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The Opening of the Gate to the Cheon-Il-Guk through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and The Providential Background of the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth [Part 1/3]

Chang Shik Yang
February 2. 2003

Table of Contents


1. The Original Ideal Lost Due to the Fall

2. Godís Ideal of Creation

3. The Providence of Salvation and the Appearance of True Parents

4. The Gate to Salvation: The Holy Marriage Blessing of the True Parents

5. Changes in the Spirit World after the Holy Marriage Blessing

6. The Resolution of the Representatives of the Five Great Religions and Breaking Down the Walls in the Spirit World

7. Who is Reverend Sun Myung Moon?

8. Preparations for the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for Cosmic Peace and the Unity of Heaven


This booklet was written by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director, North America, under the direction of our True Parents.


On their birthday, February 6, 2003, the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of humankind, will celebrate the "Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth" and the "Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families" at the Training Center of Heaven and Earth at Chung Pyung, South Korea.

The True Parentsí holy matrimony held in 1960 was a turning point of human history. Over the next 40 years, in Blessings varying from a few dozen to hundreds of millions of couples, families from 180 nations of the world, notably Korea, Japan and America, participated in holy marriage Blessings. Their motto was, "The Realization of the Kingdom of Heaven through Ideal Families." On this day, all these Blessed couples will be blessed once again, all at the same time.

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon came as the True Parent of humankind with a mission to save nations and the world through the Blessing of marriage. Logically, he should have been blessed originally on a cosmic foundation. However, this did not happen due to misunderstanding and opposition from the key religious bodies that had been prepared for him. Instead, he was blessed on a conditional worldwide foundation. He had to create this foundation himself through laying indemnity conditions, even overcoming situations that left him close to death.

In this, the third year since proclaiming the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (Cheon Il Guk) and embarking upon the building of the original land of Eden, the curtain has finally fallen on the 6,000-year history for the providence of salvation. Last year we held the Burning Ceremony for Cosmic Peace, Unity and Liberation. In that ceremony all the wrongdoings of Blessed families, whether big or small, committed knowingly or unknowingly, were consumed by fire and cleansed. On that foundation, the age of cosmic peace, unity and equalization could open, giving birth to a new era of oneness between God and humankind.

The foundations for the church-level Blessing on the formation stage and the national level Blessing on the growth stage were laid according to the progress of the providence of restoration, as explained above. Now the world-level Blessing on the completion stage is being held. Its significance is that of the holy marriage Blessing that was to be held in the original Garden of Eden. It is also the global realization of the "marriage supper of the lamb" that Jesus wished to see when he came to earth 2,000 years ago.

The resolution that was proclaimed on December 25, 2001 by the founders of the five major religions in the spirit world opened the age of unity between the spirit world and physical world. On the foundation of that cosmic-level victory, the True Parents will celebrate this coming event as the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Further, they will be crowned as the King of the Unification Blessed families in physical world and in spirit world, after which they will convey the Cheon Il Guk Blessing to all Blessed couples worldwide.

In the original ideal world of creation, the cosmos, Chunjoo in Korean, is in the subject position. On the other hand, heaven and earth, Chunji in Korean, refers to the planet earth, which is in the object position. Therefore, the term, Heavenly Parent (Chunjoo Pumonim) refers to the Creator, Jehovah God, and the term Parents of Heaven and Earth (Chunji Pumonim) refers to the original, unfallen Adam and Eve who achieved perfection. Through the upcoming holy marriage Blessing, the Reverend and Mrs. Moon, True Parents of Heaven and Earth, who reached the ideal of oneness with the Heavenly Parent, will connect the actual lineage of God to the earth.

Thus, all humankind is called to participate in this providential event. It is a cosmic event, which the heads of all nations ought to attend as guests to congratulate all the participants. Accordingly, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace has invited political leaders from 120 nations, including current and former heads of state, to attend as Ambassadors for Peace. America is sending representatives from each religious body. Together with leaders from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification from Korea, Japan and America, they are attending in the position of high priests. Further, representatives from each clan in Korea, providentially the central nation of the world, are attending the event as guests.

