The Words of the Yang Family

General Direction for Blessed Families from HQ

Chang Shik Yang
March 08, 2003

This Memo has been emailed to all FFWPU Church Leaders and Organizational Leaders
Faxed to all Regional Headquarters
This Memo must be faxed by the Regional Headquarters to all the State Centers.
Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.

To: All Leaders; All Regional and State FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, Kodan, Directors of organizations, Business Leaders, Department Heads, Tribal Messiahs and all Blessed Central Families and members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: March 8, 2003
RE: General Direction for Blessed Families

We sincerely thank you and your family for the faith and commitment that brought 2400 representatives to the Fatherland for the Cheon Il Guk Activity. This fulfilled a most significant condition for the Elder Son nations role in the providence. We have now entered a new era.

True Parents, upon receiving the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and the Coronation as the King of All Blessed Families entered the realm of the fulfillment of the ideal of the Blessed Family on all levels. This was accomplished through the way of indemnity on the foundation of achieving the registration blessing, the Coronation for God's Kingship and establishing the Cheon Il Guk (2001) and the blessing of representative leaders of all religious, races and peoples (Four Blessings in America in 2002). With this and other providential foundations as a base, True Parents could receive the blessing of God on the third stage in their Holy Wedding Ceremony on the occasion of their joint birthdays on February 6th. At that time True Parents extended this World Level Blessing to all blessed couples from all faiths.

Then, through the Cheon Il Guk activity a new Family Movement was created in each city and community throughout the Fatherland. This is the key foundation for a peaceful unification of north and south.

Now a new direction has been given as the next step for all blessed families to secure the Fatherland.

Direction for All Blessed Families: America must fulfill her role as the Second Israel. The keys to this are

1) the education of and development of unity with Christianity as the Second Israel,
2) the uplifting of the Blessing of marriage by Christian clergy, and
3) their support of God's dispensation to bring unity to the Fatherland.

Plans are envisioned for Christian clergy to visit Korea in the future. The direction of the world now will be greatly shaped by the response of Christianity to God's dispensation. Therefore, as the next step to work in the Fatherland, all blessed central families should contribute to and support the education of 12,000 Christian Clergy in America.

Four Phases of the Education of the 12,000:

To accomplish this education we are conducting four convocations in the Divine Principle and extending this base of education and inspiration to all 50 states through the ACLC one-day programs.

Concerning the American movement, the central condition required at this time to support the Fatherland is the education of the Second Israel (Christianity) in America. It has been clarified that the key direction for all Blessed central families is to support the education of 12,000 Christian clergy by Easter Sunday, April 20th.

The 2400 + families who sent a representative should all participate in the efforts to bring clergy to the upcoming seminars. (This is upon the foundation of Father's direction in May of 2000 that every family in North America have at least one Christian church that they take care of and make part of their tribe - One Family, One Church). We can support by donating money to help transportation costs and by directly inviting clergy to the convocation and the one-day seminar. All families should participate in the one day seminar to connect with the spirit of Father's providence with Christianity.

Focusing on Christianity is the best way at this time to support our hometowns in Korea. Father has emphasized that as Blessed Central Families and as sons and daughters of filial piety, we must take responsibility for our hometown. At East Garden last week he emphasized that when the time is right you will know it and your family can even move to the homeland. However, how we fulfill this is our own responsibility. (We should also discuss this with our leaders.) It may be fulfilled by having your blessed son or daughter live there. It could also be fulfilled by your bringing a tremendously positive influence and support for the Fatherland from Christianity and the leadership of America. Financial support would also be a key way to help your hometown and our movement in the Fatherland. The key condition is that our hearts are now and must remain deeply connected to the Fatherland and to True Parents at all times. We will also make a region by region (Korean regions) association and email communication system so that we can stay connected and support our American Blessed Families who feel the "immediate call" to move to their hometown. Through this we will also be able to support the activities of our movement in Korea by being in touch with their efforts.

Phase I - Divine Principle Convocation - Goal 300 clergy per convocation.

Four National Divine Principle Convocations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington (Invitational materials available from the block headquarters.)

The first phase will be to educate between 200 - 300 clergy in the Divine Principle at four major convocations. This will be a direct expansion of the three seminars from 2002 at Ocean City, LA and Chicago. The theme will also be expanded to focus on "Tearing Down The Walls". We must education the ministers about God's heart toward the cross. This is now the era of the resurrection and liberation of God and the substantial building of God's nation and sovereignty on earth. Father is emphasizing now that we must focus on the resurrection to really bring unity.

The four major convocations on the Divine Principle will occur in March. The goal is 300 clergy to each conference. Primarily from the already well connected ACLC clergy. Some will come from beyond ACLC. The Themes: "Tear Down the Walls" and "Who is Rev. Moon". An additional theme is "Let this Cup Pass".

The format will be a four-day, three-night conference beginning with lunch on the first day and ending with lunch on the last day.

Transportation, Meals and Accommodations: Transportation will be the responsibility of the guests. However, to help offset this cost. Headquarters will donate $100 donation to each region for each minister flying within the block to the convocation. Meals and Accommodations are covered.

Spouses must cover all cost. Special cases should be approved by the Regional Director who should report to the Continental HQ, so that Dr. Yang can give the final approval.

Basic Schedule: (Each Regional Headquarters has all invitations and information for these convocations.)

March 10 - 13 New York Block
March 19- 22 Chicago Block
March 24- 27 LA Block
March 26 -29 Washington DC Block

Through your regional and state headquarters you will be receiving goals and clarification of schedules.

Phase II - One-Day Luncheon and seminar (suggested 10 am - 3 pm)

Goal - 100 clergy (in two seminars - larger regions should do more).

One before the convocation (small planning meeting up to 50 clergy) and the second after the convocation from 50 to 100)

Two one-day seminars (with a luncheon) in all 50 states During March and April every state will hold a one-day seminar on the DP and the meaning the new direction to tear down the walls.

Prayer breakfasts may work better; this is up to the Regional and Vice Regional director and the local ACLC committee.

Phase III - Revival Meetings in churches (goal 1000 for regional headquarters - smaller for states.)

This will consist of revival meetings in churches in which the clergy and their key leaders within their congregations can come together in fellowship to understand the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus and the end of the era of the cross.. Thousands will gather at different events across the nation.

Phase IV - Good Friday, "Let this cup pass!!" Churches across the nation proclaim an end to the era of the cross and lift up Jesus and the unity of all denominations and faiths.. Goal: 120 Churches end the era of the cross.

Easter - Celebration of Easter with the Blessing of all congregations and the proclamation of all churches of the power of the resurrection. (Still being discussed.)

We must expand upon the foundation of substance that Father has achieved with the Second Israel. This will lead to the establishment of God's sovereign nation. The 2400 are to directly connect their victory in Korea with Christianity here. Eventually the victory of Christianity in unity with True Parents will create a movement for revival in Korea.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU, North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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