The Words of the Yang Family

Rev. Chang Shik Yang Speaks in Sydney, Australia

Paul G. Saver
June 15, 2003

Rev. Yang spoke to State Leaders and members on Sunday afternoon at the Oceania Peace Embassy in Sydney. The content focussed on an explanation of key providential events and helping us to understand the significance of Father's May speeches.

Key events:

1. Ceremony for the Coronation of God's Kingship. (Jan. 13th 2001)

2. Holy Wedding Blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth opening Chon Il Guk (Feb. 6th 2003)

3. Ceremony for the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. (Feb. 6th 2003)

4. Ceremony of the Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion of the Ideal of Creation. (May 4th 2003)

I want to explain the meaning of #4. The most important thing is to know what True Parents are focussing on NOW. True Parents work through all of us. If we are not aware of True Parents' focus, then God's Providence is delayed. Some members complain saying "why does Father always make declarations?" If we don't know this is a reflection of our ignorance of the Providence. For True Father to declare God's Kingship in 2001, True Father had to fulfill so many indemnity conditions through the eight vertical and horizontal stages in the Providence. Once True Father fulfills certain conditions then he is in a position that he can make a declaration related to the conditions that have been met. True Father is in the position of true Adam and True Mother is in the position of true Eve.

How did the Blessing of True Parents on February 6th 2003 compare with their Blessing in 1960? The Blessing in 1960 was performed in the realm of restoration, that is a Satanic environment. This is the Blessing given at the perfection level of the growth stage.

But True Parents had to restore the position of Adam and Eve outside the realm of Satan's environment. This was fulfilled through #2. Since this Blessing was conducted within the sphere of the original realm of Creation it was not necessary to drink holy wine. A benediction was enough. This is the Blessing Adam and Eve would have received had they not fallen. Adam and Eve would then have gone on and established the family four position foundation with God at the centre. Without declaring #'s 1, 2 and 3 then True Parents could not have declared #4. In the period prior to and after declaring #4, True Father's health deteriorated. In fact, Father spent one week in hospital and almost died. True Father explained why he went this course. Externally True Father was very ill. Internally True Father remained absolutely victorious. In order to declare #4 True Father had to go through a 'dying' process. In fact, True Father said that all Blessed families need to be 'born again'. Throw away all your old concepts.

At three minutes to 5 AM on May 4th 2003 True Father conducted #4. It means that from May 4th God began to exercise His dominion over the cosmos for the very first time. God is indeed omnipotent but because of the Fall God could not have a position of dominion through fallen human history. But #4 changed all that in a moment upon the foundation of indemnity conditions that True Father established. So from May 4th, in practice, God became subject and the Archangel became object.

Now that we are now in the era of the 4th Adam the Lord of Recreation is 'me' -- Blessed families.

What attitude should we have to declaration #4?

Have the awareness that we are the owners of Chon Il Guk every day. True Parents passed through death to establish #4. We need to be able to stand in the original unfallen position, therefore cut off all Satanic relationships and habits.

How then can we be united with True Parents? True Father emphasized that we should be of "one heart, one body and one mindset" and that we should practice faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Between Heavenly Father and True Parents there is no gap in their hearts. However between True Parents and me is there a gap (or distance)? To become one in heart with True Parents we need to understand Heavenly Father realm of heart. To become a person of "one body" for example, my body has to 'become God's body' and 'God's body' has to 'become my body'. In short, we need to come under God's direct dominion.

What is "one mindset"? Whether asleep or awake we need to be focussed on True Parents. True Parents' ultimate concern is to establish substantially Chon Il Guk (Kingdom of Heaven) so that too should be our ultimate concern. We should always be thinking of how we can do that. Centering on this standard, my family and nation needs to change. Irrespective of my past sins etc. by becoming one with True Parents then our past can be cleaned up and we can be made anew.

Historically since the Fall, we have had divisions in the spirit world such as hell, paradise and heaven and within these realms many more divisions. From now, bit by bit they will be broken down and there will be a great "levelling off". We are now in the era of growth and there is no place for divisions.

