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Congratulations To Reverend Joshua Cotter And His New Appointment

Chang Shik Yang
September 7, 2005

New Appointment to National Leadership: We are pleased to announce that our Continental Director Dr. Chang Shik Yang has appointed Rev. Joshua Cotter as the National Director for Field Operations for FFWPU. He will also continue in his capacity as National Vice President for Family Federation. We congratulate him on his victorious completion of his duties as the President of World CARP USA. His pioneering efforts as President of World CARP have now prepared the way for our younger generation to take responsibility for CARP development. He responded directly to Hyun Jin Nimís call to take a front-line national role and has served with honor. He has also continually demonstrated respect and support for Regional Directors and inter-organizational cooperation as well as a clear understanding of the central importance of the unity of the three providential nations of Korea, Japan and America.

As National Director for Field Operations his central responsibility will be to oversee and guide all Blessed Families in America concerning True Parentsí most central and direct providence worldwide: the establishment and expansion of the Neighborhood (Hoon Dok) Family Church. He will be working with the Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors and all key leaders from affiliated organizations to help establish and expand True Parents standard for the Neighborhood Family Church. He will also have a central role as a leader of the American Clergy Leadership Conference and will work have oversight responsibilities in Ministry and Youth Education and Development.

True Parents have expressed on several occasions how they are pleased with Rev. Cotter and his familyís stand on the front line for America. We ask that you welcome him and give him your full support in his new historic mission. We are grateful to God and True Parents for such an American leader who has been raised by Father to take responsibility for Godís providence in America. Congratulations to Reverend Cotter!!

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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