The Words of the Yang Family

Preparation For Heung Jin Nim And Dae Mo Nimís Tour

Chang Shik Yang
July 6, 2005

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers. Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All IIFWP North America, FFWPU and Affiliated
Organization Leaders and to all Blessed Families and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: July 6, 2005
RE: Preparation for Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nimís Tour

True Parents are greatly uplifted through the Four-City Tour. So many outstanding testimonies came in from the participants. We sincerely thank all of America for outstanding faith in the Kingdom Building we are doing. Father and Mother are setting strong conditions in Alaska for the success of the next phase of the Peace Kingdom.

Preparation For Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nimís visit Ė 40-Day Condition July 5 Ė August 13th.

From July 5 Ė August 13th we ask that all Blessed Families and Members make a special forty-day period of prayer and sanctification. We should pray to receive Godís grace and to purify our hearts that our minds and bodies can unite with a heart of filial piety in this Era After the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. Attached is an educational packet that was approved by Chung Pyung that should be read together with your whole family to understand and properly prepare for the Ancestor Liberation, Blessing and special fulfillment of prayers.

Philanthropists and Business Leaders Ambassador For Peace Conference: This conference will be held from July 10 (departure from U.S.) to July 17 (return to U.S.). It will be for development of Ambassadors for Peace in the field of economy and finance. The goals for each region have been sent. As in past efforts, the VRD and the AFC regional director should co-ordinate this effort centering on the Regional Director. In addition the Kodan leader should be brought together with the VRD and AFC RD to make a three person coordinating executive committee to reach the goals. This conference is the responsibility of North America, all leaders and all affiliated organizations. The coordinating team should make every effort to make personal calls to make sure all key leaders and members understand the importance of this responsibility. This will be a long-term process of developing another area of the Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Yang is Chairman, Dr. Jenkins is Director and Mr. Inose is the General Secretary. Mr. Jim Flynn and Dr. Betancourt are Senior Advisors for Coordination and Outreach. The RD, VRD, AFC VRD and Kodan leaders are responsible to fulfill the goals given.

With love and gratitude for your tireless faith,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

Education material for Dae Mo Nimís Tour of North America

Ancestor liberation/ancestor blessing
Registration blessing
Matching Workshop for Spirit world and Physical world Blessing/Spirit world and physical world blessing
Seunghwa-ed Second and Third generation Tong-il candle receiving ceremony
Special Prayer Gatherings for Inheriting Heavenly Fortune and Fulfillment of Wishes

1. Ancestor Liberation

Ancestor liberation started following the True Parentsí direction on February 12, 1999. It is now possible to liberate up to 112 generations. Ancestor liberation is divided into 7 generation increments. A new tier can be liberated every five months. The goal is to liberate up to 210 generations.

Liberating ancestors requires tremendous amount of Jung Sung. But, through the grace of Dae Mo Nim, we are able to participate in the ancestor liberation after offering only 21 days of either breakfast fasting or 50 kyung-bae, as well as the full gratitude donation. When we make this condition with a sincere heart, Dae Mo Nim says that finding oneís ancestors is easier and at liberation time the ancestors do not feel as judged. Before their liberation, our ancestors reside in the most difficult place and live amidst the worst suffering in the spirit world. They go through unspeakable pain and misery. Because of their tremendous torment and agony, they are desperate to reveal their suffering to their descendants by having them go through hardships and even illness. They are pleading for their own salvation.

Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have granted the special grace to liberate not only the our fatherís and motherís lineages, but also our grandmothersí lineages on both sides.

(Another situation is that due to the sins committed by our ancestors, those spirits who were wronged while on earth carry their resentment into the spirit world. Those resentful spirits drive us toward suffering and sickness in order to relieve their resentment. During the holy song sessions we have to liberate and pluck these resentful spirits out of our bodies. Liberation helps us to prevent many difficulties and hardships and protect our descendants from harm.)

By ultimately liberating 210 generations, we can clean up and fix the fallen history of 6000 years since the Fall of Adam and Eve. This process of correcting history is needed to create a new order in the spirit world Ė which God has been longing for 6,000 years to see happen. It is our privilege to comfort God by accomplishing this.

Note: Each family is responsible to maintain a record of liberations and blessings done for their ancestors, as well as financial offerings. Please keep a copy of all forms that you submit for this and all future events.

2. Ancestor Blessing

The Ancestor Blessing providence started in 1999. When the ancestors are liberated through the liberation ceremony, they attend Heung Jin Nimís 100-day workshop. During the workshop, they purify themselves of collective, hereditary, and individual sins. When their descendant participates in the Ancestor Blessing ceremony, these ancestors can attend the holy wine ceremony and liquidate their original sin.

This ancestor blessing providence is based on the victories proclaimed by our True Parents, which include the restoration of the spirit world. Therefore, this providence has the significance of granting salvation to our ancestors who have been living in Satanís bondage through cutting off their evil roots and starting anew. The ancestor blessing signifies severing the blood ties with Satan and being engrafted into Godís lineage, through which they become absolute good spirits with beautiful, brilliant light.

