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The Opening of the Gate to the Cheon-Il-Guk through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and The Providential Background of the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth [Part 3/3]

Chang Shik Yang
February 2. 2003

6. The Resolution of the Representatives of the Five Great Religions and Breaking Down the Walls in the Spirit World

In response to this providence on the earth, on December 25th, 2001 the founders of the five great religions in the spirit world, Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, adopted a resolution and set forth a proclamation. Jesus, in his prayer, resolved that he would serve God the Father vertically and the True Parents horizontally, and pledged that he would follow the way of absolute obedience to correct all the mistakes and deviations in history. Then the founders of five great religions proclaimed a resolution with five provisions. They proclaimed first that God is the Parent of humankind; second that Reverend Moon is the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming of Jesus and True Parent of humankind; third that the Unification Principle is the message of peace for the salvation of humanity and the Gospel for the Completed Testament Age; fourth that they will accomplish the peaceful unification of the cosmos through a life of living for the sake of others beyond religion, nationality or race; and fifth they resolved to harmonize and unite with each other and serve the True Parents in order to build Godís nation and world peace.

Representatives of the five great religions gathered in conference, produced the resolution and proclaimed it. In this way, centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, religious people in the spiritual world have begun to hold dialogues aiming at harmony, reconciliation and cooperation. The new world of grand unification has already begun, in which all spirit people are transcending race, religion and national borders. It is similar to the process that an individual goes through on the way to perfection of one harmony after unifying one mind, one body, and one heart.

Keeping step with this, clergy of many faiths on earth, too, are gathering together and cooperating beyond race, religion and denomination centering on True Fatherís teaching. Throughout the United States, the leading nation of the world, numerous clergy agreed to the proclamation from the spirit world as published in Cloud of Witnesses and proclaimed it on earth. As was resolved and proclaimed in the spiritual world, they witnessed that Reverend Moon is the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming of Jesus, and the True Parent. The resolution by the representatives of five great religions was also advertised and published in major daily newspapers, including The Washington Times, in 50 states on the July 4, 2002. In all, the announcement of the resolution was distributed to about 15 million homes in the USA.

True Parents held Blessing ceremonies in America four times in 2002. Concelebrated with clergy of many faith traditions, these Blessings went beyond religion, race and nationality. First, on April 27th in Washington, D.C., True Parents held the Holy Marriage Blessing of 144,000 clergy couples. Couples from every state attended, with some of them participating through satellite broadcast.

Second, on July 3rd, members of the second generation, including the children of clergy, were blessed. This Blessing was held on the eve of Americaís 226th Independence Day, which celebrates the founding of this Christian nation as the eldest son nation in the providence.

Third, on September 14th, in memory of the tragic terrorist act of the previous year, a Blessing ceremony with participants from throughout America was held in Manhattan, with the theme of harmony and unity reconciling religious conflicts. Given that the background of the September 11th terrorism was the conflict between Christianity and Islam, it was significant that Muslims attended that ceremony; in fact numbering more than 30 percent of the participants.

Fourth, on December 7th, an international, interreligious Blessing ceremony was held in Washington, D.C. marking the 61st anniversary of Japanese bombing raid on Pearl Harbor. About 300 Japanese leaders attended the ceremony, expressing their wish for reconciliation and unity among former enemy nations. As we have seen, the ceremony of the Holy Marriage Blessing is not a conventional ceremony, but is the core of the providence of salvation to rectify the stained blood lineage and expand Godís nation from the individual to the world level.

The International Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), founded by True Parents in February of 1999, has promoted an international movement for cooperation, harmony and agreement among conflicting religions and races. This earthly activity made possible the collapse of the partitions, walls and boundaries in the spirit world. In particular, True Father proposed through the IIFWP a new vision for world leadership in the United Nations. He called for a deliberative counsel composed of spiritual and religious leaders to serve as a counterpart to the General Assembly made up of political leaders.

In this way, the Reverend Moon is continuously expanding the foundation to liberate the spirit world, the physical world, and resolve the conflicts endemic to human history by means of various conferences, meetings, proclamations and the Holy Blessing Ceremony.

7. Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon?

