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Update: 2 Blessing Workshops Announced

Chang Shik Yang
March 15, 2003

Dear Blessed Families,

We are happy to announce two 2nd Generation Blessing Candidate and Parent Workshops planned for this spring. We would like to invite parents as well to attend the whole workshop with their children.

The first workshop will be held in Washington D.C. from March 28th to March 30th at the UFC Building (the FFWPU Headquarters). It will begin Friday evening at 7pm and end Sunday afternoon by 3pm. The cost of the workshop is $80 per person or $70 per person if more than one person comes from the same family. This includes the cost of room and board. Unfortunately, no discounts can be given for families that want to commute.

The second workshop will be held in New York from April 4th to April 6th at the Unification Theological Seminary. It will also begin Friday evening at 7pm and end Sunday afternoon by 3pm. The cost of the workshop is the same as above.

I know many candidates are busy in college during this time, but we would like to offer these workshops before the upcoming Blessing ceremony on May 24th/25th in Korea. (More details about the Blessing in Korea will come soon in a separate letter.)

The workshops themselves will feature great speakers such as Rev. Philip Shanker, Betsy Jones, Dr. Yang and several 2nd Generation Blessed couples. We will again present Divine Principle-based content that is made applicable to the lives of young adults and combine that with practical guidelines for building a successful Blessing. With the parents attending, we will also make events, discussions and presentations that are pertinent to the concerns of parents.

For the Washington DC workshop, please bring a sleeping bag and pillow. These are provided at UTS. For both workshops, please bring a notebook and pen, a Divine Principle and any music or outfits for an entertainment night we will have. Please RSVP to Matthew Jones at or 617-921-1594. Email is preferable and the sooner the better.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President, NA

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