Once the ancestors become absolute good spirits, they will work in the earthly realm to aid their descendants to inherit heavenly fortune, and open ways to live their lives without problems such as accidents or illness. They will work to separate us from the works of the evil spirits and other resentful spirits. In such cases, Tribal Messiahship and other efforts to witness will become easier.

The ancestor blessing is officiated by the Continental Director. The order of the ceremony proceeds as follows: declaring the beginning of the ceremony; entrance of the attendants; entrance of the officiator; lighting of the holy candles; entrance of the ancestors; prayer; officiatorís address; holy water ceremony; holy wine ceremony; declaring of the Blessing vows; benediction; exchange of wedding gifts; offering of the congratulatory song; presentation of the flower bouquets; cake cutting ceremony; three cheers of Og-mansei; recessional of ancestor and officiators, then adjournment.

All the participating descendants at the ancestor blessing must prepare holy robes, blessing rings, and blessing fee. (New holy robes and rings are not necessary. You may use your own holy robes and rings for the ceremony. Ancestor liberation donation and blessing fee should be prepared according to the enclosed form)

3. Registration Blessing (Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony)

In year 2000 True Parents declared the "Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony" and convened the registration blessing ceremony from September 24th to 26th based on three 21-day registration workshops from July 24th to September 24th.

So far 33 registration workshops have been held, with over 30,000 wives attending, and over 70,000 members have participated in the registration blessing.

In order to participate in the Registration Blessing, the blessed wivesí special 21-day workshop is required. All members who have not participated in the Registration Blessing and blessed children who did not receive the Registration Blessing or who were born after the Registration Blessing need to participate in the Registration Blessing and go through the holy wine ceremony.

4. Matching workshop for the spiritual world and physical world blessing

The standard for the blessing partner is determined by two factors: marital relationship while on earth and presence of children. The spouse from the first marriage is usually selected as the blessing partner. But the general rule is that the partner that one had children with will be the eternal blessing partner. Once the blessing candidate participates in the matching workshop for the spiritual and physical world blessing, the name of the blessing partner is submitted to Dae Mo Nim. She finds the candidateís partner and both will attend the workshop together. They will meet each other during the designated meeting time. Once both finish the workshop, the spirit person will attend the 100-day workshop in the spirit world. After graduation, the spirit person is purified of all hereditary, collective, and individual sins. When all the conditions are met, both the candidates participate in the spirit and physical world blessing.

The meeting time during the workshop is for the two to resolve any resentment, forgive any wrongdoings, and remember the loving moments that both shared while living on earth. The spirits are in their 30ís and appear very beautiful and healthy.

The order of the matching workshop is as follows: announcement of the opening of the workshop; prayer; speech or lecture; meeting time with the partner; benediction; three cheers of Og-Mansei; and Closing.

5. Spirit and physical world blessing ceremony

Originally this was called "Single-member blessing." On November 26, 1998, it was changed to "special heaven and earth blessing family". Then, on March 10, 1999, it was changed to "Spirit and physical blessing world blessing."

Widows and widowers who are above 48 years of age and who received the " single-member blessing" are allowed to participate in the Spirit and physical world blessing if they have gone though the matching workshop together and spouse in spirit world has graduated from the 100-day workshop. After the blessing ceremony, they will receive blessed family education for 40 days, followed by the starting family life education for the spirit and physical world. They then are allowed to have the three-day ceremony[1] to establish a family of spirit and physical world. In summary, spirit and physical world blessed couples need to go through 3 stages of workshops: matching workshop; blessing ceremony; and workshops for starting family life education. Afterwards, they are allowed to have the three-day ceremony to live as blessed couples.

August 18, 1998 was the first matching workshop at Chung Pyung, and has been ongoing. In case the candidate cannot participate for some reason, a representative (i.e. direct children, spiritual parents, church leader, or close relatives) can participate after submitting the photo of the physical blessing candidate.

6. Seunghwa-ed Second and Third generation Tong-il candle receiving ceremony

After the holy marriage blessing of Hye Jin Nim and Heh Shin Nim on June 13, 1998, blessing of seunghwa-ed second generation became possible. When the parents of seunghwa-ed second generation offer a prayer condition twice a day with the holy candle received from Dae Mo Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim will use that condition to mature the seunghwa-ed second generation. Once they are fully matured they can go through the matching ceremony and receive the blessing. Therefore, this Tong-il candle receiving ceremony is a significant grace for the seunghwa-ed second generation who have not yet received the blessing.

The prayer condition is offered twice a day; morning and evening. The prayer condition nourishes the child in spirit world, as does the breast milk of a nursing mother to a newborn baby. The child will grow and mature through this condition. An angel is assigned to each child as a nurse to help them grow, but the jung sung of physical parents is absolutely needed. When the children grow up through the love of their physical parents, they develop into beautiful and handsome mature individuals prepared to receive the blessing.

The first workshop for the parents of the seunghwa-ed second and third generation was held on February 12 and 13, 1999, and a workshop for parents to receive the holy candle has taken place every year.

During the first stage of the 400 million couple blessing on February 13, 2000, blessing of109 couples of second and third generation in spirit world took place. On February 16, 2002, 37 more such couples were blessed with the third stage of the 400 million couple blessing.

The order of the ceremony is as follows: opening of the ceremony; prayer; speech or lecture; benediction; receiving of the holy candle; three cheers of Og-Mansei; and closing.

