The Words of the Yang Family

Request for Prayer For Our Sister

Chang Shik Yang
July 9, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to express our deep thanks and appreciation for your daily hard work and heart investment for the providence of God and True Parents.

As you already know, Japanese Missionaries, who are in the position of mothers, representing the Mother Nation, came to the US, which is in the position of the Elder Son nation, in order to restore America and the World. They have already arrived at their mission states and started working with you, American brothers and sisters.

Around the end of June, 2 Japanese Missionaries originally assigned to Barbados, Mrs. Tsutae Yamamoto and Mrs. Kyoko Maruoka, were involved in a car accident and were severely injured.

Fortunately, Mrs. Yamamoto is recovering well from the operation, and is in rehabilitation process. But sadly, Mrs. Maruoka was found with a hemorrhage in her brain stem, which is an untouchable area, and she is in a coma in the hospital. So, everything is in God's hand now, and up to her self-recovery.

Mrs. Maruoka, was blessed in the 2075 Couples Blessing. She has been leading an exemplary life of faith as a blessed family centering on God's providence. Since 1996 she has been serving as a leader of Barbados missionaries, always in the front line for the providence in North and South America.

These 7-10 days will be the most serious period that will decide her fate. Therefore, we sincerely ask for your deep prayers for this precious sister.

Thank you and God bless you and your families,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang,
Continental Director, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins,
President, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification North America

Mrs. Yasue Erikawa,
World IW (Responsible for North America), Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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