The Words of the Yang Family

Letter To All Blessed Central Families

Chang Shik Yang
June 17, 2005

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

June 17, 2005

Dear Blessed Central Families and All Brothers and Sisters,

We first want to express our gratitude to you for your faith and continuous attendance and support for God and True Parents. In this fifth year of Cheon Il Guk, we are witnessing the incredible true love that True Parents have for America as the Elder Son Nation and the Second Israel. It is with such love that True Father, at 85 years old, again is going to the front line to embrace all Americans through a special Four City Speaking Tour to New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles. (June 25 Ė 28). The title of Fatherís message is Godís Kingdom of Peace is the True Fatherland of the Blessed Central Families. The theme of the tour is "NOW IS THE TIME!" to rebuild the family, restore the community, renew the nation and the world.

Father is emphasizing that America is absolutely central to secure the path to peace for the world and the realization of the Peace Kingdom. He expressed deep love for America and urgent concern for the future of America and her God-given destiny. At this time he is praying deeply and guiding all Blessed Central Families to come together to sacrifice to uplift and strengthen Americaís role as the Elder Son Nation. Father is guiding us that, because America has been chosen by God, it is always going through severe trials. Only through continuous sacrifice of Godís people for America, and in turn continuous sacrifice by America to serve the world, can this nation and its path remain secure and victorious.

It is in this light that we call upon you to give your heart of support for Fatherís North American Four City Speaking Tour. To accomplish this, we first ask every family to fully support this providential moment by bringing all special guests. Now is the time to bring all of our foundation of key people to receive Fatherís words and blessing. Second, we also ask each family to offer $500 to your regional headquarters to support this tour ($250 for single members).

The providence to realize the Peace Kingdom is substantial and requires absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Where can Father turn when such faith is required? It is to you our precious Blessed Central Families. Our Blessed Central Families have persevered and overcome many hardships, and we have witnessed the victorious unfolding of the final stage of history as prophesied in the Bible.

Because of your faith and heart of filial piety, God can always count on you to expand the foundation of victory and blessing secured by True Parents, even when there is little time to understand why we must move with such urgency. So it was when we united together with one heart and fulfilled the goal of 2400 to Korea for the Cheon Il Guk Mobilization in 2003. So it was when we mobilized for Israel in December of 2003 with the Abel UN to bring peace and reconciliation to the family of Abraham and to offer Jesus his crown! So it was when we rallied again to bring the Crown of Peace to True Parents at the Capitol in March of 2004, and then again in September when we rallied to support peace in the Middle East, making our goal of 500 to Jerusalem. We fulfilled our responsibility each time, and that brought strength and blessing to our families, to our work for peace and to America. Then we concluded 2004 with True Parents í historic tour to lift up the theme of the family just before the election, at the same time extending the holy wine to millions. The majority of our members and our Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace shared that they could visibly see how True Parentsí last tour directly changed the spirit of the nation to focus on the value of the family. It was clear that the last tour directly impacted the destiny of America. (This is why there is great excitement and anticipation among our clergy concerning the impact this new tour will have. They feel that history and heavenly destiny is with us.)

So it is with this time at hand. Father will tour our nation to uplift and strengthen America at another most important juncture in history. As we have worked to bring peace in the Middle East between Muslims, Christians and Jews, we will now work to strengthen Americaís role as the Elder Son to bring peace in the Middle East and in the Fatherland, particularly in regard to the unification of Korea also bringing peaceful harmony and cooperation between America and the key nations of Asia.

To secure Godís protection and blessing for America and its role in the world, the key religious leaders, Ambassadors for Peace, and our blessed families must make the condition to unite in one heart with True Parents through this tour. The unity in heart that we bring, together with these leaders that God has chosen, will create the same condition as if all the people of the nation rallied in support. Remember - as long as Moses or Joshua was faithful, the chosen nation of Israel was always secure. America is the nation that God has chosen to be the elder son and brother to lead all nations to peace. This tour is the condition to secure and enhance that position and role for America for the next phase of the dispensation. The key to victory is in our hearts.

Now is the time!! The Blessed Central Families and key leaders will set the direction for the whole nation. True Parents know that you can be trusted as owners of Cheon Il Guk, and representatives of America. True Parents trust you to be victorious.

In the True Love of our True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Dr. Michael Jenkins

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