders: " Peer Mentoring and Relationship Skills Building "

Rob and Sally Sayre: "Developing a Workshop System for the East Coast"

Jim Stephens: "Matching the Second Generation: A Story of God's Love"

Jim and Hiromi Stephens: "What is the Ideal Sexual Relationship between a True Husband and Wife?"

H. Wiemann and Pam Stein: "Coaching versus Counseling"

John Williams: "Give and Take for Heaven's Sake: Helping Couples Talk about Sensitive Issues"

Pastoral Education (P)

John and Marina Acevedo: "Developing Your Neighborhood Family Church"

Mark Anderson: "How the Government's Promotion of Marriage Can Help You"

In Hoi Lee / Andrew Compton: "Church Growth through Community Education"

Robert and Sally Sayre: "Small Groups after Ten Years"

Phillip Schanker: "Educational Priorities of the Family Federation"

Scott Simonds: "Partnerships Based on Consensus Values"

Hurry! Time is short and the conference is growing beyond our expectations. For details and registration, visit


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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