On the foundation of the realm of the First Israel, established in the Old Testament Age, the realm of the Second Israel, established in the New Testament Age, and the realm of the Third Israel, established in the Completed Testament Age, through this ceremony we are entering the realm of the Fourth Israel in which God can freely work and act. In other words, we are entering a transitional point of history, when the world of peace and freedom can be realized both in the spirit world and physical world. On the occasion of such an historic event, and based on this overall understanding of Godís providence of salvation, I would like to expound the principled significance and the providential background of "The Opening of the Gate to the Cheon-Il-Guk through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth" and "The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families for the Peace and Unity of the Heavenly Parent and the Parents of Heaven and Earth."

1. The Original Ideal Lost Due to the Human Fall

As the world entered the new millennium, humankind aspired for world peace with infinite hope and vision for the future. In the face of these hopes, however, the world is still plagued with struggles, conflicts and even potential wars. Humanityís social existence is also full of gloom, corruption and confusion. The youth, humanityís hope for the future, face serious problems of moral decadence, drug use, free sex, etc., and these cannot be stemmed by external means. Humankindís condition is like that of a patient whose illness is so profound and complex that no physician knows where to begin.

Todayís fallen world is indeed critically ill. In order to find a cure we must first discover the fundamental cause of the disease. We find it in the fall of the first human ancestors, who disobeyed Godís will and left Him. As a result of the fall, the individual was fractured into conflicting mind and body. This division within the individual then expanded to the family, tribe, people, nation and the world. Depending upon human endeavors it may be possible to resolve conflict among nations, but the ceaseless struggle between the individualís mind and body cannot be resolved finally without understanding this fundamental cause.

Godís purpose of creation was for Adam and Eve, through obedience to Godís commandment, to perfect themselves as true individuals, become true spouses to each other and give birth to sinless children. Thus they were to establish a family with the structure of a Four-Position Foundation. However, the first human ancestors did not follow the commandment. They fell while they were still in an imperfect stage, in the growing period. Consequently they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. On their own, tainted with the original sin, they established a false family, false tribe, false people, false nation and the false world. Ultimately they created an earthly hell that has nothing to do with God. It is only natural that those who lived in hell on earth will end up going to hell in spirit world. That is why Jesus called Satan "the ruler of this world." (John. 12:31) That is, ever since the fall of the first human ancestors, Satan has been governing the earth and spirit world in the place of God; he has been exercising full authority as the "ruler of this world."

The first conjugal union of the human ancestors was also to have been the consummation of Godís love. It naturally should have been a joyful occasion where God, Adam and Eve and all creatures would be immersed in joy, happiness and ecstasy. Further, it should have been a happy ceremony through which Godís true love, true life and true lineage would be settled on earth through His children.

However, after the fall, Adam and Eve covered their lower parts and hid themselves in the trees, trembling with fear and anxiety, because they had engaged in an immoral relationship. This violation of heavenly law was the origin of false love, false life and false lineage.

Veiled in symbols and parables, the actual nature of the original sin that resulted from the fall has never been understood. Yet it did not happen simply by eating a material fruit called "the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," as literally depicted in the Bible. The fall took place when Adam and Eve were in the growth period, an immature stage. First the archangel Lucifer, symbolized in the Bible by a serpent, tempted Eve and they fell. This was the spiritual fall. Then Eve tempted Adam and they fell; this was the physical fall. We see that the fall referred to in the Bible was in fact their involvement in illicit relationships.

Again, Adam and Eve were growing to perfection, mandated to observe the commandment, "do not eat" and value it as life itself. As stated in Genesis 2:17, "of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die." However, the only power that is greater than the power of Godís commandment is the power of love, whether principled or unprincipled. Through love, three beingsóAdam, Eve and Luciferócommitted the fall. After the fall, the archangel Lucifer became Satan. (Isaiah 14:12; Jude 6-7) revealed that Satan is the father of fallen human beings, saying: "You are of your father the Devil, and your will is to do your fatherís desires." (John. 8:44) Therefore, human beings, the descendants of Adam and Eve, are fallen from birth and pass on the original sin from generation to generation. The fall is the origin of the human condition of conflict between the mind and body. Due to the fall, the disorder of love prevails in human society, causing people to live their entire lives in violation of the hope of their original mind.