Parents participating in this ceremony must prepare a new holy candle.

7. The Grace of the Paper for Fulfillment of Wishes

Background of the "Special Prayer Gatherings for Inheriting Heavenly Fortune and Fulfilling Wishes"

"Once you go down the path to the spirit world you can never return, no matter how much you may strike the ground in lamentation. Once in the spirit world, a person cannot do anything on his own about the sins he committed while on earth. So your ancestors are now observing your life in tears, waiting for an opportunity to help you in a way that indemnifies their sins. I am telling you clearly that thousands, even tens of thousands of your ancestorsí eyes are watching your every step and every action, sometimes with tears of heartbreak and other times with joy. Is there still anyone who cannot believe the reality of the spirit world?"

(True Fatherís speech, May 1, 2004, 50th anniversary of HSA-UWC)

On February 23, 2004 True Parents said, "Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, mobilize the absolute good spirits and help Japan for the sake of fulfilling the mission of the Mother Nation." Dae Mo Nim toured 12 cities in Japan in March and April to receive from Unificationists and their guests letters in which they especially asked Heavenís help with their personal concerns. These letters were called "Fulfillment of Wishes papers." Each participant made both financial offerings and spiritual conditions of sincerity as a foundation for receiving the special grace of assistance from the billions of absolute good spirits* who accompanied Dae Mo Nim on this tour. As a result of the success of this tour, Dae Mo Nim returned to Japan in September for more such events. (*Absolute good spirits are those who have completed Heung Jin Nimís 100-day workshop and in the process have cleansed themselves of their personal sins through repentance and sincere effort. When their descendants participated in the Blessing ceremony on their behalf, their original sin was removed through receiving the holy wine. Now they need to assist persons on earth as part of the responsibility they must fulfill in order to grow.)

True Parents recently asked Dae Mo Nim to bring this providence to the United States.

This "Fulfillment of Wishes" providence is a new opportunity for resolution of the accumulated burdens of sinful history in our lineages. Heaven will focus on solving the spiritual causes of the problems that we describe in our letters to God.

Our responsibility

We know that True Parents themselves laid the foundation for the Chung Pyung providence at great personal cost and have guided it from its beginning in February 1994. For each event in the Chung Pyung providence, Dae Mo Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Mo Nim make intense, even severe, ongoing spiritual conditions to prevent accusation from the satanic realm.

In order to inherit the benefit that Heavenly Father and True Parents urgently want to bequeath to us, Divine Principle teaches that we, too, must make conditions of faith and substance. The benefit that can be received is impacted by the sincerity and gratitude with which we make these conditions. Due to the sins accumulated over 6,000 years, God cannot just give us blessing without some condition on our part Ė otherwise Satan could interfere. In reality our conditions are very small compared to what is needed to receive the blessing that God can now pour out. It can be compared to offering a penny and receiving a fortune in return.

Now that Heavenly Father can freely descend to earth since the Crown of Peace Ceremonies, His passionate and desperate heart to restore humanity is being advanced through this "Fulfillment of Wishes" providence. As one sister shared after the blessed wivesí 40-day workshop, Heavenly Father is tearfully crying out to us, "I have so much to share with you, but you canít hear me!" Truly He is anxious for us to respond wholeheartedly to this opportunity to cleanse historical sin and solve the spiritual and physical problems that disrupt all our lives. Then He will be able to come closer to our families in true love. This providence not only liberates us but also brings liberation to Heavenly Fatherís suffering heart.

Please consider together with your family what internal conditions you will make in preparation for the "Special Prayer Gatherings for Inheriting Heavenly Fortune and Fulfillment of Wishes" and also how you can prepare the external condition of financial offering. The unity of each family in making these preparations is itself a condition for Heaven to work. Let us offer our efforts with the heart to say, "Heavenly Father, I want to offer this condition. I know that it isnít much, but I want to make an offering to you to prepare for this event. Please receive this as a demonstration of my gratitude and sincerity to do my best to be your true son/daughter."

(For example, for the liberation of ancestors, the suggested conditions are 21 days of prayer, plus a kyung bae condition or breakfast fast each day. For Fulfillment of Wishes papers, plan a condition that you can sincerely offer according to your situation.)

Excerpts from Dae Mo Nimís speeches about Prayer-Wish Papers

True Father came to Chung Pyung and said, "Conduct the Special Purification Offerings and let people write prayer-wish papers." The prayer-wish papers for the Special Purification Offering was the answer to what I had been worrying about and had been researching over the past years. For years I had been concerned about the fact that, though the members worked hard to separate the evil spirits from their bodies, there were some cases where it took a very long time for their problems to be resolved. This is because their ancestors had committed so many sins, to such an extent that it would be impossible to remove the spirits quickly. Although the liberated ancestors became absolute good spirits, the sins committed by our ancestors have caused many spirits to have resentment. These spirits have stayed in our bodies. Therefore, we still carry the burden of these spirits. That is why many family members still suffer from various diseases, marital problem, family issues, and financial difficulties despite the fact that the family members went through the liberation ceremony.

