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Blessed Children Who Have Fallen and the Definition Of the Fall

Chang Shik Yang
April 17, 2003

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification North American Headquarters
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Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

NHQ 2GD - 03 Ė 004

To: Regional Directors and State Leaders
Fm: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins
Re: Blessed Children who have fallen and the definition of the fall
Dt: April 17, 2003

This letter is for the families with Second Generation children that have fallen but who would like to be matched and Blessed with someone in the same category. The destiny of our Second Generation never changes, only the path they choose to get there. For those who have taken the longer path, but now want to receive the Blessing, we want to support and encourage them as much as we can. We realize that itís not easy to find other second generation in the same category and that is why we are implementing the following procedure.

The first step is to contact oneís Regional Director or the Second Generation Department. (For the Second Generation Department, contact Matthew Jones. This will be a confidential conversation where the parent or child explains the childís particular situation. This will then be reported directly to Dr. Yang who will keep a list and try to propose a suitable match. We will handle each personís situation with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

Once two families have met each other and have agreed on the matching, the children will go through the regular Blessing procedure for First Generation couples, which includes the holy wine ceremony, 40 days of separation and the three day ceremony. Although they will be Blessed as a First Generation couple, at the Blessing ceremony they will stand with the other Second Generation couples.

What is the Fall?

As there have been questions recently regarding what degree of penetration constitutes sex, we have deferred to the standard used by the Korean Blessed Family Department, which is the international standard and which Hoon Mo Nim uses in Chung Pyung. Sex, for the purpose of determining 2nd Generation Blessing eligibility, occurs when the sexual organs of a man and a woman make direct contact (i.e., with underwear off).

As we realize there is long term consequences for 2nd Generation that fall, if there is any ambiguity about whether someone fell, there should be an extensive interview by the Regional Director or someone he appoints before a conclusion is drawn. Dr. Yang is also happy to be contacted directly about any such matters and can be reached at Please clarify this to all Second Generation and encourage those in this situation to take the steps outlined above.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU, USA

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