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Directions concerning: True Parentís Day in New York and The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA UWC in Korea, 40 Women Peace Task Force Ambassadors to Israel

Chang Shik Yang
April 10, 2004

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers.


To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: April 10, 2004
Re: Directions concerning: True Parentís Day in New York and The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA UWC in Korea 40 Women Peace Task Force Ambassadors to Israel Greetings. We sincerely thank you for your prayers and offerings to make the March 23rd Coronation, the Ocean City National Leadership Summit, the DP education for Clergy and the historic Fifth Pilgrimage to the Holy Land a success.

The Coronation was a huge historic turning point in history setting the direction for Korea, Japan and the Elder Son Nation as one. True Parentís prayed deeply for our protection and victory in the Holy Land. We met the top religious leaders and greatly advanced the direction of heaven. Father and Mother were very relieved and grateful that the Pilgrimage could go forward in a peaceful fashion in the Holy Land.

Education and Witnessing: This is the number one priority in North America. Each region is to report their Strategic Planning Committee (Team) group list and plans that are agreed on by all members on the Team by April 12th. (See the National Education Department Memo).

True Parents Day: The 44th True Parents Day (45th Anniversary), will be celebrated in the USA. It will be held on Monday April 19th, 2004 at the New Yorker Hotel Grand Ballroom. Please make reservations immediately at the New Yorker Hotel if you plan to stay there as there is no guarantee for space due to peak season.

True Parentís Day schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 19

7 am Pledge Service at New Yorker Grand Ballroom

10 am True Parentís Address Lunch 2 pm Celebration and Conclusion

Leaders from each region will then stay for the Fishing Tournament

Tuesday, April 20 Ė Thursday April 22 International Hudson River Fishing Tournament Registration Fee: $80 per day per participant ($240 estimated)

First Prize: $10,000

Accommodations will be at the New Yorker Hotel. Quotas of participation for representatives from each region for True Parents Day and the Fishing Tournament are listed below in the chart under True Parents Day.

Offering for True Parents Day: Please bring your sincere True Parents Day offering to the front at Pledge Service. There will be an offering box at the Offering Table. Please prepare an envelope.

Note Concerning Participation: Even though there is an allotment per region, East Coast regional Blessed Central Families may come from Boston to Washington D.C. All members from the East Coast are encouraged to attend the True Parents Day Morning Service and Celebration in the Afternoon. All are welcome for the Fishing Tournament if they register and pay the fees.

The numbers of participants expected from each region for TPD and the Fishing are listed in the chart below under the True Parents Day column.

50th Anniversary of HSA UWC in Korea. World Fishing Tournament: On May 1st the 50th Anniversary of the Celebration of the founding of HSA UWC will be held in Korea. Following this historic celebration will be the International Fishing Tournament. The numbers listed under the 50th Anniversary are the number of American leaders expected to go to Korea for the celebration and for the Fishing Tournament. NOTE: Blessed Wives going to or finishing Chung Pyung at this time are asked to adjust their schedules if at all possible (Before or after their 40 day time) to participate in the International Tournament.

Regional Directors (22)
BLKRegName R Regions TP DAY50th Anniv.
SE1Rev.JohnHongDC1Washington DC255
NE2Rev.In HoiLeeNY2New York405
NE3Rev.Dong WooKimNJ3New Jersey405
NE4Rev.Kil HwanKimMA4Boston 102
NE5Rev.Byeng ChulKimCT5Bridgeport132
NE6Rev.Hae ChulJungNH6Manchester51
MW7Rev.Jea SeokKimOH7Columbus33
SE8Rev.Byung SeokCho NC8Kentucky 32
SE9Rev.Young TackYangGA9Atlanta 31
SE10Rev.Dae HeeHongFL10Miami 32
SE11Rev.Won GeunKimAL11Mobile 32
MW12Rev.Ki HoonKimIL12Chicago 34
MW14Rev.Gi YoungShinTX14Dallas 32
MW15Rev.Sung JongSeoMN15Minneapolis IA32
W16Rev.Shang SongParkCO16Denver 32
W17Rev.Soo WonKwonAZ17Phoenix 32
W18Rev.Hun SukLeeWA18Seattle 33
W19Rev.Moon ShikKimOR19Portland 32
W20Rev.Man HoKimSF20San Francisco 33
W21Rev.Baek JoongKuCA21Los Angeles33
NE22Rev.Ki YealLeeUS22NY Upstate152
CD23Dr. Chae HeeLeeQC23Canada32


40 Women to Israel: First we wish to sincerely thank our Ambassadors for Peace who just completed 40 Days in Israel. 8 of our 40 Peace Task Force have been there for 40 Days.

THE GOALS SET FOR 40 WOMEN ARE ACCORDING TO THE NUMBER OF BLESSED FAMILIES IN EACH REGION. A womenís rally will be held in May in Israel. Women will take the central responsibility for this rally of Heart to Heart. At this point please prepare the following numbers of volunteers. Register each participant with the attached form. DO NOT SEND THEM TO ISRAEL. PLEASE AWAIT INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE WE ARE NOW EXPECTING A WOMENíS RALLY FOR PEACE IN MAY. THE PROBABLE TIME TO BE IN ISRAEL WOULD BE FROM APRIL 20, 2004.

BLK Reg Name Region
SE 1 Rev. Jeong P. Hong Washington 6
NE 2 Rev. In Hoi Lee New York 6
NE 3 Rev. Dong Woo Kim New Jersey 5
NE 4 Rev. Kil Hwan Kim Boston 1
NE 5 Rev. Byeng C. Kim Bridgeport 1
NE 6 Rev. Hae Chul Jung Manchester 1
MW 7 Rev. Jea Seok Kim Columbus 1
SE 8 Rev. Byung S. Cho Charlotte 1
SE 9 Rev. Young T. Yang Atlanta 1
SE 10 Rev. Dae Hee Hong Miami 1
SE 11 Rev. Won Geun Kim Mobile 1
MW 12 Rev. Ki Hoon Kim Chicago 4
MW 14 Rev. Gi Young Shin Dallas 1
MW 15 Rev. Sung Jong Seo Minneapolis 1
W 16 Rev. Shang S. Park Denver 1
W 17 Rev. Soo Won Kwon Phoenix 1
W 18 Rev. Hun Suk Lee Seattle 2
W 19 Rev. Moon Shik Kim Portland 1
W 20 Rev. Man Ho Kim San Francisco 3
W 21 Rev. Baek Joong Ku Los Angeles 3
NE 22 Rev. Ki Yeal Lee Upstate New 1
NE 23 Dr. Chae Hee Lee CAN 1

= 40 Total Middle East Peace Initiative: All 50 States should conduct the Middle East Peace Initiative Program and Education modeled after the March 23rd event. This will be coordinated by the IIFWP Regional Coordinators (AFC Leaders) and should receive the full support of the Regional Director and all members. This should be completed by May 1st.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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