In order to solve this problem, the member in question has to set many conditions of devotion, such as fasting, prayer vigils, bowing, and so on. However, there is not one member who can set a condition one hundred percent, without a single particle of worldly thought in it. If the member is carrying out a seven-day fast as the condition, he has to be ready to think of nothing else, even for a minute or a second, except solving this problem. However, a part of the member is constantly thinking, "Oh, Iím so hungry. Once this fast is over, Iíll eat to my heartís content." If you fast with such thoughts in your minds and hearts, it cannot be called devotion. And when you are doing late-night prayers, you must put your heart and soul into it, connected in heart with Godís heart; so if you doze for even a second, it cannot be called offering devotion. It is the same for offering bows. Out of the devotions you have offered to God, those that can actually be received by God are such a small part of the whole, and that is why it takes years to fully offer oneís heart and devotion to God.

When we write down these difficulties on the fulfillment of wishes paper, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim will read our wishes and spiritually work to fulfill and resolve our difficulties. In this way, we can unravel the sufferings and difficulties that we inherited from our ancestors.

When True Parents said, "let people write prayer-wish papers," their words were meant for those members who have trouble setting conditions such as late-night prayers, bows, and fasts. One prayer-wish paper would take care of a certain amount of problems, two would solve twice that much, and three would solve even moreÖ Since it is difficult to solve all problems with just one prayer-wish paper, True Parents instructed us, "Let them write as many as is needed, until all problems are solved."

For instance, there are spirits that cause mental illness. One such spirit who had been wronged by someone while alive might live inside that someoneís descendant for eighty years and make him suffer from mental illness for eighty years, finally killing him. The context of how the spirit made the descendant suffer is bundled into blocks, one hour of suffering forming a single block, and these hours forming one month, and these blocks forming a year, and so on and so forth. These blocks are stuck together like a concrete wall. The prayer-wish papers are for opening that hardened wall and for cleansing all the spiritual problems.

When you write one prayer-wish paper, one of these walls can be opened, and when you write another one another wall can be opened. In this way, the prayer-wish papers will begin to solve all the problems in the history of the resentful spirits who are residing in us. In other words, the prayer-wish papers will open up and get rid of all bad elements that are in our bodies. Therefore, it follows that the prayer-wish papers are not just for one person alone, but also for the personís family as wellÖ

True Parents have directed all Family members to write the fulfillment of wishes paper. This is because True Parents want to grant us the grace to resolve our problems that we should have fixed ourselves through setting up the right conditions. It is difficult for the family members to do all-night prayer vigil, bowing condition, or fasting condition. But through filling out the Fulfillment of wishes paper, we are granted this incredible grace of spiritually sorting out our problems.

For instance, if you write on 1000 pages, then your problem will be resolved that much. However, not everyone can write that amount at one time. That is why True Parents directed that there be several world tours to resolve all our problems and difficulties. That is our True Parentsí wish and desire.

Consider a mental patient within whom there is a spirit that is working to make that person mentally unstable. If I see that person spiritually, then I will find that one of the ancestors have tormented another person to death by driving that person mad. If he wronged that person only once through his words or deeds, then it would be relatively easy to resolve. But letís say that the person lived for 80 years and the ancestor tormented that person for his whole life, eventually killing him. What is 80 years times 365 days? That is a long time. The resentment of that person will be as hardened as a concrete wall.

By filling out fulfillment of wishes papers you are starting the process of resolving the hardened resentments one by one. That is how we resolve the spiritual problems within us. In other words, fulfillment of wishes papers resolve any problems that we have in our bodies, and solves the problems in ourselves and in our families. (August 28, 2004)

For 210 generations, the lives of our ancestors have been filled with sin, evil and fallen nature. All their wrongs are residing within us, now. We can compare that situation to a house, a body, or a cloth. It is a dirty house that our ancestors have lived in for 210 generations. The bodies of the ancestors are so dirty. The clothes that they wear are dirty as well.

If we do not clean up their houses, bodies, or clothes, then something will go wrong spiritually and we will suffer from difficulties or illness. In other words, our suffering, illness, and difficulties in this world are a direct result from the past lives of our ancestors.

So, what is ancestor liberation? It is the act of getting our ancestors out of their dirty houses, out of their sullied clothes, and to bathe their bodies clean Ė starting from our mothers and fathers, all the way up to 210 generations in increments of 7 generations. After that we have them put on clean, beautiful clothes, and engraft them to the blood lineage of goodness, so that they can live in the place where God resides. That is what the ancestor liberation really is.

What did our ancestors do with their dirty clothes? Did they burn them? No, all the dirty clothes of our ancestors remain with us. Those clothes need to be washed and we are the ones who have to clean them. The same goes for their houses. We need to clean their houses. But, something is needed to clean them better. Laundry detergent cleans clothes better and quicker. And, we can clean houses better with some cleansing agent. Fulfillment of wishes paper acts as the cleansing agent. Prayer-wish ceremony (and purification ceremony) helps to make a better environment for the cleansing our ancestors. It is like soaking the dirty laundry into a tub of hot water with detergent, making the cleaning process much better and quickerÖ

When the members wrote the prayer-wish papers for the Special Wish Prayer Gatherings that were held from late March to late May, the result was truly tremendous. The spirit world and the physical world were united in the belief that everything will turn out right, and the result reflected their beliefs. However, the second time you were asked to write the papers, you said, "What? We have to do it again? Why?" and so it ended in failure. The prayer-wish papers can only work when the spirit world works in accord with the physical world, but that did not happen. As a result, not only the members but also the absolute good spirit world centered on God and True Parents suffered damages. That is why all of us need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Nothing can come right if you interpret everything according to your ideas and try to take the direction that you think is right.

