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Junior STF Prep Winter Workshop

Chang Shik Yang
November 11, 2004

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, USA President

To: Regional Directors, State Leaders, Youth Ministers and All Blessed Central Families
Fm: Second Generation Department
Re: Junior STF Prep Winter Workshop
Dt: November 11, 2004

Dear Blessed Families,

We are pleased to announce the dates of the national level Jr. STF Prep Winter Workshop of 2004-2005! This workshop is targeted toward high school aged 2nd Generation who want to follow the standard of our True Parents and Hyun Jin Nim, as well as take an active role in building the culture of heart.

The workshop will be held:

Theme: Raising the True Heart of a Leader!
Date: December 26th, 2004 ~ January 2, 2005
Place: Portland, Maine
Participant: High school aged 2nd Generation
Fee: $250 for each participant

Tasks and objectives prior to the Jr. STF winter workshop:

The Jr. STF program strives to implement a sense of ownership among high school aged 2nd Generation. We realize that the 2nd Generation are the future leaders of our movement. We thus hope to raise a new generation of leaders while adhering to Hyun Jin Nim's core values of vertical tradition, living for the sake of others, ownership, teamwork and dreaming big.

Hyun Jin Nim teaches strongly the importance of a balanced education which consists of not only cognitive learning, but more importantly, experiential learning for youths. Through programs that are based on developing one's relationship with God, self-development, team building activities, and adventure outings, the Jr. STF program stands as an example of experiential learning. By providing an environment that promotes a heartistic approach to leadership, Jr. STF is creating a culture based on the heavenly tradition, set by our True Parents, among the youth of our community.

We hope to support the blossoming leaders of our 2nd Generation that are already growing in our community, as well as cultivate the true heart of a leader, and inspire them to take an active role in restoring God's sovereignty through public works. It is with these goals in mind that we hope to raise leaders of our movement that will become a living testimony of true love, true life, and true lineage by owning the culture of heart through embodying core values of God, True Parents and True Family, in their everyday lives.

Please contact David Stein ( for more information on this workshop.

Tasks and objectives to the Jr. STF workshop

The Jr. STF winter workshop is looking for 80 2nd Generation who want to participate in this memorable and new style of workshop based on experiential learning. We are searching for those 2nd Generation who truly want to become leaders in their community, and take ownership over the core values set by Hyun Jin Nim in their everyday lives.

A non-refundable down payment of $50 must be sent in and/or post marked by December 1st, 2004. Jr. STF applicants are required to do the following prior to the Jr. STF workshop:

1) Raise $250 on their own initiative to pay for their workshop fee.

2) Participate in, or organize a service oriented project based on one of the following qualifications:

a) Volunteer at a homeless shelter for 7 hours

b) Go door-to-door collecting canned goods with at least two other people. Every applicant must collect 50 cans each, thus if 3 Jr. STF applicants collect cans together, 150 cans must be collected total. (Friends not applying for Jr. STF are welcome to help you with your service requirement)

c) Create your own service project that must be at the same level as the above-mentioned criteria. A youth minister or pastor whom is fully aware of the mission and purpose of Jr. STF must approve this project.

3) Set one of the following conditions of 7 days in preparation for the workshop:

a) 3 days of cold showers, and 4 days of 3-minute prayer.

b) 7 days of reading 7 pages of Hon Dok Hae and 3 minute prayer. (HDH must be read based on applicant's initiative and own time, regular schedule HDH will not reach the requirement)

c) 3 days of 40 kyung baes, and 4 days of reading 4 pages of Hon Dok Hae on the applicants initiative.

These tasks and objectives must be accomplished prior to the Jr. STF workshop. If tasks are not accomplished, the remaining $200 will be returned to you. We are not looking for hundreds are people, we are looking for those dedicated and motivated 2nd Generation who truly want to take a role in building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

When an applicant decides that they want to attend the workshop, they must contact the Jr. STF staff to let us know of your intentions. Our staff will then contact the appropriate person in your region (whether it be a pastor, youth minister, etc.), whom you must go through to complete your required tasks and objectives. The appointed person of your region must approve of your accomplished 3 criteria prior to the workshop.

The following are Junior STF Statements:

Definition of Junior STF

Junior STF is an Adolescent Leadership Training Program guided by parents at home, youth ministers in church and teachers in school.

Vision Statement

By inheriting the Culture of Heart of God, True Parents and True Family, Jr. STF will raise core adolescent leaders who will transform this world into one God centered human family.

Mission Statement

Jr. STF will transform the individual, the adolescents of the Unification Church, and the adolescents of the world through experiential education such as fundraising, witnessing, outdoor-challenge, and social service activities.

To accomplish this:

First, Jr. STF members will discover their own identities as members of the Extended True Family, by doing so they will develop as true leaders who embody core values on the level of family, church and school.

Second, Jr. STF members, as models of Abel type leadership, will connect adolescents of the Unification Church to the vertical axial line and empower them to live a public life.

Third, by embodying the core values in their schools and communities, Jr. STF members will guide adolescents of the world to live for the sake of others, thus moving towards establishing one true human family that will realize a world of lasting peace.

Definition of Leader

A leader is the person who, starting from Heart, embodies Core Values through Right Attitudes and Right Behaviors, and expresses them through Right Skills in order to fulfill the Common Mission and Goal, which is the purpose of creation, creating an ideal family, one God-centered human family.

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