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Happy True Day of All Things!! Directions for Education and Witnessing Blessing in Korea Directions for ACLC

Chang Shik Yang
June 19, 2004

To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: June 19, 2004 (UPDATED)
RE: Happy True Day of All Things!! Directions for Education and Witnessing Blessing in Korea Directions for ACLC

Happy True Day of All Things !! True Parents are in Yeosu. They will complete 10 Ahn Shi Il Celebrations and stay there for 85 days (one day for each year of Father’s life). Then they will go on to the World Culture and Sports Festival on July 23 – 26th. We are deeply grateful for the enormous support from our leaders and members. We made the goal for supporting the Coronation and the providence in Israel. Please be strong and faithful as we are a people of providence and history. The nation and the world depends on each and every one of our families.

Education and Witnessing: This is our central focus. For the 120 day period from April 1 through all of July, each region has been asked to develop and implement their plans for growing the membership of the Family Church. This is an absolutely essential focus for our movement to be able to move America in the direction of the Peace Kingdom. The central focus of our effort is through teaching the Divine Principle. Rev. Seo and the Minneapolis team has made significant strides through lecturing with the red and blue contents of the DP. His method is to have the guests read the red and the lecturer read the blue – explanations are given at a white board after several sections are covered. This is a method that has brought new members. The basic focus of our work for this 120 days is to reposition ourselves towards attracting new people and having them join our movement through the Divine Principle. Father has emphasized the fulfillment of our own Tribal Messiahship in two areas. Witnessing to our relatives or Internal Tribe and blessing them with the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. The second is through Tong Ban Kyok Ba (Breakthrough on the Neighborhood level) in which we educate people in our neighborhoods and communities. Rev. Kwak emphasized on June 14 at Belvedere that the central providential responsibility for us is to follow True Parents path and Bless our relatives and communities according to the providential numbers – 3, 36, 72, 120 and 185 couples even reaching 430 eventually.

Our community outreach also connects to the many ways in which people can learn about the principle – through Sunday Service, evening programs, home church type outreach and meetings and through the work of affiliated organizations such as Women’s Federation for World Peace, ACLC, CARP, SFP and many other ways that people can come to understand our principle and providence. Of course Unity with our Regional Director and Vice Regional Director is an essential condition for victory.

Tong Ban Kyok Ba – (Neighborhood and Community Outreach – "Home Church") The Family Church has member families in all 50 states of America – everyone has a neighborhood. The responsibility of Tribal Messiahship is to bless and educate not only our internal tribe (relatives and family) but our external tribe (neighborhood and community). Tong Ban Kyok Ba is roughly translated as the "breakthrough on the neighborhood level". As Owners of Cheon Il Guk having inherited the authority and power of our True Parents, we have enormous fortune to gain to bring families and individuals into the Family movement. The most natural starting place for all Tribal Messiahs (after considering our relatives) is our neighborhood and community. Father’s idea for Home Church has never changed. Therefore our community focus should begin with a 360 Home Church Area. We should visit the 360 homes in our area and serve them, eventually having the opportunity to bring them to our homes for a community meeting and eventually Sunday Service or in affiliation with one of the other organizations founded by True Parents – IIFWP (Amb. For Peace), ACLC, WFWP, CARP etc. This should be a major focus in the Witnessing and Education development for each region.

Blessing in Korea: The Blessing will be held on Monday July 26th in Chonan, Korea (1 hour, 15 minutes south of Seoul, where Sun Moon University is located.) This will be for second generation matched couples as well as first generation newly matched couples. All candidates must arrive by July 24th. The Blessed Family Department memo has specific details on how to register. It can be found at the website under announcements.

Directors of the Blessed Family Department: Mr. Jim and Hiromi Stephens have been appointed as the directors of the Blessed Family Department, as of June, 2004. They will work under the authority and guidance of our Continental Director, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, and National President, Rev. Michael Jenkins, and with the support of the Education Department, overseen by Rev. Phillip Schanker. Mrs. Rachel Carter will oversee administration and field communications. Among the first objectives are: organizing and supporting the preparations for US matched couple participation in the July 26th Blessing in Chonan, Korea; assisting the Continental Director in appointing a Blessing Committee to advise and support the department’s work; providing guidance and support for parents in the matching of their children; development of ongoing education, counseling and family enrichment for spouses, parents, and young people; and identifying representatives to coordinate the ministry in each region. Future plans include publications, educational videos, web-based support services, and special ministries to support the variety of needs within the growing community of Blessed families. ACLC Divine Principle Convocation: The ACLC Convocation will be held in Chicago on Tuesday, July 13 – Friday, July 16. The Midwest Block will be allowed 50 slots for this conference. All other regions outside the Midwest block will have 4 slots per region. Conference invitations and registration fees are being sent by ACLC.

ACLC Development: Father has emphasized that the key to saving the nation comes through winning the religious foundation of each nation and then through the religious leaders guiding the political leaders of the nation. Therefore each region should maintain the following to keep the outreach to religious leaders vibrant and ready for the next providential call: 1)One Family One Church - Dr. Yang once again affirmed that this has not changed. Each family should support and visit one of the ACLC churches once per month at a time of their own choosing. How they support is flexible. We will develop a support for this from the National HQ. 2) Monthly Prayer Breakfast. Same day of the month (i.e. first Tuesday of each month) 3) Blessing 12 couples in each church. 4) Put the Family Church of Peace Logo in each ACLC Church 5) End of the Era of the Cross (each state should achieve 5 per month). 6) $100 Membership in ACLC – all ACLC Pastors and Family Church clergy should formally join ACLC with the $100 membership. For this registration each member will receive the American Clergy Magazine Quarterly. 7) Make the Regional and State ACLC Organization in the same pattern as the National (i.e. Chairman, Co-Conveners, Executive Director, Regional and state Executive Committee). 8) Choose one key ACLC Clergy to represent the region along with the RD and VRD on the National Board of ACLC.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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