The 200 billion absolute good spirits expressed their regret that they could have done so much more during the Special Wish Prayer Gatherings if the spirit world and the physical world had united into one. So on September 15th, at the holy song session held in Hokkaido, Japan, many spiritual miracles were performed to show the members that it was genuine. Whenever a spiritual miracle is wrought, God allows at least one person to witness it, and this time a church leader captured it on his digital camera phone.

We must all become members who can create a world of absolute goodness by separating as many evil spirits from our bodies as possible. When we do so, the evil spirits in our bodies part from us and we will no longer suffer from diseases, pain and agony. And God, along with heavenly fortune, will be able to reside in us and we can reside in God.

8. The goal and means to write the fulfillment of wishes paper

When members write their difficult problems of family, finances, or health, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim will read them spiritually and absolute good spirits will act to prevent any evil or resentful spirits from causing problems. In case of a particularly difficult problem, it is good to write many papers. You will receive the grace of resolving problems faster.

Content of the letters

Your letters may address any physical and spiritual problems. You should write the papers as a prayer and request to God directly. Some examples: illness, infertility, emotional struggles, difficulties between husband and wife, alienation between parents and children, lack of faith, financial hardship, request for inspiration and spiritual assistance for witnessing to your tribe, etc.

There is no limit to the number of letters you may write.

(NOTE: The letters are not for requesting liberation of ancestors. That is only done through the ancestor liberation ceremony, a separate event.)

The amount of fulfillment of wishes donation Ė this is being finalized.

Time period of writing fulfillment of wishes paper

You must write the fulfillment of wishes on or before the date you will participate in one of the four cities. Regions or churches cannot receive the paper after this date nor are they allowed to hold additional ceremonies, the reason being Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are trying to prevent false ceremonies. Beyond the authorized dates, evil spirits will be operating which would create more spiritual problems. Each church or region is advised to keep alert.

If you wish to fill out a fulfillment of wishes paper, then you should receive the paper and pray before God and True Parents. Write your wish on each page with utmost attendance. Submit the paper with your gratitude donation to the HQ of the city where you will participate, at one of the addresses below. Your papers MUST arrive before Dae Mo Nimís event in that city. If you have any uncertainty that the mail will deliver them in time, bring them with you to the event.

San Francisco: 2305 Washington Ave., San Leandro, CA 94577

Chicago: 7450 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626

Washington, D.C. Ė 1610 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009

New York: 147 W. 120th St., NY, NY 10027

Miracles of Fulfillment of wishes paper (collection of testimonies)

Testimonies of Blessed families

Surprising work of absolute good spirit. Thank you True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, 120 billion absolute good sprits for the Special Pray-wish ceremony! Iím currently a district leader and 30,000 couple blessing. I was given a financial goal to fulfill in my district until True Parentsí birthday. But, I have not been able to achieve the goal. I had a strong determination to accomplish the goal. So, despite the difficult challenge, I decided to ask my father for help.

"You and I are no longer related. You are no longer my daughter," were the words of my father. Our relationship had deteriorated badly. And, to ask my father for any help was very difficult. However, I believed in the grace and miracle of the Prayer-wish paper and the works of the absolute good spirits. I had absolute faith that this time was different from before. I even asked my husband to do the same. We wrote my fatherís name on the paper.

Later, something astonishing had happened. Previously my father used to just hang up our conversation, whenever I would ask for help. But this time I was able to talk to him for more than an hour. He even agreed to help me. Such a miracle, this is!

When I told this story to my husband, he told me another miraculous experience. Even though he agreed to pray, Ė since I asked him very seriously Ė he thought the providence of 120 billion absolute good spirits was just an exaggerated story. He just could not believe in the absolute good spirits.

However, once he started to pray, he saw how incredibly fast the absolute good spirits were working. As he was praying, thousands of absolute good spirits gathered around him. With an incredible speed, the absolute good spirits flew towards my fatherís house leaving behind a trail of what seemed like a band of light. The spirits were divided into three groups once they reached the house. When my husband witnessed this phenomenon, he was certain that a miracle will take place, and he was very inspired.

The first group went into my fatherís eyes, ears and mouth. These spirits were working to prohibit my father from seeing bad things by getting rid of many resentful spirits that inhabited inside my father, which looked like black spots. They were working in order of his eyes, mouth, and ears. The absolute good spirits entered into each cell and bumped off these resentful spirits with their bodies.

The second group entered into my fatherís head. According to my husband, they were trying to persuade my fatherís thoughts to think in the right direction.

The last group went into his heart. They were trying to move his heart to pursue goodness. My husband said that it was as if he was watching a movie.

In anticipation my husband sent them a cheer and a heartfelt encouragement. The whole endeavor happened in a matter of 5 minutes. He was absolutely convinced that the absolute good spirits changed my fatherís heart. As he witnessed this miracle, he was finally convinced that in order to perform such a miracle even on one person, so many spirits are required. Therefore, 120 billion absolute good spirits are truly needed to perform such blessing.

