The Words of the Yang Family

Support For Middle East Peace Initiative

Chang Shik Yang
May 6, 2005

To: Block Directors, Regional Directors, Vice RDs, State Leaders
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Re: Support for the Middle East Peace Initiative and ACLC Development
Date: May 6, 2005

We bring you greetings and gratitude for your continued sacrifice to fulfill the directions and conditions given by Heaven for the establishment of the Peace Kingdom. Fundamental to our purpose at this time is the strengthening of our blessed families through our Sunday service programs and the development of the Hoon Dok Hae Family Church (Neighborhood Family Federation). Our community outreach focus is now to be directed through the 1 Family – 3 Churches (Tong Ban Kyok Pa) effort.

Also essential to developing the Elder Son Nation is the establishment of the unity of religious leaders. Our primary effort in this direction centers on the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the inter-organizational cooperation for the appointment and education of Ambassadors for Peace. Underlying all of our activities is the fundamental direction that we should continuously and freely give out the blessing (through holy wine/ juice) through all of our efforts, so that we may bring about a change of the lineage of all families to Heaven’s side.

Also essential for the prosperity and victory of the Elder Son Nation is setting the condition to sacrifice itself for the sake of the world. In that light, the central focus of our contribution to the world centers on our efforts for the Middle East Peace Initiative in the Holy Land.

Support for the Middle East Peace Initiative: The Middle East Peace Initiative, centering on IIFWP, will continue throughout this year. At the last conference it was indicated that every continent will be sending Ambassadors for Peace regularly to the Holy Land in groups as large as 430 at a time. America’ s role in this is central to the providence, as America represents the Second Israel. The relationship between the second Israel and first Israel is a fundamental cornerstone for securing and the unification of the third Israel, Korea. This process will allow the fourth Israel to achieve the Peace Kingdom as a kingdom for all races, peoples and nations.

The goal for each region for the May 9-16 MEPI was to send one high-level Ambassador for Peace per region. We sincerely thank you for your efforts in trying to make this goal. If your region did not send one fully paid Ambassador for Peace, your region is still financially responsible to support this providence.

We have broken up the financial responsibility for regions that do not have a guest as follows:

$1,800 each: New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles $1,500 each – Seattle, Miami, Boston, Connecticut, Columbus, and upstate New York $500 each -- North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Minneapolis, Colorado (Please send this immediately to Rev. Eric Holt, Finance Office, 4 West 43rd St., NY, NY 10036. Checks payable to HSA-UWC)

A very specific direction came from Korea that each nation’s financial contribution to this effort is a fundamental condition and must be supported. (Those regions who are not listed here that are sending one or more fully paid participant are not responsible for this donation.)

ACLC Development: The National Executive Committee has been firmly established and has called for the securing and establishment of regional and state leadership. Our first step is the appointment of co-chairmen and co-conveners of the ACLC regional organizations. The Regional Director should be co-chairman, along with one Christian pastor. The Vice Regional Director or appropriate ministerial outreach person can be the co-convener, along with a key Christian pastor. These positions must be filled by May 31st. The clergy should be appointed for a one-year term. The appointment requires agreement from the national co-conveners, the secretary general, ACLC chairman, and the Regional Director and Vice Regional Director. All co-chairmen and co-conveners must attend the June 20-23rd national ACLC DP convocation (location to be announced).

Archbishop Stallings and Rev. Bennit Hayes have been appointed by the National Executive Committee to help you in securing your co-chairmen and co-conveners. Therefore, if you cannot make an appointment but you have several key clergy whom you would like to secure, Archbishop Stallings and Rev. Hayes will assist you.

In some cases if the regional organization cannot decide, the national may appoint someone among a list of your best clergy. The key point - these positions must be filled and the key figures should attend the June 20 – 23 convocation. In some cases you may feel you would like better clergy to hold these positions and therefore want to wait longer, however after 5 years of development of ACLC we can no longer wait. We must determine leadership for ACLC or we will not be able to fulfill our responsibility. The first appointment will be for one year. On that basis we will review performance and can possibly reaffirm positions or change to new leadership.

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