Although there have been many great men in history, there has been no one like Reverend Moon, who has striven with all his strength to establish a peaceful world in every possible arena. The four great world religions, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, have been at the core of the historical development of the worldís great cultural spheres. Yet during his lifetime none of these founders propagated his teachings far beyond his own country, much less spread a movement to practice his teaching all over the globe. Throughout his life, Reverend Moon has traveled the world, devoting himself to fulfilling Godís deepest desire and saving fallen humanity.

Despite enormous opposition and persecution from established Christian denominations, and despite being imprisoned six times due to political and religious prejudice, Reverend Moon has never once given in to defeat. His life has been filled with hardships and adversity, yet he has always kept the mind and heart to love Heaven, love humankind, love his nation and even love his enemies. Despite a difficult life journey, he has always maintained a heart as clear as a cloudless blue sky. For 30 years since he first came to America in 1971, he has given everything to enlighten Americans and Christian leaders about the providence of God.

Hundreds of thousands witnessed the life and death effort he made to complete the recent 50-state speaking tour, with which he finished his 30-year course of public life in America. Without even a dayís rest he traveled to 50 states in 50 days, from February 25 to April 17, 2001, in order to awaken American clergy and political leaders with the speech, "The Way Humankind and America Should Go in the New Millennium." Now at last, many clergy were deeply moved by Reverend Moonís ceaseless efforts and love. They set up the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) and started in earnest the movement of alliance among churches, seizing on the opportunity of the 144,000 clergy Blessing. Furthermore the trend to study Father Moonís teaching is now spreading very quickly by addressing the core question, "Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon?"

Many clergy are studying and seriously discussing Reverend Moonís thought and achievements, and reaching consensus with the fact that Reverend Moon is the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming, and True Parents of humankind, as the five religious founders testified from the spirit world. His identity as the Messiah is evidenced by the fact that he is the champion in seven of the most fundamental arenas of human existence, those relating to God, Satan, human beings, the spirit world, Jesus, the Bible, and history.

The Champion in 7 Areas

First, Reverend Moon is the champion in his love for God. He knows God better than any one in history, having clearly revealed not only the characteristics of God, but also the relationship between God and man and woman and Godís Heart. He revealed that the essential and fundamental relationship between God and human beings is that of parent and children. This relationship can only be fully realized based on true love, true life and true lineage. He plainly teaches about Godís sorrowful situation, about the heart of Him who is absolute, unchanging and eternal. After His childrenís fall and their expulsion from Eden, God the Father became the God of sorrow and grief, who every day sheds countless tears and emits mournful sighs.

Knowing Godís sorrow, Reverend Moon went through unimaginable suffering and hardships to liberate God, finally offering Him the Coronation of Godís Kingship. God should have occupied the throne of nobility and glory from the beginning of history. He will be eternally joyful and comfortable as the substantial Heavenly Parent, both in spirit world and on earth, from the time the "Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth" is held on February 6th, 2003. From that time forward, the new age of Godís substantial absoluteness and omnipotence will open. Then the God of absolute authority will rule over the world with the Principle as His law.

Second, Reverend Moon is the champion who defeated Satan. He knows of the identity of Satan, the source and substance of evil, better than any one has in human history. He revealed who and what is Satan, that he is the being who corrupted humankind and destroyed our history, the ringleader of evil, and the one who transmitted the original sin to human beings. Reverend Moon revealed in detail the motivation and process of Satanís committing sin, his nature and his strategy. Accordingly, he teaches us how we can be separated from Satan and how we can eradicate the root of his evil power in ourselves.

It is impossible to save humankind and establish a peaceful world without knowing the identity and nature of Satan. He is the enemy of humanity, who alienated humankind from God, and is the source of all manner of conflict, antagonism, war and alienation prevalent in human society.

Reverend Moon came as the third Adam and revealed the identity of Satan. This is the work of the Messiah. It is the Messiahís responsibility to reveal the nature of Satan and bring Satan to surrender. In this process, God cannot help directly, because the fall of the first ancestors is our responsibility. This is because it occurred as the result of the human ancestors failure in the responsibility that God entrusted to them when He set them up to be co-creators with Him.

To expose the secrets of Satan, Reverend Moon spent over 14 years fighting tremendous spiritual battles, the content of which only God knows. At the end, he uncovered the identity of Satan. He also learned the way to subjugate him by making him surrender voluntarily. Finally on March 21, 1999, Satan offered the surrender documents to God and, repenting of his past crimes, he resolved to root out the evil in the world.