<gq ??? church /Takeyama Shinobu/ 30000 blessing couple>

My sonís opened spiritual eyes

My son seemed worried as we were leaving the Prayer-wish ceremony. He said, " what if I continue to see these things? Do I have to go to the hospital?" But I heard through my district leader that Dae Mo Nim concurred when she heard a report concerning what my son witnessed. Dae Mo Nim said, "what that boy saw is correct. It is good that he saw."

So, I told my son what Dae Mo Nim said and commended him for his experience. I told him to write down his experience. The following is what he wrote.

Dear God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim,

On March 30th, I witnessed many spirits at Kobe Special Prayer-wish ceremony. There were good spirits, evil spirits, angels and ancestors.

Good spirits were so beautiful to see. They were flying so lightly to many different places. Evil spirits had very sharp eyes. They were wearing black clothes and were suffering. I wanted to save them quickly.

Angels had rings on their heads. When they were flying, it looked like stars were shining brightly. It looked like they were using magic.

I saw that these spirits came through the cracks of the doors or through the ceiling. They even tried to lift up my fatherís clothes. Many spirits sat next to the people participating in the ceremony. When my mother said her shoulder was aching, I saw an evil spirit sitting on her shoulder. But soon after, my mother said her shoulder felt lighter. At that time, the evil spirit was gone. During the clapping session on our heads or backs, many spirits escaped.

There were two ancestors standing behind the flower arrangement at the ceremony. Heung Jin Nim was standing behind Hoon Mo Nim and over a thousand spirits were standing around them.

As we were finishing the Prayer-wish ceremony, a spirit was laying down on the floor. And, one man happened to step on the spirit. Then the spirit yelped and cringed as if he was doing some belly exercise. It was interesting to see.

When I sat down, a spirit was next to me. This one was quite small. It was wiggling, so I tried to pick it up with my fingers. But to my surprise, it did not move. In any case, I was able to see many spirits very clearly. It was a good experience but it did scare me a lot. But I was happy that I had this experience.

(a member from Hemeji district)

Testimonies from new members

The miraculous recovery of a dying father-in-law This testimony is from a 56 year-old lady after the Prayer-wish ceremony. She did not even want to listen to me at first. She rejected my offer to write her wish down when we had the region 3 special Prayer-wish ceremony on April 16th.

She lives with her father-in-law. He is a remarkably healthy 88 year-old man. But, on May 17th, he suddenly developed numerous rashes on his body and became very ill. As if that was not enough, a few days after his hospitalization, he was infected with some virus. For these reasons, he was suffering from high fever. On the 20th, he fell into a critical condition. At that time the doctor told her, "please prepare your hear and you should call your relatives to come."

I received this unfortunate news on the 21st. So I told her about the Special Prayer-wish ceremony on the 28th of May and its meaning. I suggested to her to fill out the special prayer-wish paper. I explained that if you truly believe, miracles will happen. She was so desperate. She wrote on the paper, " please, save him." When she went back to the hospital on May 23rd to check on her father-in-law, she was surprised to find that his temperature had dropped to 36.8 degrees. The doctors checked again and the result was the same. He could even go to the toilet and eat his meals (he even ate his dessert). Her father-in-law was saved. All the doctors were astonished and puzzled at his speedy recovery.

Now she is asking for more Prayer-wish paper to write more. The doctors were surprised, but I was even more amazed. I am deeply grateful for True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for giving us this big grace.

(Dongaichi region/Ishiaka Keiko/360,000 blessing couple)

A grandmother who could only crawl is walking again I was witnessing to a grandmother. When I visited her, she could only crawl, because her back and legs were in pain. I told her about the Prayer-wish paper. She was happy to fill it out. She wrote, "for better health."

I used to wash her dishes, because her kitchen was messy. Soon after the ceremony, she was up on her feet again! How desperate she must have been to regain her health! I felt her desperation and the works of the absolute good spirits through this experience.

(a testimony of a member from Kurayoshi church in Totori Region)

Pain vanished from my brotherís leg I called my elder brother, who was very religious, to attend the Special Prayer-wish ceremony. His wife answered and told me strongly, "we do not need such involvement in such things (relating to Unification church)." My elder brother was not home at that time, but he called me a few days later. I asked him whether he wanted to attend the ceremony. Without hesitation, he agreed to come. He took two days off from his work and stayed with us for a day before the ceremony.

We have not met for 3 or 4 years, so I did not know about his family or his physical condition. After an accident, he became crippled and did not have any feeling on his left toes. And, he was taking painkillers for his leg. I told him about the Prayer-wish ceremony in detail. I suggested to him to write, " please alleviate this pain in my leg." When I asked him to pay the gratitude donation, he gladly agreed and said, "of course, I already know."

Next day, he wholeheartedly participated in the holy song session. Somehow I strongly felt that the accident and the pain he is suffering is an indemnity condition that he is paying for our distant relationship. Therefore, I prayed to my parents in spirit world to support us. As we were walking out of the hall, he told me that his pain was gone after the ceremony. I was surprised and even a bit skeptical. So I asked him to tell me his status after he got home as I saw him off at the train station. That evening he called me and told me that his pain was gone and he did not have to take his medication any more.

