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General Directions

Chang Shik Yang
February 21, 2004

Date: Saturday, February 21, 2004 10:39 PM

Please Announce at every Sunday Service!

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President


This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders Faxed to all Regional Headquarters

This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers. Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All FFWPU Leaders and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: February 21, 2004
RE: General Directions

Thank you for your prayers and support for the February 4th event that brought meaningful reconciliation between representatives of the Abrahamic faiths and also established the Coronation of Jesus and True Parents on the world level. True Parents were inspired and said that a spiritual "fire" has begun in Washington that now must be increased in size and spread to the world. They have encouraged us to be very focused and serious at this time to guide America on the right track toward the fulfillment of the responsibilities of Blessed Central Families as "Owners of Cheon Il Guk" in the building of the Peace Kingdom. This year’s motto is "The Proclamation of God’s Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom". The Middle East Peace Initiative of IIFWP/ IIPC is a central providence. The next step of our focus will be a briefing on Capitol Hill on March 23rd. Detailed plans will be finalized very soon by AFC President Mr. Jim Flynn and the AFC Headquarters. As with the February effort, all leaders and organizations should fully support the AFC leaders as the center of this effort.

For the development of our Blessed Families as owners of Cheon Il Guk we are encouraging all families to emphasize Father’s direction for the " Breakthrough on the Neighborhood Level – Tong Bong Kyok Pa" through witnessing to our tribe and neighbors and to increase participation in the development and growth of our Family Church Community and as well as Christian Church outreach.

The following are general directives for the FFWPU movement:

I. Education and Outreach

Centering on Rev. Phillip Schanker as Vice President of Education – we are formulating a new educational initiative to emphasize the development of an atmosphere of love and service for our families, churches and communities. A National FFWPU Leadership summit will be held in Ocean City from March 24 – March 27th. All Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors, and State Leaders are to attend). Any interested member with leadership background may also attend. (This will be concurrent with but separate from the DP Convocation for clergy announced below). The focus of this meeting will be to increase our efforts to love, heal, nurture and educate our tribe (relatives) , neighbors, other families and friends, sharing our Divine Principle Lifestyle and tradition. We will seek to facilitate and support the growth, multiplication and development of our Family Church Community. This is based on Father ’s continued emphasis on the theme of each family being a "representative" of True Parents in our local area. (Tong Bong Kyok Pa – Breakthrough on the Neighborhood level). As such representatives we can achieve a positive transformation of our personal lives as well as that of our communities and even our nation. Plans are being worked on for an April 1st launch date for a new educational effort.

II. Prayer Condition: (Reminder)

True Parents requested that an immediate prayer condition begin from February 14th. Memos were sent out before by email. As a reminder here are our prayer points of focus.

We ask all members to pray for the following points each day: 1. The Blessing and Protection of True Parents.

2. The Unity of all of our leaders and organizations centering on the IIPC (Abel UN) and the Middle East Peace Initiative.

3. That our blessed central families, Ambassadors for Peace, Religious Leaders (ACLC and other) which form the Realm of the Fourth Israel, can be completely united in heart with God and True Parents and can fulfill Heaven's directions in this crucial time toward building world peace.

4. For the complete victory of our next Washington event on March 23rd, the work for peace in the Holy Land beginning with 360 Ambassadors for Peace, and that the next Pilgrimage to the Holy Land will open the floodgates of peace to transform the Middle East. That through this process, America's leaders will understand and respond to God's hope and will for world peace.

5. That Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders will be called forth to lead the work of reconciliation and to help create the foundation for peace in the Middle East.

6. That the all leaders in Israel, Palestine, America and the world will recognize that political strategies alone will not bring true peace but when blessed and enlightened by the united and reconciled religious leaders the process toward peace can be secured.