Third, Reverend Moon is the champion in exemplifying the life of a true human being. He knows what man is better than anyone in human history. What is a human being? Where do we come from? How should we live? Where do we go finally? What is the source of true human liberation? What is the purpose and meaning of life? No great men have yet given clear answers to these fundamental questions. Reverend Moon uncovered and revealed the answers clearly. He teaches the way that human beings should live as Godís children. He teaches that the final purpose of human life is to perfect the spirit self, the real essence of a human being, and prepare the foundation for eternal life in the spirit world through living for the sake of others on earth.

Honor, knowledge and money are only accessories for a true life. The real essence of life is to become the perfect substance of true love, resembling Godís divinity. The perfect man does not suffer from the original sin, so he doesnít need a life of prayer, or faith, or even a Savior. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the society in which all people serve God as they would their parents in daily life, and live together with all other people in the world as brothers and sisters in one great worldwide family.

Fourth, Reverend Moon is the champion of the spirit world. He knows the spirit world better than any other religious leader. Every person lives in three different worlds, the womb, the earth, and the eternal spiritual world. The 10 months in the womb are to prepare for life on earth, and in turn, life on earth is the time of preparation for eternal life in the spiritual world. People should perfect their inner self while they live on earth with their physical body. Then, as mature fruit belongs in the storehouse, people will pass over to the next world and fit in there naturally. Reverend Moon calls this trip, formerly called a funeral, "the ascension." He wields the brush of blessed grace upon the departed person at the ascension ceremony for those who have fulfilled what they should do on earth in their physical life.

Especially as far as the spirit world is concerned, Reverend Moon is the champion of champions. He rules over the spiritual world even though he stays on earth. He freely comes and goes between the spiritual world and the physical world, traveling without difficulty like the uninterrupted communication and traffic of earthly technology. He has the penetrating eye to see through appearances to the truth beyond time and space. In an instant he can see everything about an individualís past life. Hence, even major political leaders, exalted religious personages and eminent scholars feel small in front of him, and at last they cannot but admire him

Fifth, Reverend Moon is the champion of love for Jesus Christ. He knows Jesus better than any theologian, any clergyman, and any Christian saint in history. He met Jesus while deep in prayer on Easter Sunday at the age of fifteen, when Jesus entrusted him with the remainder of the messianic mission. From that time, he freely communed with Jesus and the deceased saints, sages and martyrs to learn of the providence of salvation. He knows plainly and in detail about the Jesusí mission and life, from his birth to the cross, from his resurrection and ascension to the reality of his life in Paradise. He cried out bitterly and prayed through numerous sleepless nights to know the broken heart of Jesus, who was betrayed by the disbelieving and ignorant religious leaders and countrymen of his day. Jesus disclosed to Reverend Moon the detailed circumstances surrounding the cross. Knowing these facts, Reverend Moon has taught the clergy why they should pull down the crosses from their churches.

Even now Reverend Moon talks with Jesus in the spirit world and cooperates with him for the furtherance of Godís providence whenever necessary. In the early days of his ministry, he was absorbed in prayer 16 hours in a day. He would discuss with Jesus detailed plans for the salvation of humankind, after which he proclaimed the result of those discussions to the spiritual world and on the earth. Finally, he enabled Jesus to meet the Substance of the Holy Spirit by holding the Holy Marriage Blessing for Jesus, who had been unmarried for so long. Through this, Jesus could at last reach the position of spiritual True Parent. No one other than Reverend Moon, who came as the third Adam, can even imagine, much less achieve, this providential work.

Sixth, Reverend Moon is the champion in understanding the Bible. His understanding of the Bible is superior to that of any theologian or clergyman in human history. The Bible is a revelation in which many of the secrets of the way to God are communicated in metaphors and symbols. Reverend Moon revealed the meaning of these words plainly. This fulfills what Jesus said, "These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but I will tell you plainly about the Father." (John 16:25) He explains how the Bible offers sure guidelines for the salvation of humankind.