At this Prayer-wish ceremony five of our family members participated and was able to receive a lot of grace. I am sincerely grateful of absolute good spiritsí support and their miracles.

(a testimony of a member from Kounos church)

Depression of 20 years was cured

I first got to know this person when I joined the church. Due to several reasons this person left the church. "Please cure my daughter-in-lawís depression" was the wish when I told of the special Prayer-wish ceremony. After the ceremony, I received news that the daughter-in-law was cured after suffering from depression for over 20 years. She had been hospitalized and taking a lot of medication. All the drugs had no effect on her. So this person knew it was the result of the Prayer-wish paper, and told the daughter-in-law, "it was Godís grace that cured you. Please attend Him well." Later on, this person came told me, "my back and legs are hurting. Please help me to cure them," and asked for more Prayer-wish paper.

(a testimony of a member from Ujunomiya Higashi church)

Questions and Answers for Dae Mo Nimís Tour

Ancestor liberation and blessing

1. How many generations is it possible to liberate and bless?

It is now possible to liberate up to 112 generations. Liberated ancestors up to 105 generations who have completed Heung Jin Nimís 100-day workshop may receive the blessing at this event. (Remember, ancestors can only begin Heung Jin Nimís workshop after their descendant has paid the full liberation donation.) Spirits liberated through collateral liberations (for other relatives and acquaintances) receive the blessing at the same time as the liberated ancestors and do not require a separate application.

2. Is it still possible to bless ancestors even before finishing their 100 day condition?

Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have granted the grace that ancestors who completed at least 90 days of the workshop may receive the blessing. If their liberation was less than 90 days before the blessing date, however, they should attend the next blessing.

3. We will pay the full amount of ancestor liberation donation on the day of the event. Is it still possible to bless our ancestors?

In this case it is NOT possible. As stated above, they must go through a minimum of 90 days.

4. Is the 3-day ceremony possible after the spirit world and physical world blessing without going to Chung Pyung?

Originally, to have a 3-day ceremony after the spirit world and physical world blessing, participants must attend the "workshop for the blessed members of the sprit world and physical world blessing to have the 3 day ceremony." However, with special grace, the blessed family members can attend the events in North America instead to fulfill the needed workshop.

5. Can a spouse liberate and bless the otherís ancestors?

Only in the case of hospitalization or an illness that hinders attendance at the event can a spouse liberate ancestors on behalf of their husband or wife during this tour. Each individual should attend the liberation and blessing ceremonies on behalf of their own ancestors.

6. I have to attend both ancestor blessing and registration blessing. Is it possible to attend time-wise?

Yes. Ancestor blessing, registration blessing, and spirit world and physical world blessing will take place at the same time and place. But when you register, indicate well which liberation and blessing you want to attend, one or the other or both.

7. Where do I go to find my record of ancestor liberation and blessing?

If you are not sure of how many generations you have liberated or blessed, then please send your inquiries to Chung Pyung via email or fax. It is better to confirm the right number. Here are the email addresses: Fax: +82-31-584-4336

To obtain a record of donations from Dae Mo Nimís previous tours in the US, which were sent to the Finance Office in NY:

8. When is the Seunghwa-ed Second and Third Generation Tong-il Candle receiving Ceremony being held? Or Matching workshop for Spiritual World and Physical World Blessing?

Right after the liberation and blessing, these ceremonies are held at a different place. If you prepare a candle, you can receive the special holy candle that Dae Mo Nim is bringing from Chung Pyung. Therefore, the participating family member should know the place of ceremony in advance.

9. I want to know more about the Registration Blessing.

For the Registration Blessing, all members of a family where the wife has attended the Registration Workshop at CP must attend. Such wives who are now pregnant and Second and Third Generation who were born after their mothers participated in the Registration Blessing should attend as well. [All wives who have not already done so should attend the 21-day Registration Workshop at Chung Pyung so that their family members can attend the Holy Wine Ceremony and Registration Blessing.]

Concerning Paper for Fulfillment of Wishes

10. When and where are the Papers for Fulfillment of Wishes being distributed?

Papers for Fulfillment of Wishes were sent to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York in December 2004. The papers should be made available so that the members can fill them out in community churches. If you cannot fill them out in advance, you can do so at the event.

11. Can I liberate my ancestors by writing the "Paper for Fulfillment of Wishes?"

No. Paper for Fulfillment of Wishes is only for fulfilling wishes and prayers. Ancestor liberation (direct, maternal, or collateral) is done separately.

12. Do we fill out one wish per sheet? Or one sheet per person? I have many wishesÖ

You can put more than one wish on the paper but the level of grace given will differ. You can fill out as many pages you desire. The more you fill out, the greater condition of sincerity you are setting. For example, if you are suffering from an illness, then you can write on many sheets regarding your illness. And, if your family has a common wish, then the family members can write the same wish on as many sheets as possible. Your family can receive greater blessing. Please remember that offering multiple wish papers is an expression of sincerity.

