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Historic Campaign to Bless the Family and Save the Nation and the World Further Guidelines on the Crown of Peace Ceremony

Chang Shik Yang
October 16, 2004

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
3224 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20010
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North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers. Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: October 16, 2004
RE: Historic Campaign to Bless the Family and Save the Nation and the World Further Guidelines on the Crown of Peace Ceremony

True Parents returned in the power and glory of heaven to America on October 15th. Father gave a most serious sermon both on Friday night and again on Saturday morning. (Notes have been sent out). Father came to call upon us to save America. Father has proclaimed that Parentism is the only way that God can move to bring peace on the earth. Political efforts alone cannot bring peace and they cannot restore the family. Religion must now step up and exercise its proper role to Bless the family and unify all races and religions. On this foundation then America will not only be blessed in November and the direction of this nation secure, but also beyond that a new spirit will emerge from America that will allow this nation to lead the world according to the will of Heaven to foster a spirit of Faith, Family and World Peace.

Bless the Family and Save the Nation and the World : To save America we are now directed to bless two million couples by November 2, 2004. Then two million more every two weeks until the end of the year. To receive this Cheon Il Guk blessing all people should be given the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine (juice and candy can be used).

Organization: Dr. Chang Shik Yang will be chairman, Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Flynn will be co-directors. Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards will be in an advisory role focusing on ACLC. Each block will have assigned leaders. An FFWPU leader, AFC leader, ACLC and an Ambassador for Peace representative should form the core organizing team. Each block will have the following as the responsible advisor/coordinators: Washington: Rev. Schanker, Rev. Tom Cutts; New York: Rev. Daugherty, Mr. Alan Inman; Chicago; Rev. Bruce Sutchar, Mr. David Rendel; LA; Rev. Tim Henning, Mr. Patrick Hickey.

Meaning of the Cheon Il Guk Blessing After August 20th: The blessings that were given previously to the 180 couples that we blessed and the 70 million, all have the purpose of changing the blood lineage to Heavenís side. If you are giving the Cheon Il Guk blessing to a couple that previously received Holy Wine then the purpose has two additional dimensions. Through the August 20th Blessing and Crown of Peace Ceremony, grace was given by True Parents not only to our couples but to our tribes, races, nations and peoples. That means by participating in this Cheon Il Guk Blessing a condition is set of total forgiveness for all the historic sins and mistakes of the past for your lineage, your people and nation. The other dimension is that through the Cheon Il Guk blessing at this time a "covenantal" condition is made allowing the participant to enter into the realm of the "Fourth Israel" as a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. (This could be compared to the time when the Israelites drank the water at Rephidim and therefore could remain in Godís dominion.) Through the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine (Juice) the participant from any race, religion or culture enters into the realm of the forth Israel. Finally it also has the meaning to change the blood lineage to Heavenís side. (If someone already took Holy Wine in the past then that aspect has already been completed, however if someone is participating for the first time then the change of blood lineage is secured.)

Who to Bless: Bless our Internal Tribe (family, relatives) and external tribe (tong ban kyok ba Ė neighborhood and community). We are seeking to bless everyone. Our primary goal is 2 million couples but we have been directed to give the Holy Wine freely to every man woman and child. They will receive the grace of August 20th and enter into the realm of the fourth Israel. If husband and wife participate then they become a pre-blessed couple with status of a couple who has received forgiveness of original sin. The couple doesnít have to be together to receive the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine although this is ideal. They should pledge that latter they will share this (holy wine or holy candy) with their spouse. First we should make the goal for our neighborhood or local area and then bless our relatives.

How to give the Blessing: Today True Parents indicated that ideally we should give the Holy wine and blessing wearing our Holy Robes. However because of this large effort we can simply use Holy Salt to create the condition of sanctifying ourselves. (Detailed instructions are available at the Regional Headquarters). The Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine should be given in the same way as past blessings. First the wife should receive the Holy wine with two hands and then facing her husband she should drink half, he should respectfully receive the holy wine from her with a heart of love and respect for heaven for his spouse and then he should drink the other half. Children may participate. Again, Holy Candy is acceptable. Also, we are going with the "spirit" of the laws of heaven regarding the blessing rather than the "letter". Where to give the Blessing: Father has stated that we should now always have Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine with us at all times. We should carry it with us in a small kit. Therefore the blessing can be given at any place or time. However, we would like to emphasize the Tong Ban Kyok Ba spirit of the neighborhood and community effort. It would be best if you would conduct the blessing in your neighborhood. This way it will be much easier to follow up with your tribe.