Only the chosen person who has received heavenly wisdom from God can interpret the Bible clearly, revealing the straight-forward truth of Godís ideal of creation, the origin and circumstances of the human fall, and Godís providential formula to save humankind. As Jesus was re-interpreted the Old Testament as he revealed the new expression of truth, so Reverend Moon has newly interpreted both the Old and New Testaments as he reveals the new expression of truth in the Completed Testament Age.

Reverend Moon has grasped the right and proper direction for Christianity, which has been leading the central providence through the New Testament Age. He clearly explains its position as the second Israel, with the mission to recognize and meet the Second Advent of Jesus. As long as the metaphors and symbols of the Bible had not been interpreted effectively and comprehensively, the Bible itself caused division among denominations. Reverend Moon has brought light to the Scriptures! Hence, his teaching of the Holy Scripture provides the key to the unification of Christianity as one seamless garment.

Seventh, Reverend Moon is the champion in knowing the direction of human history. He understands history better than any historian and knows the future better than any prophet. Men are born into history and perish in its wake. The flow of history directly affects the course of each human life. Hence, it is vital to understand the origin, process and direction of history and of human culture. Reverend Moon interprets human history as guided by Godís providence of salvation, a providence of restoration through indemnity. Conflicts in history pit relative good against evil, treading in the direction of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

History will be consummated after the good conquers the evil at the time of the Messiahís advent. This optimistic perspective of history gives hope to Christians, who conventionally believe that history will end with the dire judgments of the Last Days. People have not realized that God is working in the background to guide the course of history. The options given men and women as actors on the stage of history is very limited. The current of history is moving towards the re-creation of the ideal world of Godís original creation according to the principle of restoration.

Other philosophies of history, such as historical materialism, are superficial by comparison. Simply viewing human history as the history of conflicts fails to recognize that the essence of all conflict lies in the struggle between relative good and evil, or that the its final destination is the establishment of Godís Kingdom on earth and in the spirit world. The relatively evil side can win temporary victories along the way, but the side of goodness will finally bring the evil side to its knees.

Reverend Moonís extraordinary stature regarding these seven fundamental areas should be enough to persuade anyone that Reverend Moon might plausibly be the Savior and world-teacher of this age. Yet all this aside, even by his visible achievements, his monumental stature as a world leader cannot be denied. The quality and quantity of Reverend Moonís achievements have a breadth and depth that other historical leaders would hardly imagine. The collection of his words is enormous, constituting 400 volumes that demonstrate the breadth and depth of his teachings.

He personally leads the providence "hands-on" to achieve the substantial Kingdom of Heaven on earth with all his heart and love. He has established countless institutions, associations, and firms all over the world and in various fields, including peace institutions such as FFWPU and IIFWP; newspapers including The Washington Times, Tiempos del Mundo and the Segye Times; institutions in the fields of culture, athletics, art, science, scholarship, philosophy, technology, etc.

All these activities show that he not only proclaims his teachings but also puts them into practice. He has pursued all these activities over the past 40 years without any setback in accordance to the formula of the providence of restoration. They are all components in his overall vision for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven. Each of his works day by day are significant steps clearing away the old corrupted history and open the new age. The numbers of people who attend Reverend and Mrs. Moon as the Parents of Heaven and Earth is growing. They are spreading his teachings and expanding his activities all over the world.

8. Preparations for the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for Cosmic Peace and the Unity of Heaven

Human history has been the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, through which God has worked to save humankind. God sends the Messiah as the central figure of history. He comes near the end of the old age in order to bring it to an end and begin a new age, a new history. Thus, Jesus declared that the Old Testament Age was coming to an end and announced the dawning of a new age, the New Testament Age, and even prophesied the coming of the Second Advent at the close of that age. The Messiah at the Second Coming comes down from Heaven, finds the prepared Bride on earth, and holds the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It should be held amidst loud rejoicing and acclamations of Heaven and earth, on the restored foundation of prepared churches and religious groups in the internal and Abel position, and prepared nations in the external and Cain position.

The providence has accelerated as it approaches the establishment of the Cheon Il Guk, the ideal of Godís Kingdom. It will happen in the near future, shortly after the Holy Marriage Blessing of Reverend Moon and Mrs. Moon is held on the conditional foundation of his victorious ministries in Korea, Japan and America.

