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Letter for Seung Hwa of Yoko Takahashi

Chang Shik Yang
July 9, 2005

We sincerely thank the Rev. Kim and the New England Block, and Rev. Jung and the Maine region for all that was done to support this beloved family.

Special thanks for Mr. Michael Macijeski (AFC) and Rev. Alex Nimick (FFWPU) our Vermont leaders.

Attached is the letter from Dr. Yang and I.

Sincerely with Gratitude for Yoko san and her family,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

July 9, 2005

Dearly Beloved,

As we gather together for the Seung Hwa ceremony of Mrs. Yoko Takahashi we turn our hearts to God and seek His guidance and comfort. We sincerely offer our condolences, love and prayers to Ron and to the children Kaeng, Kunitsue, Johshing and Koki. We pray that you can find comfort in God and True Parent’s heart who have repeatedly born the pain of losing their family and closest loved ones.

The passing to the next world is the course and destiny of all humanity. No one is an exception. Our understanding of the next world is that it is a world in which the truth about our lives and family and the heart with which we lived becomes crystal clear. There is no way to hide or change. Our life of faith and how we lived for the sake of others determines how close we can come to heaven.

For those who received the Holy Wine and Blessing of True Parents, they stand as the direct lineal descendents of heaven and therefore there is a special place in the Heavenly realm which God can directly embrace. Therefore because of the Blessing of marriage and the beautiful Blessed Central Family of that Ron and Yoko made we can find hope and comfort as well as confidence that Yoko will be truly happy in the heavenly realm. We are sure that she will also be " free" to be present with Ron and all the children in spirit. Yoko lives forever in joy because the Blessed Family and lineage has been established for the Takahashi family.

The Blessing is the most fundamental condition to secure our special place and yet True Parents also teach us that the life we live according to the Principle of True Love will be the basis to determine how much freedom and joy we can have in the next world and how much blessing we can pass on to our descendants. When we look at Yoko’s life we find cause to rejoice over the fact that her life was totally victorious. This was confirmed by True Parents !!

In Alaska, as True Parents received the sad news of Yoko’s passing and the suffering of the children and family we could report many testimonies concerning her life of faith. Truly it was confirmed by heaven and earth that she lived a life that was public, sacrificial and concerned about showing Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience to comfort God’s heart by loving others. Whether it was Family Church, AFC, WFWP, Kodan activity or Church Camp events, whatever the occasion in Vermont and throughout New England or in the world, Yoko was always there to share love and take care of others. It also was confirmed that Yoko successfully guided her Kodan community to fulfill their offering. It was on these testimonies and the substantial fulfillment of such heavenly life that True Parents wrote on the Caligraphy, Congratulations, Yoko Takahashi, With Pure Devotion and Dedication, Your Mind and Heart and Body (Actions) were united. True Parents said that Yoko demonstrated her faith and heart to God in substantial action to bring love for others. Because of this Yoko is now lifted up to be with Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim and Jesus in the highest realm of the spiritual world. Congratulations Yoko San. You have fulfilled the greatest life.

Though we know the sting and pain of this great loss will never be forgotten, eventually we pray that over time, this pain will turn into the great pride for the Takahashi family as Japanese missionaries that gave their lives for America and an example of a Blessed Central Family representing America. Through you life and your sacrifice you have become the pride of the True America. Truly Yoko’s life will inspire and strengthen generations to come as the history and record of True Parent’s dispensation is recorded.

Yoko, Rev. Kim our Block director and Rev. Jung the regional director and all the leaders and blessed families of the New England block and Maine/ Vermont regions came together so quickly because of your example and heart to support you and your family in this transition time. All of America is proud of you and we pledge that we will take care of your beautiful family as you pioneer a path for all of us as you go forth to the Kingdom as a Blessed Central Family with the Honor of True Parents forever inscribed in the history of your family and lineage.

Yoko, we know that you live and you can hear our words today. We are inspired and grateful to you and your family. Now you live forever and will continue to shine a light on the path of heaven for your family, Vermont, America and the World.

Shine on Yoko ! Shine on.

Sincerely with the Love and Blessing of True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU- North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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