The Words of the Yang Family

Parents Day Address

Chang Shik Yang
April 2, 2003
Belvedere, NY

Thank you for coming to join this special holiday. This morning we are celebrating the 44th True Parents Day. Over the years we now have a lot of documents about the origin and meaning of Parents Day, which was established in 1960 after True Parents' blessing. True Parents are the eternal origin of our life, faith and lineage. Because of True Parents, in 1960 all human history started a new beginning. Within 40 years after 1960 everything should have been done and True Parents would just receive glory and honor in their long life.

I just want to share a couple of points about Father's health and what we should have done up to this moment. Mainly I will ask Rev. Jenkins to report about the current providence in America.

Usually we do church holiday ceremonies at 7 a.m., but last night Father decided on 5 a.m. He called key leaders from the three major nations - Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang, president of Korea, Rev. Yu, chairman of Japan, Mrs. Moon, president of WFWP, and Mr. S. K. Pak on behalf of the North Korean providence, and on behalf of the American community Col. Han joined. Centering on True Parents and True Family - Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim and Jin Hun Nim - they gathered together. We just finished, from 5:00 to 6:45.

First of all, I want to convey good news about Father. I'm sure many of you are praying for Father's health and his recovery. From the beginning I was involved, mostly attending 5 a.m. Hoon Dok Hae with Father. Because of ministers' workshops I was away a few days from New York but I came back a couple of days ago. I was watching Father's health. He is very well, recovering quickly. Actually Father would have invited all of us to East Garden, but I discussed with Rev. Kwak that once Father sees the members, he immediately will speak for four or five hours.

Before this occasion we didn't consider Father's age, but on this special occasion we wanted to consider Father's age. Always Father showed incredible strength. But age is age. God created the human body with some limitation, but Father never stopped. Particularly on Father's last trip to Korea, which was only five days, every day of Father's schedule was incredibly tight. One day he took a helicopter and traveled 3 hours. A helicopter is very uncomfortable - noisy and cold - and it was a very cold day. Father got too much stress and hard work. He never considers jet lag either.

I heard from a doctor that people of Father's age should consider not traveling so much internationally, particularly across the Pacific, perhaps twice a year at the most, in order to minimize impact on the physical body. But Father's schedule is not like that, always going north, south, east, west, ignoring time zones.

I have to apologize to brothers and sisters for not sending out an official memo because I didn't feel so much urgency, and I didn't want to create misunderstanding. In one sense Father's condition was good because Father went to the hospital to be checked thoroughly. Usually Father wants to check himself, maybe takes some Tylenol, but this time he had a checkup done in detail by a professional. The capability of medical science is amazing in what it can tell us about the human body - what is strong, what is weak, what is a warning. To give Father long life, God let him be checked thoroughly.

Many of you are in your 50s, a transition age, and I recommend you get check-ups. I myself never even considered doing so before now. Recently we heard about one of our great elder brothers, Dr. Pak at UTS. He's a medical doctor who served for over 30 years in America. He went to Chung Pyung for the awards workshop. I have met him several times over recent years. He's a great person who served a lot. I heard that suddenly he had a fever and diarrhea, and he was diagnosed with severe cancer. He had a successful operation but he may not have a long life. It was a shock to me. Recently a couple of other brothers and sisters passed away. One great brother finished the 7 days of Cheon Il Guk activity in Korea, and had a heart attack as he was preparing to return. So we should all check.

Anyway, even while in the hospital Father never stopped 5 a.m. Hoon Dok Hae, sometimes even at 3:00 a.m. The doctors and nurses had some complaint, that the hospital was not a church. While doing Hoon Dok Hae Father never just sat comfortably on the bed. He never lost his absolute spirit of attending God.

Father had some fluid pneumonia from all his traveling and getting chilled, but he is healed now. He just needs to get his energy back, and that takes time. But day by day Father is becoming very strong. Hopefully next Sunday members can be invited to East Garden. I appreciate your prayer and concern.

This morning Father gave a deep prayer after Rev. Kwak's report to heaven on this 44th True Parents Day. 44 is an important number. Later we will have a translation. Then Rev. Kwak reported on the ambassadors luncheon yesterday at the UN building. Dr. Walsh and our sister Karen Judd-Smith did a great job, bringing around 50 ambassadors together for an incredible luncheon meeting. Father was happy to hear that report. Even though we are not a nation, we have a certain foundation and power and influence more than any nation.

