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Second Generation Matching for Special Blessing in February, Year 5, Cheon Il Guk

Chang Shik Yang
January 11, 2005


(NHQ 2GD - 05 - 001)

To: Regional Directors, Vice RDs, State Leaders, Blessed Central Families
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: January 11, 2005
Re: Second Generation Matching for Special Blessing in February, Year 5, Cheon Il Guk

True Parents intend to give a Special Second Generation Blessing immediately prior to the February 14th celebration of True Parentsí Birthday. Through this Special Blessing, and a period of at least 4 years during which True Parents will be matching and Blessing, a strong standard is being established in accordance with the original, ideal format of Second Generation Blessings. Therefore, those holding public positions on all levels should make absolutely certain that participation in True Parentsí Special Blessing is limited exclusively to Second Generation possessing the exclusive qualifications described below. Careful, serious effort will be required from all parents and leaders to assure the standard and success of this Special Blessing.

Please see the attached 7 points of True Fatherís instructions for this special matching and Blessing.

I. Absolute Requirements for Second Generation Candidates.

A. Age: 17 - 30 years old

(Born on or before February 8th, 1988; Born on or after February 8th, 1976)

Regardless of age, a mature understanding of the serious commitment and personal responsibility involved is essential. Parents are strongly advised not to push their children to attend. Youth should feel they are uniquely called by God to attend this special Blessing.

B. Internal Qualifications (Please note that these are specific to this Special Blessing):

1) Purity- To have maintained a pure lineage as a Second Generation, with no experience of dating, touching, or kissing a member of the opposite sex or any other more serious sexual sins. As a clarification, the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine taken previously, while a condition of grace and forgiveness for Blessed Central Families and all mankind, should not be considered as having eliminated such conditions for the purposes of this special Blessing [in particular, Second Generation who have fallen are NOT restored to the position of pure Second Generation through Holy Wine]. Candidates wishing to apply who had some less serious or more innocent experience at an early age (at least before the age of 12) should report the details, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, if simply an expression of youthful curiosity, these will not be considered a violation of this qualification.

2) Obedience. To have the attitude of absolute faith toward True Parentsí match, and the determination to be absolutely obedient and never reject or break the match. In the previous matching, a number of participants came without considering this point carefully, only to find themselves unable to accept the match due to unanticipated judgments or opinions about perceived deficiencies in their partner. Some ignored this qualification, coming because their parents pushed them, or thinking they would in fact have the opportunity to consider or evaluate the match. These individuals disappointed and created a burden for True Father, and destroyed another personís opportunity because when someone breaks True Fatherís match, both partners are disqualified from further participation. Such attitudes are unacceptable for this matching.

The ONLY appropriate attitude is one of absolute trust in True Parents, and the confidence to build a true love relationship with WHOMEVER is my partner, no matter what race, language, culture, age, nationality, height, or any other perceived shortcoming.

3) International Blessing- Candidates, and their parents, must be prepared to receive an international Blessing with a partner of ANY race, in order to contribute to making humanity one family.

4) Innocence- To have NO previous experience of being Blessed, or even matched, by True Parents or their own parents. Those whose parents made a mutual verbal commitment to a matching with the parents of another, even if the other partner broke the match, SHOULD NOT participate in this matching. The one exception is a Blessed Child who was matched by True Father at the December, 2004 matching and their partner broke the match, provided the above qualifications are still fulfilled.

5) Health. To be in good health physically and mentally.

6) Confirmation. The five qualifications listed above must be confirmed by the candidate him/herself, the parents, church leaders, and Second Generation Department.

7) 7-Day Fast A 7-Day Fast is expected of each candidate planning to participate in this Special Blessing. Please make your best effort to fulfill this condition before going to Korea for the matching. All members Blessed on Dec. 26, 2004, are asked to complete a 7-Day Fast prior to Feb. 14, 2005, as well.

II. Responsibility

If a candidate submits documents containing false information related to the qualifications listed above, the match will be annulled automatically. If a match made by True Parents is broken, not only the person responsible for the break but also the partner will be barred from participating in this Blessing. Candidates should expect to be interviewed by Dae Mo Nim.

