The Words of the Yang Family

Update on National Won Jeon Dedication and Holy Transfer Ceremony

Chang Shik Yang
April 18, 2003

National Won Jeon Shrine
3600 New York Ave., NE, Washington D.C. 20002
(202) 269-5337 Fax (202) 832-2970

To: Blessed Central Families
Fm: National Won Jeon Shrine Committee
Re: Update on National Won Jeon Dedication and Holy Transfer Ceremony
Dt: April 18, 2003

Dear Community,

Your caring response to and vital support for the families whose members have ascended has been overwhelming. Thank you for caring deeply and responsibly for each of them!

In addition, the participation of those of you who are investing in cemetery property has been very encouraging. As of the beginning of this year, HSA-UWC legally and fully owns 50 sites at Ft. Lincoln cemetery. The total envisioned property will contain 300 plots and will be paid out over a period of five (5) years.

a. This acreage is appropriately secluded and allows greater privacy for ceremonies, celebrations, and public gathering

b. Being close to the river affords a beautiful view for prayer and inspiration as well as affording the space for a future statue or landscape garden

c. Most importantly, we are securing the Blessed Central Family Resting Shrine.

Don't forget to honor your payment schedules on time by submitting your checks in care of Bill Selig at the Washington Times. For those who haven't purchased your site yet, the cost will remain the same: $2000 for a two-person site and $1700 for a single-person site.

At the end of May, Ft. Lincoln will complete preparations of our area - preparing the 50 sites and covering them with the earth. We will wait until the grass is grown over (sometime in August) to have a holy day of dedication to (1) publicly dedicate the National Won Jeon Shrine and (2) officially install ascended members who are temporarily resting in other places. You know those members well.

If you would like to help in the ceremony preparations, or if you have any questions, please contact Bill Selig at 202-269-5337 or

Sincerely National Won Jeon Shrine Committee,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Rev. Michael Jenkins
Antonio & Kyoko Betancourt
Rev. In Hoi Lee
Bill & Donna Selig
Jim & Lucy Borer
Jim & Linda Howell
Ted & Maria Agres
Kitty Wojcik

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