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Junior STF Kick-off Workshop Additional Announcement

Chang Shik Yang
July 15, 2004

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
1610 Columbia Road NW, Washington D.C. 20009
(202) 319-3200 Fax (202) 319-3201 e-mail
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

NHQ 2GD - 04 – 001-2

To: Regional Directors, State Leaders, Youth Ministers and All Blessed Central Families
Fm: Second Generation Department
Re: Junior STF Kick-off Workshop Additional Announcement
Dt: July 15, 2004

Dear Blessed Central Family,

We are pleased to announce the Junior STF program, the first ever nationwide Second Generation adolescent leadership training program, which was created by Hyun Jin Nim. We will be kicking off this program with a 2 week workshop in August of 2004. This program will also be launching internationally in Korea, Japan, and Europe this summer. Many of you may have already heard one of our presentations or heard even a little about this new program. Please forgive us for the lateness of this welcome letter as this program is very new and we wanted to make sure that most people formally heard our presentation before sending this letter out. Please also note that we have made two changes.

1) The workshop participation has been expanded to all those who are entering their Junior and Senior year of high school or Freshmen year of college (as of Fall of 2004)

2) The workshop registration deadline has been extended to July 20th.

Our kick-off workshop will take place in the first half of August. The theme of our workshop will be "Building a New Culture of Heart for the Settlement Age through embodying Core Values." Participants will get a feel for what the Junior STF program is and learn about the new ways to participate and lead upcoming Second Generation activities. It will start with the STF International Assembly in New York City where STFers from all over the world will gather together. Afterward, there will be 3 days of Service for Peace activities, 3 days of Adventure Activity, and it will end with 3 days of fundraising. In addition, more than 60 second year STFers will be helping to staff this workshop. We hope you will experience a transformation through this workshop!

* Please note that this workshop will also be held in conjunction with the STF kick-off workshop, which means all new STFers must attend this workshop to start off their STF year.

Junior STF Kick-off Workshop General Information

What: Junior STF kick-off workshop

Who: All Second Generation born between Sept. 1985-Dec.1987 ( or going into Junior or Senior year of high school or college Freshmen year this Fall)

Theme: Building a New Culture of Heart for the Settlement Age through Embodying Core Values

When: August 1st~14th (arrival on July 31st, departure on August 15th)

Arrival/Departure: Arrival on July 31st (on-site registration/check-in starts at 3PM).

Departure on the morning of August 15th

(If you are coming to NY by airplane, please refer to the "Transportation Info" page)

Where: Camp Sunrise, Harriman State Park, NY

Director Organization: FFWPU 2nd Generation Department

Support Organization: STF, W-CARP, Service for Peace

Fee: $500 [If paid on day of arrival, July 31st , it will be $520]

Registration Deadline: July 20th, 2004

Registration Mailing Address: FFWPU Second Generation Department
4W 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036

Methods of payment: Check / Money Order / Cash

Payable to: HSA-UWC 2nd Generation Department

If you have any questions about Junior STF, please feel free to e-mail Keika Shimmyo at

We look forward to seeing you this summer.


Junior STF Kick-off Workshop Schedule

Date Junior STF (Camp Sunrise)
7/28 (W) Arrival of Staff
7/29 (T) Staff Training
7/30 (F) Staff Training
7/31 (S) Arrivals of Participants, Registration & Orientation
8/1 (S) Culture of Heart Day
8/2 (M) Joint Meeting preparing for HJN (New Yorker Hotel)
8/3 (T) Joint Preparation for & Meeting with HJN;
Inviting all parents (New Yorker Hotel)
8/4 (W) Service for Peace
8/5 (T) Service for Peace
8/6 (F) Service for Peace (Closing Rally & Public Recognition)
8/7 (S) Adventure Activities
8/8 (S) Adventure Activities
8/9 (M) Adventure Activities
8/10 (T) Preparation for Fundraising
8/11 (W) Fundraising
8/12 (T) Fundraising
8/13 (F) Fundraising
8/14 (S) Reflection / Determination / Closing Ceremony
8/15 (S) Departure of Participants

Participants must send all forms to the following address or fax by July 20th:

FFWPU 2nd Generation Department
Att: Keika Shimmyo
4W 43rd St.
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212-997-0050 ext. 123
Fax: 212-391-0222

(note for new STFers: The Junior STF kick-off workshop and STF kick-off workshop will be held in conjunction. It is mandatory for new STFers to attend this workshop. Please fill out forms "b" through "h" and send to the 2nd Generation Department, that is, if you have not received these from STF yet. Please also do not forget the workshop fee of $500. If you would like to register for STF but haven’t yet, please contact Shinji Nakamura at 510-259-1139, or email

If you have any questions about Junior STF, please feel free to e-mail Keika Shimmyo at

We look forward to seeing you this summer.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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