Had Adam and Eve established a relationship of true love centered on God, as originally intended, God could have dwelt in Adam and loved Eve. Adamís body would have been Godís temple. Further, Adam and Eve would have been the origin of true love, true life and true lineage. Yet due to the fall, they instead became the temples of Satan, as an evil couple, evil parents and evil ancestors. Their union became the root of evil love, evil life and evil lineage. Since all human beings are rooted in them, we are the descendants of Satan, inheriting the evil lineage of the evil parent. From birth we have been the enemies of God.

Letís look at the purpose and ideal of love. Animals and plants engage in sexual relationships only for the purpose of multiplication. Human beings are the exception, in that they can freely enjoy love in their conjugal relationship. This is their privilege that they can experience as the masters of all things. God blessed human beings, as His children, with true love to enjoy unlimitedly. However, this true God-given freedom requires responsibility. If each individual were to insist on his or her freedom without taking responsibility, the world would be thrown into chaos. Thus, the perfection of human beings is possible only when they fulfill the ideal of supreme love, taking responsibility for their love.

The responsibilities of love are threefold: First, human beings are to have dominion over themselves. Based on their ability to exercise self-control, they can become the subject partners of freedom and give thanks to God who blessed them with the freedom of true love. They are responsible for their love not out of fear of the law or because someoneís eyes are watching over them. Rather, their responsibility is based on their ability to exercise dominion over themselves and their committed vertical relationship with God, the original source of true love.

The second responsibility of love is towards the other party. Human beings as husband and wife do not by nature want their love to be scattered. Love in a marriage relationship is destroyed if it is shared with other partners. This is uniquely the quality of conjugal love, unlike love between parents and children, for example. It is so because according to the Principle of Creation, oneness can come only through absolute love between husband and wife. Humans are to love only their own spouse.

The basis of childrenís love and happiness is their parentsí love for them. Children would want to be born of parents who are united are harmonious in true love, and they want to be raised in such love. The most important responsibility of parents for their children lies not in providing them merely with external things, but in giving them the spiritual nourishment of true love. This is the very reason why the family is precious. Other than in a family, there is no place where one can experience a childís heart, siblingís heart, conjugal heart and parental heart.

How heartbroken God must have been when His ideal was shattered due to the fall of Adam and Eve! Humans were to become His children. Yet without recognizing their own Parent, God, they instead came to attend Satan as their parent. Godís ideal of creation is absolute. He has to pursue it, no matter how painful. That is why God has been leading the providence of salvation for humankind. Thus, Godís providence of salvation is the providence for the restoration of true love. Also, it is the providence of re-creation.

When viewed from this perspective, the fundamental quest of Godís providence of restoration has been to find the original procreative seed of true love, life and lineage to complete the ideal of creation. False life and false lineage originated from the false love of Satan. God detests it more than anything! That false lineage must be eradicated!

Among love, life and lineage, which is most important? During his Fifty State Speaking Tour in America from February 25 through April 17, 2001, Reverend Moon posed this particular question to the clergy who attended his speech. Most of them answered, "love," followed by "life." No one answered that it was lineage. Indeed, life comes from love, and lineage is linked to life. In that sense, love can be thought of as the origin of life and lineage. However, no matter how great oneís love and life may be, they cannot go beyond one generation. On the other hand, lineage that bears fruit through conjugal love can continue for eternity. When viewed from this perspective, lineage is the most precious of the three. The fall in the Garden of Eden affected the blood lineage relationship. That is why it could continue down the countless generations of the human race.

What part of the body in a man and a woman is the connecting point of lineage? It is the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the tool or instrument through which a couple practicing true love instills life and propagates it. Accordingly, it is the most important part of our body as the original palace of true love, the original palace of true life, and the original palace of true lineage. It is the exceedingly sacred part of the body, its holy of holies.

Who is the owner of my sexual organ? Although it is a part of my body, it is not my own, but belongs to my spouse. In other words, the owner with the key to a husbandís sexual organ is his wife. Since it does not belong to him, he has no right to share it with anyone else. Likewise, the owner with the key to a wifeís sexual organ is her husband. Neither has the right to give away a "spare-key." As the attributes of God are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, the sexual organ through which we can consummate our love must be guarded absolutely. In this way, the Reverend Moon has been teaching that the greatest virtue to be observed is absolute love. That is, prior to marriage we should keep purity, and after marriage we should be faithful to our spouse. The purity of blood lineage divides true love and false love, life and death, and the Kingdom of Heaven and hell.