Reverend Moon established the base for the Cheon Il Guk on the foundation of making harmony among the youth of Communist and Democratic countries on the occasion of the Seoul Olympics. This success brought about his proclamation of the "Nation of the Unified World" on October 3, 1988. Then, on August 31, 1989, he restored the elder-sonship through the "Ceremony for the Settlement on Eight Stages" (pal jung shik) which celebrated the fulfillment of his course of restoration through indemnity on the eight vertical and eight horizontal stages.

On the following day, September 1, 1989, Reverend Moon initiated the providence for regaining the Parentship by proclaiming "Heavenly Parentism." On July 1, 1991, he set up the condition for regaining Godís Kingship through the proclamation of Godís Eternal Blessing (7.1 Jeol). This set up True Mother, who had followed True Father vertically until then, to work horizontally and in parallel with the work of True Father. On April 10, 1992, Reverend Moon proclaimed the actual coming of the womenís age on the occasion of the founding of the Women Federation for World Peace (WFWP).

At conferences of the leaders of WFWP held on July 6-9, 1992, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon declared Reverend Moon to be the Second Coming of the Messiah, the Savior and the True Parents. From that time on, Mrs. Moon inaugurated several years of speaking tours throughout the world, as her husband had done. To date, she has given over 1,600 speeches. This is the substantial work of the True Mother, the Holy Spirit who restores the lost children to the True Father. In 1993, Reverend Moon declared the end of the Old and New Testament Ages and the coming of the Completed Testament Age for fulfilling the ideal of the Second Advent. In 1999, he set forth the "Declaration of True Parentsí Cosmic Victory" on the foundation of a triumphant speaking tour of 80 cities throughout the world. Through this Declaration, True Father and True Mother arrived at substantially equal position as the True Parents of humankind. Then on June 1, 2000, soon after completing a speaking tour to 40 cities around the world, the True Parents held a ceremony commemorating True Motherís ascent to the level of the same authority as True Father. After that, True Parents completed the substantial mission for restoring the lost children and cosmos to God through the Declaration of Returning the Land to God, the Declaration of Returning the Oceans to God, the Declaration of the Cosmos, and the Declaration of Realm of the Fourth Adamís Heart.

Concurrently, Reverend Moon has pursued other streams of the providence. On April 17, 1998, he blessed Korea, the central nation of the providence, as the Father nation, Japan as the Mother nation, and America as the eldest-son nation. On the occasion of this blessing he commenced providential activities in each of these major nations for laying the foundation of the Cheon Il Guk. Looking at the providence in America, in January 2000, 3,600 representatives of the clergy gathered to celebrate True Fatherís 80th birthday in Washington D. C., and presented him with the "Award for Religious Harmony."

Soon afterward, in February of 2000, nearly 300 members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives honored Reverend Moon as the leading pioneer of freedom, faith and family in the 20th century as they gave him the "American Century Award." By these two congratulatory events, he completely fulfilled the condition of indemnity to restore the position of Jesus, who was killed on the cross by the collusion of Jewish religious leaders and Roman political authorities. And at last he opened the new millennium as the King of Peace by receiving the "World Peace Award" from the "World Association Non-Governmental Organizations" (WANGO) on August 18, 2000.

Major Providential Events since 2000

In July 2001, shortly after Godís Substance became manifest on earth through the Coronation of Godís Kingship, the "Rally for Settlement of Godís Fatherland" was held in Korea. Following this, True Parents declared the "Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unification (Cheon Il Guk)" in the form of Godís Nation in Korea, Japan and America in speaking tours taking place from October 29th to December 15th, 2001. On January 26, 2002, True Parents declared the "Age of the Victorious Realm of Sovereignty," and on March 1 in Hawaii, True Father set forth the "Declaration of the General Unification of Heaven and Earth." On these foundations, on the next day, March 2, he declared the "Age of Unification of the Original Oneness" (원통일시대) and explained Godís original nation which should have been established in Heaven and on Earth. On April 4, 2001, True Parents held a ceremony in New York to liberate the worst spirit men, those who had prevented the central figures of the providence from passing through the perfection level of the growth stage, through the "Ultimate Liberation of the 6,000-Year History" (육천년대역사해원식). On June 21, they declared the "Settlement of the Unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth" (천지부모통일안착선포), which celebrated that the Parents of Heaven and Earth who had settled down on earth could begin living on earth. On this foundation, on July 2, 2002, the "Declaration of Resolution by the Great Five Religions in the Spiritual World" was distributed to 15 million newspaper readers in all 50 states in America (this Resolution was discussed above). This occurred just one day before the Interreligious and International Holy Marriage Blessing for the second generation held on July 3, 2002. On August 5, True Parents opened the age when individuals throughout the cosmos can actually serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth through the "Declaration of the Life Realm of Unification, Settlement of Parents of Heaven and Earth" (천지부모통일안착생활권선포).