Now America is at war in Iraq, and even while in the hospital Father was worried. I was struggling to figure out the reason Father was not his usual self, why suddenly Father's physical body was very weak and he had to go to the hospital. Now he is almost fully recovered, but one day I got a strong inspiration that I want to share now.

No matter what, everything good or bad that happens has to be connected to all blessed families and all humankind as a condition between spiritual and physical world. First of all Father was very weak right as President Bush proclaimed a 48-hour warning to Iraq. Before the 48 hours was over, Father got a very strong inspiration and direction from heaven. Rev. Kwak immediately came to America and we went together to talk with Father. That night Father woke up at 3:00 a.m. and received a special direction from heaven regarding how to solve the problem of world peace now. Immediately Father announced the half-page advertisement that was later published in the Washington Times.

The first point was that we have to repent for this world situation. Before we figure out who is right and who is wrong, we should be aware that from God and True Parents' point of view this situation is not good. Second, connecting spirit world and physical world. Anything that happens in this world is connected to both spiritual and physical worlds. True Parents are here as the central figure of both worlds. To solve and establish a world of peace we need a true understanding of the two worlds.

I thought that because Father and Mother proclaimed Cheon Il Guk and now we are trying to build a substantial nation centered on True Parents, True Families, and our blessed families, and eventually extending to the whole world that this is the final stage for getting rid of evil on the individual, national and world level. History should be shifting to an era of peace in the world. I'm sure God will work on that. True Parents will handle it based on their authority before heaven and earth. From the beginning Father didn't want to see a war being fought. He was not against this war or for this war - please understand well.

As a leader I had to repent. If we had accomplished Father's direction then I think this world situation might not have happened. Father strongly emphasized UN activity, and through the Washington Times Foundation Father worked to educate American leaders. Through clergy activity Father wanted to reach the top leaders of this nation. He emphasized that for several years. But somehow our foundation, our influence was not enough. Because of that, war occurred externally. If you go all the way back, however, the origin of this conflict has its roots in the conflict between Christianity and Islam.

Father was worried several years ago that after the end of communism a more severe situation would come, conflict between Christianity and Islam. Actually that occurred. Right now we pray that this war will finish next week, or tomorrow - as soon as possible. Otherwise war could develop between different religions, and eventually between different races, and then world war. Think of how True Parents have spent their whole lives to build world peace. If worldwide war develops, where can the dedication of True Parents be preserved? This is a source of tension for True Parents. These days Father sleeps in a chair, not in bed. That much Father puts himself on the front line, mind and body. I thought that the reason why Father sleeps that way is to pay indemnity for protection against a worse situation.

We couldn't fulfill our mission as children of True Parents. Even though centered on department leaders we were doing our best, it was not enough from God's point of view. Once again, let us repent, and at the same time let us do our best to build an incredible foundation enough to move this nation. No matter what external leaders do in the current administration, we know the destiny of this nation.

God chose this nation as the elder son. The first mission of the elder son is to recognize and attend and follow the parents. At the same time, the elder son has to take care of the other siblings - not by force and power but by love and dedication, support and cooperation. That has to be mature. We have to pray for this nation and its leadership to go in the right direction. Although we are small in terms of numbers, God is working centering on the core that is directly connected with God. The prayers of True Parents, True Family, and the blessed central families are very important. Our daily determination and prayer is essential. Based upon our conditions, heavenly fortune will come down to handle this nation.

All of the foundations Father has laid have to stand strong to support and guide this nation in this crisis. Once it is over, eternal world peace will start. I concluded that Father was sick because our foundation was not established to move world events. But I saw a great vision yesterday centered on Rev. Kwak and our brothers and sisters who are doing great work. Almost one-third of all UN member nations sent their representatives to that event, where they heard about Father's vision, particularly the Middle East initiative of last month. Four participants gave very positive and great reports about it based upon their experience.

I'm sure this great work will go on and will change this nation. Please give a round of applause to the IIFWP staff.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. I have to leave now because Father called the leaders to come back, but Rev. Jenkins will give more detail about where the American movement should go. Thank you.

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