Throughout history, God and Satan have been struggling fiercely over the blood linage of human beings. God created human beings, but because Satan is related to humankind through blood lineage, he has a claim or ownership that he will not easily surrender. Through the multiplication of this false lineage, Satan has expanded evil from the Garden of Eden to the worldwide level. In these last days, Satan has turned the world into Sodom and Gomorrah through the corruption of love into free sex, homosexuality and so forth.

The Reverend Moon understands the identity and strategy of Satan well. Therefore, together with his lifelong marriage Blessing ministry, he has also promoted a movement for pure love among youth, not only in Korea and Japan but also in America. There the work is most active in the public schools of Washington, DC, Chicago and Miami.. Further, millions of middle and high school students in China and Russia are reciting the "Pure Love Pledge," in which they commit to sexual purity. Reverend Moonís thought and teachings are being published and used as textbooks in morality and ethics.

The human ancestors came under Satanís control through an illicit blood relationship as a result of their own failure to fulfill their responsibility. Therefore, God alone cannot bring them back to their original state. Someone must appear, reveal the identity of Satan and teach the truth that can eradicate the root of evil without relying solely upon Godís omnipotence. That person is the Messiah. That is why the Bible calls Jesus, who came as the Messiah, "the Second Adam." (1 Cor 15:45)

Jesus had to restore the original position of Adam, uprooting the original sin that originated in Adam. Israel, the chosen nation of Abrahamís descendants, and Judaism were to serve as the external and internal foundations for Jesusí ministry. Had the chief priests and scribes, together with John the Baptist, attended Jesus and become his 12 disciples and 70 apostles, he would not have been crucified.

Jesusí first mission was to reveal Godís will, disclose Satanís identity and motivation, and discover the process of the fall. Without understanding the origin of evil, we cannot establish Godís will on earth. Although Jesus knew Satanís identity and the original sin, he could not reveal the truth because the people were not ready to accept it. He was accused of blasphemy even for calling God his Father and testifying that he and His Father were one. (John 10:25-39) Without a receptive foundation, he could not reveal an innovative teaching on the level of a new revelation. That is why Jesus said: "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear." And he continued: "But when the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth." (John 16:12-13) Faced with the faithlessness of the Israelites, Jesus lamented: "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." (Mt 8:20) Eventually Jesus was harassed and driven into a corner. He had to die on a cross in order to open the way for our salvation in spirit. Salvation for both spirit and flesh, however, remained to be accomplished.

Human history is the providence of salvation. It is the providence to restore the ideal of creation. Just as the destination of the Old Testament was to receive Jesus who came as the Messiah, the vision of the New Testament was to receive the Second Coming of the Lord. At the Second Coming, the Lord returns as the third Adam, on the foundation of the second Adam, to bring complete restitution of the original sin committed by the first Adam.

2. Godís Ideal of Creation

Then in the restored ideal of creation, what is the relationship between God and human beings? God, the origin and the subject of true love, true life and true lineage, created human beings as His substantial object partners. Human beings are the substantial manifestation of His dual characteristics, internal character and external form. Therefore, the first man, Adam, represented Godís masculinity, and the first woman, Eve, His femininity. As such, human beings are the sole created embodiments, temples and substantiations of God. That is, the invisible God created only us as His visible body. Our relationship with God is that of child and parent, centered on true love. Only through us as His children can Godís ideal of love be fulfilled. Godís purpose of creation is realized in a world where God and us become one in the absolute and true love. Godís Will is to fulfill this ideal, which is the purpose of creation.

