The Words of the Yang Family

Happy Mother's Day

Chang Shik Yang
May 8, 2005

To All Precious Mothers Of All Blessed Families:


At this time we remember the sacrifice of all Mothers in their efforts to make beautiful families. We know that the Blessed Mother carries a heavy burden as she walks the sacrificial path of supporting her husband and caring for the children, all the while shedding tears in prayer that all may fulfill the destiny God has for them. Our Blessed Mothers also stand with a Mother's heart for their nations and even for the world. They stand representing God's motherly heart of healing, affirmation, strength and warmth to give all the "heart" to live for heaven.

We sincerely thank True Mother for her incredible patience and love for all of us worldwide. We thank all Mothers on this day for their efforts to strive to bring their children and all humanity closer to God.

Thank you for your love Mothers !!!!

Happy Mothers Day !!!!

There is nothing bad in the hearts of parents living for the sake of their children. The more worn out the mother's clothes are, the more miserable they are, the love of the mother flows down the valley of tears. When we see children saying, "Mother is mine forever," that mother is happy giving the children her own flesh and blood. When we see this, what is the point of it? Sacrificing for the sake of others.

Even though the mother is over 90 and the son is over 70, the mother who has become a grandmother will say to her son, "Oh! Be careful of the buses when you go out." Even if she has said the same thing for seventy years, she doesn't get tired. That's a long time, isn't it? But even they both go and live together in the spirit world, love is something that, eternally, one would never get tired of.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Raising Children In God's Will (Hoon Dok Hae Series) Section 4 - The Love of Parents


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU- North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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