7. That through the Middle East Peace Process the Unification of the Fatherland will be advanced rapidly.

III. Pilgrimage to the HolyLand: (March 30th – April 5th)

All ACLC Clergy who have affirmed the "End of the Era of the Cross" and other key leaders are invited to the Holy Land to advance the Middle East Peace Process. (An ACLC Invitation will clarify the details.) Price is $1200 (per clergy person departing from New York. – or Los Angeles). Sponsorship allows this price which is reduced by almost half of the normal fare). This includes roundtrip from NY to Tel Aviv and back and accommodations and meals in Israel. (NOTE: most tours and sights will be covered by this fee – some additional fees are needed for selected sights – i.e. Dead Sea) Members are welcome at the full fare ($2100 estimated – may be higher). Regional Allotments for space: All regions 4 spaces including Canada. Exceptions: NY, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, LA, SF who are allotted 6 spaces each including Unificationists.

IV. Divine Principle Convocation for Clergy

"Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon" will be held (March 24 – 27) Ocean City Maryland. Pastors who never attended should be the focus. Washington Block allotted 50 spaces. NY and NJ - 20 spaces each (40 total). spaces each. All other regions are 5 spaces each. $120 Registration fee per clergy. ($100 for ACLC Members who are paid up in membership fees). ACLC will cover accommodations and meals in Ocean City from Lunch on Wednesday, March 24th – Breakfast, Saturday, March 27th. (INVITATION FROM ACLC WILL BE SENT ON MONDAY MORNING).

V. 120 Volunteers Requested from America for Peace Task Force in Israel:

As our focus on the Middle East Peace Initiative increases we have been asked to join Korea and Japan in sending 120 volunteers to Israel for the Peace Task Force (similar to our Peace Task Force in December, 2003). OUR FIRST WAVE WILL BE 40 VOLUNTEERS LEAVING MARCH 1, 2004. If possible they should be in Israel from March 1 for 40 days or longer. ALL SECOND GENERATION (18 and over) ARE WELCOME. THE PEACE TASK FORCE APPLICATION FORM IS ATTACHED. Please fill out the forms and submit your names to your regional headquarters and email to Jorg Heller at


SE1Rev. Jeong Phyo HongWashington DC6
NE2Rev. In Hoi LeeNew York6
NE3Rev. Dong Woo KimNew Jersey5
NE4Rev. Kil Hwan KimBoston1
NE5Rev. Byeng Chul KimBridgeport1
NE6Rev. Hae Chul JungManchester1
MW7Rev. Jea Seok KimColumbus1
SE8Rev. Byung Sook ChoCharlotte1
SE9Rev. Young Tack YangAtlanta1
SE10Rev. Dae Hee HongMiami1
SE11Rev. Won Geun KimMobile1
MW12Rev. Ki Hoon KimChicago3
MW13Rev. Eog Cheo St. Louis1
MW14Rev. Gi Young ShinDallas1
MW15Rev. Sung Jong SeoMinneapolis1
W16Rev. Shang Song ParkDenver 1
W17Rev. Soo Won KwonPhoenix1
W18Rev. Hun Suk LeeSeattle2
W19Rev. Moon Shik KimPortland1
W20Rev. Man Ho KimSan Francisco3
W21Rev. Baek Joong KuLos Angeles3
NE22Rev. Ki Yeal LeeUpstate New 1
NE23Dr. Chae Hee LeeCAN7

VI. Four out of the twelve special IIPC Ambassadors who volunteered and then were assigned to go to one of the 8 former enemy nations should go immediately. Regional and Vice Regional Director were emailed the list of volunteers.

Please assist these valiant Ambassadors to fulfill their calling. (Many are ready to go but need a little assistance, child care, help with airfare etc.) All Blessed families should consider it a priority to support these special Ambassadors financially and in other ways. We should help 4 of the 12 who signed up to work out their situation to go as soon as possible. The 8 remaining behind should financially support those that are in the field. They should rotate every three months. Those who can only go for a shorter time should be encouraged to do so. New volunteers are welcomed. This is a very important condition for the Elder son nation. The highest priority is Israel.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Rev. Michael Jenkins

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