III. Application Documents.

A. Application form. Available at

B. Interview form. Available at

C. Family introduction form. Available at

D. Two 8" x 10" photos of each person. One photo should be a frontal view from the shoulders up with a clear view of the forehead. Hair should be pulled back. The other should be a frontal view from head to toe. Do not submit photos taken from an angle. Photos taken with a digital camera in front of a plain white background are acceptable.

E. Blessing Fee: $1,500. A minimum of $1,000 must be paid before departure for Korea and the remainder within 120 days. A receipt or proof of payment should be obtained in America and is required to be brought to Korea in order to register for the matching.

F. Certificate of highest academic level achieved. (e.g. diploma, transcript, or report card)

G. Health Certificate (Completed AIDS test)

IV. Blessing Workshop

In accordance with direction from International Headquarters, ALL candidates must attend a special Blessing Workshop in order to participate in this international matching and Blessing. To minimize time and expense, and accommodate participants from across the nation, we are tentatively planning three workshops [based upon demand] that will be organized and led by the Second Generation, Blessed Family and Education Departments. Candidates may choose to attend any one of these programs [details will follow soon]:

A. EAST: Fri..-Sun., Jan. 21-23. TENTATIVE LOCATION: New York-New Jersey area.

B. CENTRAL: Fri.-Sun., Jan. 28-30 TENTATIVE LOCATION: Chicago area.

C. WEST: Fri.-Sun., Feb. 4-6. TENTATIVE LOCATION: San Francisco area.

For all workshops, plan to arrive Friday evening and conclude Sunday afternoon.

The West Workshop will finish earlier Sunday, and candidates may wish to plan departure for Korea from San Francisco, in order to easily arrive at Chung Pyung Training Center by the deadline Tuesday, February 8 at 5:00 PM.

D. Further details will be announced by January 15, 2005. We will accept certificates of attendance to the December 27-30, 2004 Blessing Workshop, an STF Blessing Workshop in 2003-2004, or an official Blessing Workshop during that period, but we strongly recommend that all candidates attend one of these Blessing Workshops even if they have attended before. Without certification of attendance at an approved Blessing Workshop, applicants will not be included in the U.S. Master List, and will not be able to participate in this matching and Blessing.

E. All Blessed Children 17 and above may attend these Blessing Workshops, even if they are not planning to go to Korea or are still undecided about going. These workshops will fulfill the Blessing Workshop requirement for matching/Blessing for a period of two years.

V. Registration

Candidates must pre-register for the Blessing workshops. There will be online registration for these Workshops, or forms may be downloaded and submitted by Email or fax as well. Copies of All Blessing application documents and pictures must be submitted at the workshop. Registration details will be announced by or before January 15, 2005.

A. Final Deadline for application to Blessing & workshops: January 27th, 2005

VI. Matching and Blessing

A. All candidates worldwide whose qualifications have been confirmed by Korean Second Generation Department, Japan Second Generation Department, U.S. Second Generation Department, or Europe Second Generation Department should prepare formal wedding attire (dark blue suits, white shirts and red ties for men, wedding gowns for women) and arrive at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea no later than 5 p.m., February 8th, 2005.

B. Education and Matching for all Second Generation candidates worldwide will begin on February 9th.

C. In accordance with True Parentsí direction, parents of candidates will not be allowed to enter the CheongPyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. Also, parents are not to meet or have other forms of contact with candidates who have entered the Training Center.

D. The Blessing Ceremony will also be held at the CheongPyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center (date and time to be announced)

E. Remember to make copies of all pictures, application documents, and your receipt for payment of the fee and be sure to carry them with you to Korea.

VII. Contact information

A. Korea 2nd Gen Department: Inchoon Hwang,

B. Japan 2nd Gen Department: Sakurai Masaue,

C. US 2nd Gen Department: Inguk Seo,

D. US Blessed Family Department: Hiromi Stephens,

E. Europe 2nd Gen Department: Geros Kunkel,

IMPORTANT NOTE: True Father will be performing this matching and Blessing, and additional matchings and Blessings under strict guidelines during a special 4-year course (see accompanying instructions from True Father). No direction has been given concerning whether matchings by parents will continue during this period, but we will clarify all of these points soon. In any case, parents should not push their children to attend under the assumption that it is the only opportunity available for matching. No matter what, only those who meet ALL the qualifications outlined above should consider attending this Special Matching and Blessing

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU, USA

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