Rev. Kwak confessed to us that prior to understanding True Father's explanation, he believed that "yes the Kingdom of Heaven will be established BUT it will take a long time." But we need to change this way of thinking. WE need to restore completely before we go to the spirit world. How much do we have an urgent heart? When True Father began to feel unwell in March he began to receive revelations from Heavenly Father. He then began to share the same content in all his speeches.

We know through the principle that Adam and Eve grew to the top of the growth stage and fell. They never went through the completion stage. This realm needs to come under Heavenly Father's dominion. Restoration through indemnity only takes us to the top of the growth stage. Above this stage, Satan could have no influence but still this realm needs sanctification. Through True Father accomplishment of #4 True Father is able to bequeath his victory by having us complete a 21 day condition [currently we are doing a HDH condition to read True Father's May speeches from June 10th-30th]

There is still too much distance between God and me and between True Parents and me. We need to change as quickly as possible. To the extent we don't change our future will be more difficult. What kind of heart do we need? A heart of total offering. This is not referring to the "Total Living Offering" ($16 K USD) alone but all money, possessions, spouse, children etc. We need to transcend all self centered attachment and to offer our heart and mind completely to God and True Parents. (Recently we filled out a form to indicate our expression of total offering) Heavenly Father wants us to be a living offering NOT a death offering. God wants to receive offering in the living state. In the past we had to die to be a total offering. Now we are living in a different era where we are required not to physically die but give our mind and heart and way of thinking to God. With this concept we need to change. Unification members need to experience rebirth.

True Father is so much concerned about the United Nations (UN) now. True Father asks "how does the UN need to be?" True Father says "it is the government of the LSA" We need one government. The problem though is that the UN is a mess. Historically, the Christian realm needed to become the centre of the UN but did not. Instead the communists infiltrated. So now we are faced with the task of transforming the current Cain like nature of the UN. However to have a say in the UN we need to occupy a seat. Since we don't have even one nation then Heavenly Father doesn't have even one seat in the UN.

The head of the National Parliament of the Phillipines (called "The Speaker") heard Hyun Jin Nim speak and was moved by the content he heard. In particular he united with True Father's view of changing the UN. [The current state of the UN is such that each nation tends to place more emphasis on its self interest rather than the well being of the whole, that is the world. Therefore True Father is proposing an upper house or senate in the UN to be created. This would consist of a religious representative from each nation, that has shown that he or she has transcended the traditional boundaries of their particular faith and has the unity of all faiths and the world at heart. In this way a body of representatives can be created to provide an Abel like approach to world problems etc) Apparently, the Speaker of the Phillipines met with President George Bush and explained True Father's view to him. Mr. Bush was inspired and said we need to implement it. Bear in mind too that currently the UN has no effective power when it really counts. For example in the Iraq war, the UN ignored the USA. The Speaker's plan is to approach all the representatives of the UN. Also True Father said that it is important to educate all the senators and representatives of the USA government who generally are very ignorant of how the UN works. From June 23-26 will be a period of education of 535 congressmen in the USA regarding the UN. We need to receive the support of all those congressmen and the nation of the Phillipines.

The Peace Ambassadors appointed by the IIFWP play an important role in influencing the UN God's way. True Father recently announced that every nation should conduct a peace conference. It means that 193 nations should do this by the end of August. [Subsequently, Rev. Yang received permission via Rev. Kwak, to have an extension to complete this Providence by the end of September so as to keep with the original plan to tour the 14 nations of our region]. True Father has offered to support each nation to have this conference to the tune of $15,000 USD. [When Rev. Yang heard this he was very happy since prior to this announcement the plan to tour 14 nations and conduct conferences was already planned with the view to raise $200,000 USD to fund this campaign. True Father's offer means that effectively our region collectively will receive $210,000USD] A key element in the Peace Conference will be to present the problems of the UN and True Father's proposal with the view of getting the support of each nation to effect a change in the constitution of the UN to allow for an 'upper house' to be established. If we can swing at least two thirds of the UN representative nations to agree then it becomes possible to change the Constitution of the UN. To change the UN Constitution without having a seat will be a miracle. Peace Ambassadors need to be educated. How many peace ambassadors do we need? Thirty times more than all the politicians in parliament of each nation.

