The Words of the Yang Family

The Second Stage of the Dispensation - 21 Day Prayer Request

Chang Shik Yang
January 13, 2004

Dear Family,

Father has asked that the historic victory of the Coronation of Jesus and the Reconciliation of the Abrahamic faiths that was achieved in Israel must now be expanded to the world.

For this reason we would like to ask all families to begin a 21 Day period of prayer seeking God's blessing to extend the victory that occurred in the Holy Land to America and to Korea. This will link the December 22nd Coronation ceremony to the Second Israel and to the Third Israel. This will lay the foundation for the fourth Israel of all faiths to establish the sovereignty of the Cheon Il Guk (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity / the Kingdom of God on Earth) and will lead directly to the Unification of the Fatherland.

Many are also joining in a condition of fasting along with prayer.

We should pray from Tuesday , January 13 - Tuesday, February 3rd.

We suggest the following points for prayer: (The length of time is up to each family.)

1. The Blessing, Protection and Victory of True Parents and True Family.

2. The Unity of all leaders and blessed families including all Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace centering on the dispensation of the Peace U.N. and the Peace Kingdom.

3. The Expansion of the victory of December 22nd in the Holyland to America and the Fatherland. (The basis of this victory was the Coronation of Jesus and the Proclamation of True Parents).

4. Upon the foundation of Jesus' Coronation that the reconciliation of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths and all religions will be substantiated worldwide bringing peace to all humanity through the cooperation of this Interreligious foundation with the International (political) foundation through the Peace U.N. leading to the Peace Kingdom.

5. On this basis the True Parents of Humanity will be proclaimed and welcomed by all humanity.

6. Through the victory of the reconciliation in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel the Unification of the Fatherland will be achieved.

7. That 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel become one in heart as the fourth Israel to substantiate God's Kingdom of all faiths and all people worldwide.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America_

Rev.Michael Jenkins

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