Where to get the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine: Each region and state Family Church should prepare seed Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and Holy Salt for each family. They can multiply it with wine, juice or candy as was done in the past. Blessing Kits should be prepared by each region if possible (FFWPUI prepared a nice kit with cups and containers for Holy wine and Holy Salt.)

Record Keeping: Names of the couples you blessed should be kept for your own records.

ACLC Participation: The national executive committee of ACLC will be traveling to all regions and states. Please set up as many ACLC meetings as possible. We plan to have a "Bless the Family and Save the Nation" special blessing on Sunday, October 24th and October 31. A liturgy and separate letter will go out from ACLC concerning this plan. We would like every ACLC church to bless 12 couples and have those 12 bless 12 more couples each making 144 per church. Rev. Levy Daugherty will be coordinating this activity.

662 Couples Blessing: All couples blessed for the blessings to achieve our tribal fulfillment of 36, 72, 124, 430 (662) will be counted toward this goal.

Goals: To reach the goal of Two Million blessings for America we must bless 1,000 couples per family. (This is taking into consideration that many will not be able to complete their goal however collectively we must make it. ) Regional Goals are clarified based on the number of families per region as follows:

Regional Directors (22)

BLKReg NameStatesRegion Reg Goal

SE1Rev.JohnHongDCMDVAWashington DC 283,144

NE2Rev.In HoiLeeNY New York 283,927

NE3Rev.Dong WooKimNJDEPANew Jersey 266,719

NE4Rev.Kil HwanKimMARI Boston 50,840

NE5Rev.Byeng ChulKimCT Brideport 54,752

NE6Rev.Hae ChulJungNHMEVTManchester 25,812

MW7Rev.Jea SeokKimOHINWVColumbus 55,534

SE8Rev.Byunjg SookCho NCKYTNCharlotte 30,505

SE9Rev.Young TackYangGAFLSCAtlanta 28,158

SE10Rev.Dae HeeHongFL Miami 41,455

SE11Rev.Won GeunKimALLAMSMobile 31,287

MW12Rev.Ki HoonKimILMIWIChicago 141,572

MW14Rev.Gi YoungShinTXAROKDallas 47,712

MW15Rev.Sung JongSeoMNNDSDMinneapolis 28,940

W16Rev.Shang SongParkCONEWYDenver 37,544

W17Rev.Soo WonKwonAZNVNMPhoenix 41,455

W18Rev.Hun SukLeeWAAKMTSeattle 86,820

W19Rev.Moon ShikKimORIDUTPortland 34,415

W20Rev.Man HoKimCA San Francisco 139,226

W21Rev.Baek JoongKuCAHI Los Angeles 143,919

NE22Rev.Ki YealLeeNY NY Upstate 72,740

CD23Dr. Chae HeeLeeQCONBCCanada 73,524


Crown of Peace Ceremony: The Crown of Peace Blessing and Ceremony should still be completed in all 50 states before the end of October. However due to this historic Bless the Family and Save the Nation and the World effort, the ceremony can made in a more simple fashion. The banner has been sent out separately. One set of crowns should be purchased by each state. They should be good quality, but it is our attitude that is most important for the ceremony. The meaning of this ceremony is to allow the people of your state to affirm the support for the Crown of Peace for True Parents and also that they might set the condition to receive the grace from the August 20th Blessing which forgives all historic mistakes for the state and the nation. A speech by the Regional director or other key representative should be given. A video Ė that will be provided. Then the Cheon Il Guk Holy wine should be shared with a prayer of blessing by the Regional directors couple or officiating couple. The crowns should be presented as gifts (in glass cases if possible) to the representatives of True Parents. They then should be placed on a table in the front and group pictures taken. (For a more detailed program and guidelines please see the memo of memonhq1013 Crown of Peace Guidelines.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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