For the Assembly 2003 conference in Korea in July each nation needs to send four categories of VIP. Invest heart and devotion (chong song) to bring about all these developments. In the future the constitution of the UN has to become God's constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the USA, 123 churches have taken down the cross. The 123 ministers representing these churches went to Israel and in a ceremony performed there buried the cross and made unity with Jews and Muslims representing Judaism and Islam respectively. These developments must be multiplied around the world including Oceania. True Father said to multiply the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) spirit to all nations. Here in Australia we don't need to change the acronym. In our region, not much minister work has been done. Christian ministers are in the position of Cain in relationship to FFWPU members, who are in the position of Abel. Without contacting Cain, then Abel has no where to go. Our FFWPU ministers like Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Shanker plus Bishop Stallings are ready to come to our region to speak to ministers. [Rev. Yang said he bought back many tapes of ACLC activities]

True Father told Bishop Stallings three days before the end of 2002 that he must be the first one to take down the cross and that he must do before the end of the year, which was only three days away. Bishop Stallings agreed but said that he needs time to talk to his congregation. However his Japanese wife pushed him to follow True Father's directions absolutely. In the end he did. He hired about 5 men who began to dismantle a huge cross that hung on his building. While they were doing that some of his members came by and asked Bishop Stallings "what are you doing?" He answered by saying "I'm taking down the cross". He had some serious objectors. Later he was able to speak to his congregation and convince them of why the cross had to come down. As a result of all of this, Bishop Stallings' conclusion is that "whatever Father says, just do it and then blessing will come to you." True Father said to Bishop Stallings that he was the main John the Baptist figure in America. True Father said that if we don't take down the cross we cannot make unity with Jews and Muslims. By taking down the cross, Christianity, Judaism and Islam can unite. This same Providence needs to be multiplied in each nation (not just the USA). If we follow True Father's instructions then the way can be opened up.

When Rev. Yang first arrived for his mission in Washington DC only 2-3 ministers supported IIFWP. After Rev. Yang left. The level of minister activity was comparable to that of Chicago where they had been working for more than ten years. They found that the best strategy was for Japanese sisters to approach the ministers bringing a mother's heart. Since their level of English was simple they could easily avoid having to answer theological questions.

In terms of establishing Christian ministers work in Oceania, the first goal is to win three ministers over and have them be influential in expanding the foundation. If there is a will there is a way.

Rev. Kwak said

* that a blessed member became the Vice-President of Zambia.

* the countries in the world that have the most potential to accept True Parents are in Oceania.

* we need to make a strong foundation through WANGO. We need to get 15,000 NGOs to join WANGO.

Won Hwa Do changed its name to the "Unified Martial Arts" Those who want to learn must also study Unification Thought and True Father's words. True Father has instructed that every nation needs to do martial arts workshops. Dr. Seuk said he is ready to send martial arts masters to Oceania. He wants to support the teachers and offer some money in the beginning. He believes that through martial arts you can witness to many people. Externally you learn martial arts but internally you learn Unification Thought and True Father's words. It's an excellent way to witness to university students. In Argentina, there is a teacher who has a 7th level black belt, who has 7,000 members.

My concern is to create a witnessing system.

True Father's favourite movie is Papillon.

