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Workshop For 2nd Generation Recently Blessed

Chang Shik Yang
August 7, 2004

The Second Generation Department is offering a one-day seminar for recently Blessed Second Generation couples (couples blessed within the past two years) in the East Coast region. Our goal and purpose is to arm the new couples with practical skills and knowledge about relationships, conflict resolution, and other issues that might arise during the first few (and often most fragile) years of their Blessing.

We are grateful to offer such experienced speakers as Betsy Jones, John Williams, and In Soo Kim, as well as testimony from elder Second Generation couples. With "Creating a Foundation for Harmonious Couples" as the seminar theme, we will offer practical advice and guidance on relationships following:

Teaming Up to Handle Conflict—Mrs. Betsy Jones

Gender-realizations: Understanding Male and Female Differences—Mr. John Williams

Finding God Through Your Spouse—Ms. Joni (Ang) Choi

Other possible speakers include: Josie Hauer, In Soo Kim, Misook (Kwak) Kim

Date: August 27-28, 2004

Welcome reception with light refreshments 7:00pm Friday

Program will be ending at 7:30pm Saturday after dinner

Cost: $45 (with option to stay over Sat. night for $15 more)

Place: Unification Theological Seminary (UTS)

Please bring sleeping bag and pen with notebook.

We are asking each region to contact these couples and invite them. We need confirmation of attendance by August 21. Ms. Joni Choi can be contacted at anytime at 201-871-4224 (home), 201-725-6464 (cell), or via email at Please contact her if you have any questions.

Thank you for your hard work and assistance. God Bless.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang

Rev.Michael Jenkins 

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