Furthermore, on September 16 through 20, 2002, True Parents opened the new age of ever-greater unity between Heaven and Earth through the "Resolution Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth" in Korea. On the same dates, he also held a special ceremony to consume with fire all the past bad habits and conventions and resolve to make a new start through the "Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth." On November 5, True Childrenís Day, 2002, True Parents declared the "Age of Equalization of the Peace and Unity of Parents of Heaven and Earth" to open the age of equality for all Blessed families on Earth and in Heaven. He gave the title of "Owner of Cheon Il Guk" to all Blessed families and emphasized that it would require a complete renewal of their heart, mind and thought.

True Parents closed 2002 by declaring that God is the Creator of all things and, as the Parent of Heaven, He is the King of parents, the King of teachers and the King of owners. He made this declaration at a providential conference held by the IIFWP in Washington D.C., December 26-29, with the theme, "God and the World of Peace and Unity." A group of 312 representatives from 79 countries participated from various fields including religion, politics, society, mass media, education and the arts. Meanwhile in New York, over 14 days between December 16-29, True Parents distributed 1,320 holy items, articles that they had used during their 33 years in America. Soon after returning to Korea, True Parents proclaimed the Zero Point to start the new Cheon Il Guk by donating the JeongJoo Peace Park Fund, symbolizing all True Parentsí wealth, to the major providential institutions with an attitude of non-attachment.


All these providential activities have led up to the event on February 6, 2003, when True Parents celebrate the "Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth opening the Gate of the Cheon Il Guk" in commemoration of True Fatherís birthday and True Motherís 60th birthday. This ceremony represents the complete opening of the world-level Blessing (세계축복의 완성적 개문) on the substantial foundation of the Cheon Il Guk. The Parents of Heaven and Earth are the unfallen Adam and Eve. God is the Parent of Heaven. Through this historic ceremony, God, the invisible Parent of Heaven, and His visible substantial object, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, will be vertically and horizontally united in complete oneness. And on the occasion of that day, the Parents of Heaven and Earth will hold the "Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Cosmic Peace and Unity of Heaven and Earth." Through this unprecedented ceremony, the Parents of Heaven and Earth will substantiate the original Heavenly Kingship restored by the "Coronation of Godís Kingship." God as the Parent of humankind will actually settle down and live in Heaven and on Earth in the figure of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Accordingly, on that day, the Parents of Heaven and Earth will bestow the Completion Stage Blessing to all Blessed families participating in this historical ceremony. This ceremony will fulfill, on earth, the final stage of the complete world Blessing in the course of the complete restoration of fallen men, following the formation stage church blessing and the growth stage national blessing. Clergymen representing the priesthood, political leaders representing the clans, and Ambassadors of Peace representing the archangels are additional foundations of the Cheon Il Guk. They will take part in this special Holy Marriage Blessing, the veritable Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Moreover, through this special ceremony, True Mother, as the complete Substance of Holy Spirit, together with True Father will manifest simultaneously in the spirit world and on earth. From that time forward, God will be embodied through the image of True Parents in a glorious and splendid light.

Through this historic ceremony, the flurry of final proclamations and announcements of the providence of re-creation will draw to an close, and the gate of the original new age of creation will be opened. This is where the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal families of the Cheon Il Guk will settle. All Blessed families across the globe will participate in this Marriage Supper of the Lamb. They will become the central figures in the Age of Heaven on Earth by uniting with the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the spirit of one mind, one body, one heart and one harmony. All Blessed families participating in this historic Blessing ceremony should live and work as one body by making absolute families with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We, all the Blessed families attending the Holy Marriage of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families, should respond to Godís grace with an undivided heart of thankfulness, deep gratitude and determination, and resolve to be the owners of the Cheon Il Guk.

We give three cheers of "Mansei" for the True Parents and all Blessed Families!

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