What is the greatest form of ignorance? Ignorance of God's heart. The Fall meant the fall of the heart resulting in immaturity of heart. However the world of heaven is the world of heart. If you are ignorant of God's heart then it is always possible to fall. So the most important education is education of heart. We need to educate God's heart to our children. How much do we know God's heart and the heart of my brothers and sisters? Why do Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. fight? They don't know God's heart. If they knew they could not fight. SHIMJUNG culture begins by knowing God's heart. The greatest teacher teaches about Heavenly Father's heart. How do we protect our spouse and children from the secular world? Focus on teaching about God's heart.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it means there is no gap between Heavenly Father, True Parents and myself. True Father is really emphasizing this. Also True Father emphasizes three things:

1. love ocean (and water)

2. love mountains

3. love 'other' environments

When you see nature but don't have much connection to it then when you go to the spirit world you will go through a lot of suffering. How much I love God is reflected in how much I can connect to the ocean, mountains, environment and people. To be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must be able to love everything and everyone. Love ocean, love mountains, love environments, love people, they all connect. If you love nature you can automatically love people. True Father researched human nature by studying nature (creation). True Father said that the best time for marriage is at 23 years of age. (25 is too late) Parents must prepare their children's spouse.


Dr. Yang testified to 7 points as follows:

1. champion of knowing God

2. champion of knowing Satan

3. champion of what human beings are

4. champion of what spirit world is

5. champion of what the Bible teaches.

6. champion of who Jesus is and what his heart is like.

7. champion of what history is

We can use Rev. Yang's lecture on this to testify to True Parents. (see Rev. Yang for the notes)


To establish one body, one mindset and one heart with Heavenly Father.

The peace ambassadors need to become ambassadors of CIG (Chon Il Guk). True Father requested that continental directors must buy a peace embassy in every country. In terms of our Oceania region we have already bought embassies in Australia and the Solomon Islands. Currently we can buy in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Papua New Guinea.

From now on there is no need for True Mother to kyung bae to True Father. Now both True Father and True Mother bow to Heavenly Father. Also from now on when we recite the Family Pledge and we bow refer to True Parents as the "Parents of the cosmos and Heaven and Earth" (not simply "True Parents")

Six million Jews suffered in the holocaust. If Blessed families don't fulfil their responsibility then 600 million will die. That's how serious our responsibility is.

We are now in the age of the "settlement of noon". This is the providential time now. This parallels a situation in the physical world that will occur on June 22nd . It's called the "solstice". It's the time in the year when the sun is directly overhead so no shadow is cast, that is, we make a 90 degree angle with God.

Because we are owners of Chon Il Guk (C.I.G.) if we curse someone then that curse will come to pass. Alternatively, if we do good things then heavenly fortune will follow you. "If I don't convey everything to you that True Father said to me then I will have to pay indemnity" This is the era we are in NOW. So what is our responsibility in this age? "I" have to create everything. I have to recreate myself, my family, my community etc. It's not for God or True Parents to do, but me.

Since #4 declaration we have to be reborn, that is, go through a dying process. Who entered paradise first? Not Jesus' father or mother etc. but rather the thief who hung on a cross to the right of Jesus. If Christianity does not unite with True Parents (as second Israel) then the Muslims could fulfill the role even faster.

True Father's age is almost 84 years. True Father says that he always feels Heavenly Father's love. Rev. Yang said that he does not really like shaving. But True Father said that "when you shave you have to always feel Heavenly Father's love as you cut each whisker"

True Father is emphasizing to get your ancestors liberated and blessed. This is a leadership responsibility. We have to go to Chung Pyung otherwise how can our ancestors help us?

I want to officially invite Hoon Mo Nim to come to Australia to do ancestor liberation, around the end of January. Clean up and then truly True Parents will come to our nation.

True Father said that the only way to protect our children is through a Hoon Dok Hae tradition. If we do then blessing will come to our family. If we don't do it in our living area then there is no guarantee of protection. True Father also said that as long as you do tithing to Heavenly Father then you will never have money problems. Those who don't attend Sunday Service and don't keep the tithing tradition always have family problems. A money problem is a spiritual problem. If you do tithing then there is no money problem. We need to teach this lifestyle to our children. To grow our church then tithe. Tithing results in Heavenly Father's blessing.

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