Additional Guidelines

Explanation of Ancestor Liberation Form The following is an explanation of the ancestor liberation and blessing registration form itself. The form will explain sections from left to right and top to bottom. Given that the registration fee per seven generations will not be required for the North American tour, it will not be further explained in this particular document.

Each individual who is liberating and blessing ancestors must complete a form. EACH PERSON SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE TO KEEP A COPY FOR THEIR OWN RECORDS.

Personal Information Section

-Full Name: Please write IN ENGLISH, the full passport name of the person whose ancestors will be liberated. Note that "Family Name" refers to the married name, not the maiden name.

-Family Members with you today: Refers to the number of people accompanying the liberator, but not participating in the liberation or blessing ceremonies themselves.

-Cleansing the Fetus (Embryo): If a fetus is lost naturally or by abortion, traces of this lost baby (a hanging, womb-like image) remain in the spirit world. These traces can be cleansed away by writing the number of babies lost and offering a donation of gratitude.

Ancestor Liberation Section

-Fatherís side: Refers to the paternal lineage of the liberatorís father

-Motherís side: Refers to the paternal lineage of the liberatorís mother

-Grandmotherís (Fatherís side): Refers to the paternal lineage of the liberatorís paternal grandmother

-Grandmotherís (Motherís side): Refers to the paternal lineage of the liberatorís maternal grandmother

*Please refer to the "Family tree" document for further explanations regarding these four lineage types

-Check off the small boxes to indicate which groups of ancestors are to be liberated and write the donation amount per group in the corresponding box. The ancestor liberation donation is required for each 7-generation group of ancestors, per lineage. That is, the donation is needed for each of the small boxes.

The total amount per lineage to be offered at the time of registration is recorded at the end of the row. It is possible to make a partial donation and send the rest of the donation amount at a later time. *Note that the donation amount is set per nation. Please refer to the "Nation Group" document for more information.

Ancestor Blessing Section

-Check off the small boxes to indicate which groups of ancestors are to be blessed and write the donation amount per group in the corresponding box. A fixed ancestor blessing donation is required and includes all four lineages in each 7-generation group of ancestors. That is, one donation is needed for the four small boxes in each generation column. Write the number of sets to be blessed in the designated box, then at the end of the rows, record the total blessing donation amount to be offered at the time of registration. It is possible to make a partial donation and send the rest of the donation amount at a later time.

*Note that the donation amount is set per nation. Please refer to the "Nation Group" and to the "Ancestor blessing donation" documents for further information.

Collateral Relatives Section

This includes non-lineal relatives (such as siblings, aunts and uncles, etc.), friends, and anyone else. Please write neatly and in English the names of the person(s) to be liberated and their relationship to the liberator or some other identifying title. Please also indicate their nationality and whether they were married. The collateral liberation donation is made per person (couple, if married) and depends on the nationality of the spirit who will be liberated and the complete donation must be offered at the time of registration. Write the number of couples and the total donation.

*Please refer to the "Nation Group" document for the donation amounts.

Section for "Ancestors who passed away after liberating gen. 1-7" If generations 1-7 have been liberated and an ancestor that is part of this group passes away after this time, the descendant must participate in ceremony to liberate him/her. Please write neatly and in English the name of the ancestor and their relationship to the descendant in this designated section.

The spouse of a collateral relative/friend that has already been liberated also fits in this category; please write the name of this person and the name of their previously liberated spouse. In both these cases, only a donation or gratitude is required when registering because the liberation donation has already been given.

Additional Gridlines

Ancestor Blessing Donation Information

An ancestor blessing donation has been required as of 16 August 2003, in addition to donations already required for liberating ancestors.

Members have been participating in the liberations and blessings of their ancestors at the Chung Pyung Training Center according to the direction of our True Parents. As you have probably noted from recent speeches and communications, True Father has been strongly emphasizing the importance of liberating and blessing our ancestors, and has even stated that it "must" be done in order to save our families and tribes, and so forth.

The grace of our True Parents has allowed our ancestors to be restored through these liberations and blessings; our ancestorsí original sin is cleansed and, as blessed couples, they will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world together with True Parents.

Having received so much grace, they desire to express their gratitude by asking their descendants to give a "blessing donation" more exact in nature. In the past they have felt awkward in front of True Parents and Heaven when their descendants did not give donations. Considering this, a fixed amount of " blessing donation" has been set for each national group.

Group 1: Generations 1~7 (700 USD), Generations 8~ (70 USD)

Group 2: Generations 1~7 (500 USD), Generations 8~ (50 USD)

Group 3: Generations 1~7 (250 USD), Generations 8~ (25 USD)

Group 4: Generations 1~7 (100 USD), Generations 8~ (10 USD)

Group 5: Generations 1~7 (50 USD), Generations 8~ (5 USD)

*One-time Blessing Fee for Generations 1~7 (fatherís and motherís sides, and fatherís and motherís grandmothersí 1~7G all included). It is possible to offer the Blessing Fee in parts and to begin blessing generations 8 and above before it is completed.

*The ancestor blessing donation for generations 8 and above must be made in full at the time of registration.

[1] Physical person wears the holy robe and offer bow and prayer. And then lay the holy robe for the spirit person next to him/her and lie down for approximately 5 minutes. At that time the spirit partner comes and performs the three-day ceremony.

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