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IIPC and Rally for World Peace / Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Special Task Force: December 1 - 23 (depart from Nov. 29, return Dec. 23)

Chang Shik Yang
November 16, 2003

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
3224 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20010
(202) 319-3200 fax 202 319-3201 e-mail

North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President
This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders
Faxed to all Regional Headquarters


To: North American Leaders and All Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: November 16, 2003
RE: IIPC and Rally for World Peace / Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Special Task Force: December 1 - 23 (depart from Nov. 29, return Dec. 23)

We sincerely express our gratitude to all Blessed Central Families for your faith at this historic time. True Parents said that this is a time of "crisis" and yet it is the time of greatest "opportunity". We must act with total faith and conviction. We hold the key to peace. All members in North America are called to support the current Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI). Rev. Kwak has made the same request to all nations of the world. Our central focus is to bring reconciliation among the Abrahamic faiths and through this process restore the conditions that will allow the fourth Israel (composed of all faiths) to bring peace in the Middle East. The Interreligious and International Peace Council (Peace UN) will now begin a major dispensational effort to reconcile enemies and bring peace in the Holy Land. On this foundation peace and unification will be achieved in Korea. True Parents are placing their life's work behind this effort.

Two Objectives in Israel:

    1. IIPC Conference December 19 - 22nd,
    2. 2) Rally for Prayer, Reconciliation and Peace on Monday, December 22nd.

Organization: This will be a worldwide effort of IIFWP/IIPC. The Chairman will be Rev. Kwak. Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Mr. Dong Moon Joo will form the Executive Committee. All Continental Directors and Dr. Abe will be special advisors to the Executive Committee. Dr. Thomas Walsh and Rev. Michael Jenkins will lead the Steering Committee that conducts the IIPC and the Rally.

Time Line of Events:

" November 18th - Advance team from USA goes to Israel to set up Secretariat and prepare for the Task Force.

" November 29 -30th- Special Task force of Family Church members and Ambassadors for Peace departs from America for Israel, arrives by 30th.

" December 1st - Task Force Outreach begins (visit every Rabbi, Imam, Peace Movement official and key decision makers).

" December 18-23rd- ACLC Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - 80 Participants.

" December 18- 23rd- Several thousand members come from the whole world for the rally. (1200-2500 from America)

" December 20-23rd IIPC Symposium and Consultation in Jerusalem. (IIPC Symposium and Consultation to address the root causes of conflict in the Middle East and to outline a path to peace that builds on the vision, strengths and methods of Father's teachings and practice. Conference details will be sent to you in a separate communication from IIFWP.)

" December 22 - Rally for Prayer, Reconciliation and Peace in the Holy Land in Tel Aviv.

Special Task Force: 120 from the world will go to Israel from November 29 through December 23rd. 80 members (40 from America and 40 from Europe) and 40 key clergy and Ambassadors for Peace will be invited (20 from America and 20 from the world). All expenses for North American participants will be covered by North American HQ. US participants will depart from New York on November 29th, return on December 23rd. Their work will include meeting religious leaders, political leaders, scholars, media, etc., throughout Israel, and promoting the rally and the Middle East Peace Initiative. This team will also focus on all necessary preparations for a successful rally. Applications for this Special Task Force will come in a separate communication.

Applicants should first fill out the Task Force application and send it to your regional HQ.

Task Force Criteria: Members from America

1. Approval of Vice Regional and Regional Director or Organizational Central Figure.

2. Experienced member working with Ambassadors for Peace and/ or Clergy.

3. U.S. Drivers License.

4. Speaks good English.

5. Final Approval will be determined for American task force members will be determined by Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins.

Task Force Criteria : Ambassadors for Peace

1. It is preferred that they go from December 1 - 23 if possible. However, if necessary a two week period (from December 8 - 23rd) or one week period (December 15 - 23rd) is acceptable.

2. If they can go only for a shorter period, one week is the minimum unless they are approved by National HQ (a high-level VIP would be approved for a shorter time)

3. Whenever they arrive they should stay through the rally. Unless they are in a very special category (i.e. high-level VIP) they cannot go to Israel and return to America before the rally.

4. They should be well-suited to the primary purpose of inviting and convincing other VIPs to attend.

5. Recommendations for Ambassadors for Peace to join the Task Force should be sent to HQ. Final approval will be determined by Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins.

Pilgrimage of ACLC Clergy: December 18 - 23rd- As before, ACLC clergy will conduct another historic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, that will travel only to Israel. This tour will be limited to 80 participants total (including members). The fee will be $1000 for clergy. Only select members will go on this tour as staff. All other members should focus on the mobilization for the rally.

1200 (up to 2500) members and Ambassadors for Peace to Israel, December 18 - 23rd. All members are encouraged to go to the Holy Land at this time for the December 22nd Rally. A minimum of 1200 must go from America. Charter planes are being secured from several major cities in America (New York, LA, Chicago - suggested but not decided yet.), to depart on Thursday, December 18th, 2003. They will return to America on Tuesday, December 23rd. Each participant will be required to pay $1000 for airfare and $500 for room and board. ($1500 total). Registration for this will be done on line. Every family should consider participating in this most historic effort.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director North America FFWPU

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU USA

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