The Words of the Yang Family

Bishop Kim Prayer Request

Chang Shik Yang
June 4, 2005

Dear Family,

Bishop Ki Hoon Kim was in a car accident today. I spoke with Mrs. Kim. It looks like there are no external injuries. They are still checking for internal injuries.

He is conscious. Please pray for our beloved Bishop.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director

Rev. Michael Jenkins

[Bishop, Dr. Kim's accident and Urgent Prayer Request]

Bishop, Dr. Kim today got in a car accident in Arlington Heights area, his car rolled over 3 times. Bishop, Dr. Kim is conscious and has no external bleeding or injuries. They are sending him to a downtown hospital to check his internal organs and bones to make sure he is all right. We would like to ask all blessed family members to pray for him and his quick and safe recovery. Now is not a good time to visit him because they are still checking him. Thanks and let us continue to support our Bishop with prayer at this time.

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