The Words of the Yang Family

Summer College-Age Leadership Training Workshop

Chang Shik Yang
May 4, 2005


To: Regional, Vice Regional Directors and FFWPU Leaders
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: May 4, 2005
RE: Summer College-Age Leadership Training Workshop May 30 – June 30

Dear Regional and Vice Regional Leaders,

The key to our future is our youth and their becoming leaders for the future. The CARP movement led by Rev. Joshua Cotter held a very successful program designed and run by our Second Generation last January of this year in Barrytown. Many Second Generation College Students are feeling very inspired to take responsibility for God’s Will in America.

Now another, Second Generation designed leadership program is being launched in NY. (SEE the WORLD CARP LETTER). Please inform all second generation college students concerning this important opportunity. We sincerely ask that every region create a scholarship for one student to join this great event.


Second Generation Active College Students


Summer College-Age Leadership Training Workshop


May 30 – June 30


New York – 43rd St. and the University of Bridgeport




"Claiming Ownership over God’s Vision."

Program and Registration:

See the World CARP attached letter.


Rev. Dr. Chang Shik Yang

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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