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ACLC National Executive Committee National Advisor To Vice Regional Directors

Chang Shik Yang
May 21, 2004

This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders
This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers.

To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: May 21, 2004

We leave for Israel today and sincerely thank all our regional organizations, Blessed Central Families and especially the Women’s Federation for sacrificing and pushing to send 120 Women of Peace to the Holy Land. We sincerely ask your prayers for these women of faith who are coming from 7 former enemy nations. They will represent True Parents and will go to bring reconciliation and understanding between Christians, Muslims and Jews.

ACLC National Executive Committee: On May 11 – 12 at the United Federation of Churches Headquarters in Washington the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the American Clergy Leadership Conference was formally installed. The Committee is composed of representative Clergy who can affirm the Mission of our True Parents as revealed by the Cloud of Witnesses and also support the end of the era of the cross. Rev. Dr. Chang Shik Yang serves as National Chairman. Bishop Ki Hoon Kim was appointed and confirmed by the NEC as the Vice Chairman and will assist the Chairman in relationship to the Regional Directors and the development of the ACLC in each region. Rev. Michael Jenkins and Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings were confirmed as National Co-Conveners, Rev. Jesse Edwards as Chairman of the National Executive Committee and Rev. Levy Daugherty as the Executive Director. Rev. T.L. Barrett (Il.), who served with distinction since the inception of ACLC in May of 2000, received the unanimous appointment from the NEC as the Chairman of the ACLC Founding Clergy Committee. Rev. Dr. H. G. McGhee, NY Regional Co-Convener, will serve as National Membership Drive Spokesman. He will serve under the direction of the Executive Director.

ACLC will issue guidelines for membership and the structure and organization of Regional and State organizations. Also confirmed as members of the National Executive Committee are: Rev. Carl Rawls (Ala.), Bishop Floyd Nelson (MD.), Rev. Bennit Hayes (Tx.), Rev. Walter Millsap (Ca.) , Bishop C. Phillip Johnson (D.C.) , Rev. Dannie Holmes (Tenn.) , Dr. Lonnie McLeod (N.Y. ) , Rev. Tessie Willis (Tx.) and Rev. John Winfrey (N.C.) . Congratulations to this distinguished body. The National Executive Committee will discuss and creatively implement the guidelines and directions from our founder and visionary, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and our Chairman, Rev. Dr. Chang Shik Yang. The National Executive Committee will be the core and central governing body of the National Board of Directors. The NEC will serve as "At Large" advisors to the state boards.

National Board of ACLC: Each region should choose one key ACLC Clergy to represent the region on the National Board. The Regional and / or the Vice Regional Director also serve as a member(s) of the National Board of ACLC, making two or three spots per region. Special consideration will be given for additional representation from large regions. We ask that the names of the Clergy selected as representatives to the National Board be submitted by May 31st. Submitted names will be reviewed and confirmed by the National Executive Committee.

ACLC Membership and FFWPU Leaders: Membership in ACLC is $100 and is to be renewed annually. Leadership in FFWPU does not exclude or give cause for the waiving of this $100 membership fee. FFWPU Clergy who do not pay the $100 will not be members of ACLC. $100 is to be sent to ACLC, 3224 16th St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20010 c/o H. Herbers or Chris Stein. Each member will receive the ACLC membership card and receive four quarterly issues of the America Clergy Magazine. Other benefits will apply.

President’s Representative To the Vice Regional Directors: Due to the central focus on Witnessing and Education for the Family Church of America, Rev. Michael Leone has been appointed by Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins as National Advisor to the Vice Regional Directors. Rev. Leone will represent the President to all Vice Regional Directors and will act to assist them in clarifying their goals and implementing their Strategic Planning Committee’s plans as approved by the Regional Director. Rev. Leone is a senior experienced leader in the Unification movement as has extensive experience in diverse leadership roles. He has the full confidence of our True Parents and is fully committed to help in communication and support for the development and growth of our church. The Vice Regional Directors will attend national level one day meetings every month with the President and the National Advisor.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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