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Letter About GOP Program In Korea

Chang Shik Yang
March 7, 2003

Dear Families,

The General Orientation Program (GOP) at the Little Angels School is the first year program of the Korean Language Institute for Foreign Students. It is located in Seoul at the Little Angels School. There is a beautiful dorm facility there that True Parents named the World Student Garden of Brothers and Sisters, which is on the Campus of the Sun Hwa School. In addition to the Korean language study, the school provides a "life of faith" experience with other blessed children from Unification families and allows our young people to "discover" many aspects of the spirit of the Unification culture. The Director of the Institute is Rev. Young Hwi Lee. The dorm parent couple for the western students is Henry and Kazuko Christopher.

The Western program has formally come under the direction of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in North America. Dr. Yang has appointed Mrs. Alexa Ward as official representative of the Family Federation to the western program. Her responsibilities include: 1) working with interested parents to establish a parents association; 2) facilitating the application process; .) working with Rev. Young Hwi Lee and the school leadership to improve the western program; 4) supporting the western dorm parents. Mrs. Ward has the full support and confidence of the Continental Director as well as the President.

We would like to encourage those families with children of the appropriate age to consider applying for admission to the program. In the era of Cheon Il Guk, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect your child to the Fatherland. Rev. Lee decided to hold the fees for GOP 2003/2004 to approximately $8,160, regardless of how many students participate in the program.

The application process for admission to GOP 2003/2004 is now online. Please go to the website. Under "True Parents News" you will see a box entitled GOP General Orientation Program, Online Application Form. If you click on the box, you will find detailed information concerning the program as well as the application process. We request that everyone apply online. The deadline for submission of the application has been extended to March 30, 2003, to accommodate those who recently returned from Korea.

We are inspired by many new developments that have already occurred with the program due to support from Mrs. Ward and her committee. We strongly encourage all families to consider this educational and religious experience for their second generation.

Sincerely in the Love of our True Parents, Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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