The Words of the Yang Family

Honor Yoko Takahashi In Her Transition To Spirit World

Chang Shik Yang
July 8, 2005

Dear Family,

Our beloved sister Yoko Takahashi passed into the spirit world last Friday, July 1, 2005 due to injuries sustained in a car accident. The Seung Hwa service for Yoko will be held on Saturday, July 9th at 11 A.M. at the Ready Funeral Home in Essex Junction, Vermont. There will also be calling hours from 5 to 8 P.M. tonight (Friday, July 8th).

Truly Yoko has a special place in God's heart. In Alaska True Father made a special caligraphy for Yoko when Dr. Yang reported to True Parents concerning the testimonies that many gave concerning her faith and devotion to the will of Heaven. Of special note was the fact that Yoko as a Kodan leader led her region to make the best and most consistent offering for the North East Block.

Brothers and sisters please remember our beloved Takahashi family in your prayers. Though we are saddened and deeply weep for her husband and children, we somehow know that God will bring out of Yoko's example and life an example of love and faith that will strengthen all blessed couples who come.

She has a heart of attendance and an attitude of responsibility for heaven. Somehow, now as she joins Jesus, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim she will take a special place in the spiritual world as a special Blessed Wife who is God's anointed Ambassador from Heaven. She will work from heaven. Her family and their generations to come will receive God's comforting love and blessing. Please express that love by reaching out to support this beautiful family.

She is blessed in marriage to Yoshiro (Ron) Takahashi and received True Parents blessing in October, 1982 as one of the 6000 Couple Blessing.

Three of their four children were in the accident. The two youngest, Kaeng (12) and Kunitsue (14), were released from the hospital. Johshing, 15, suffered a broken arm, broken leg, and stomach injuries is expected to make a full recovery. Koki, age 18, their oldest, was at home. Yoko was born October 27, 1951 to Sadahachi and Tamako Tanaka of Tokyo, Japan. Yoko had one older sister, Akiko, who predeceased her two years ago, and one younger sister, Yae, who resides in Tokyo. After teaching elementary school in Japan for a number of years, Yoko was married After their blessing in 1982 they subsequently moved to the United States in December 1983, and settled in Vermont five years ago. Ron has managed several Japanese restaurants around the U.S.

Yoko was a devoted wife and mother who will be deeply missed. She was active in the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the Japan Society of Vermont, Kodan, and the Women's Federation for World Peace. Last year, Yoko accompanied several other Vermont women on a peace pilgrimage to Jerusalem, during which they met with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders in their effort to build bridges of peace between the three faith communities. She will be remembered by family and friends for her constant, quiet generosity to everyone around her. Yoko often hosted guests from all over the world in her home. Vermont church services were held in her home, and Japanese missionary sisters often stayed there while visiting Vermont.

Mr. Richard Buessing of New Hampshire shared that whatever public event was held, whether it was AFC, Family Church, WFWP or anything having to do with the providence she was always there. This was the heart and the fruit of her spirit.

True Parents could discern it and therefore she stands forever as one who is recognized by True Parents as a True Daughter , True Wife and True Mother of the Kingdom. Let her sacrifice and that of her children and family strengthen all of us that each step we take is now ordered by heaven. We all will go this journey someday. What a blessing that Yoko could go with the confirmation that her life and offering was totally blessed by heaven !!

Our love and condolences go to the Takahashi family. We rejoice in the fact that Yoko is forever victorious and will forever be free in heaven to pour out God's blessing on her family and children from the realm of the heavenly world.

God Bless You Yoko.

You are an exemplary Blessed Wife, Sister and Kodan Leader.

Our hearts bind together through this holy sacrifice to rush toward the fulfillment of the Peace Kingdom.

Sincerely with True Parents Love,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU- North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Special thanks to Rev. Jung, Yukiko Fairbrother, Richard Buessing, Rev. Greg Odlin and Rev. Sandy Nimitz and all the blessed members who immediately surrounded this holy family with love at this time.

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