A man or woman of perfected individuality, with mind and body united as subject and object partners, is Godís temple. (1 Cor 3:16) God can dwell in peace within such a person. Jesus said, "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14:9) Such a person is always one with God in heart, which means that he or she can immediately empathize with Godís joy and sorrow. Such a person cannot commit a sin. He or she has reached a state of perfection as Heavenly Father is perfect (Mt 5:48) and has become a perfected individual who can manifest Godís ideal of creation fully. This is called the completion of the First Blessing. (Gen 1:28)

God created Adam first, as His body from the dust of the earth. (Gen 2:7) Adam was Godís son, but at the same time was Godís actual form. He was to fulfill the ideal of Godís absolute love through the vertical relationship of parent and child. Completing the ideal of creation, he would have had no original sin and no need prayer or repentance. Neither would he need a Savior or Messiah to redeem him. He would have lived in the presence of God, attending Him in daily life. In his horizontal relationships with others, with God as a common Parent, he would relate as to brothers and sisters, living for their sake with true love.

The first and most crucial question is over the unity of mind and body. Immersed in Godís glorious ideal of creation, one should be of one mind and body, manifesting one thought and co-creating one world of harmony. That is why the Reverend Moon has always taught, "Before having dominion over the world, first have dominion over oneself." Before preoccupation with peace in the nation and world, we should be preoccupied with establishing inner peace between the mind and body. As we make these two one, we can stand perfectly erect before God, our axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane. We are at "high noon" with no shadow cast by our heart. We embody God, realizing His radiant divinity within ourselves.

With this ideal of perfected individuality in mind, God intended to expand love horizontally through perfect conjugal love. For this He created Eve. Eve was His daughter. While she was Adamís partner of love (Gen 2:18, 24), Eve at the same time would become Godís bride, who could complete the eternal ideal of love horizontally. After reaching individual perfection, had Adam and Eve come into the Blessing of holy marriage under God and consummated their love, it would have been as if God had received His own bride. The place where the ideal of conjugal love bears fruit horizontally is the place where Godís absolute vertical love dwells and partakes in joy. Thus the true love of God and of man and woman originates simultaneously, at one meeting point of the vertical and horizontal expressions of love. Godís Second Blessing was for Adam and Eve to become such a true couple in His love. (Gen 1:28)

Next, Adam and Eve were to bring forth good children and become true parents with God above as the eternal Parent. This substantiated Godís desire to multiply sinless children from generation to generation forever, as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. If that original couple had created this first four-position-foundation, theirs would have been a true family, the cornerstone of Godís nation. Expanding as a tribe, a people and a nation filling the world, this family would have brought forth the Kingdom of God on earth. There, God would be attended as the Parent of humankind. People dwelling in the earthly kingdom would transition directly into the heavenly kingdom in spirit world, guided by the heavenly hosts and angels. We see that the true family is the basic unit for the earthly kingdom. Thus, the completion of Godís purpose of creation lies in securing a God-centered true family on earth.

Reverend Moon embarked upon the worldwide Blessing movement and true family values movement with a basic principle, "the creation of world peace through ideal families." Creating this world is our mission.

The democratic world relies on humanism, but humanistic values will not sustain ideal families. Real families substantiate godly values that emerge from absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. An ideal coupleís love incarnates those attributes of God and therefore builds a family whose love is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. God needed to create human beings and all things in order to find His object partners of true love. From the simplest to the most highly sophisticated entities, all created beings exist in subject-object partnerships. These manifest in masculinity and femininity, which energizes love relationships. The ideal of love within all creation does not differ from the love of God. God created us in order to realize His absolute love, through a husband perfecting his love for his wife and a wife perfecting her love for her husband. That is the principle of creation. For that reason, in the beginning God created one man and one woman.

God purposed human beings to observe His commandment, perfect themselves and become a true couple of oneness with His true love. Then, He purposed that they live as a happy family, giving birth to children and becoming true parents. In Adam and Eve reaching perfection through true love, God was to achieve His embodiment. Their perfecting themselves as a true couple signified the completion of Godís ideal for absolute love.

Godís Providence of Salvation and the Appearance of True Parents

As a result of the fall, Godís providence of salvation began. The providence of salvation was prolonged over and over, following a sad and toilsome path from the Old Testament Age to the New Testament Age, and from the New Testament Age to the Completed Testament Age. Due to the fall, the world fell into a state remote from the good world that God originally intended. It turned into a world of sin and evil, in which selfish love prevails. This is because Adam and Eve became false parents whose love was selfish and false, centered on Satan. They multiplied evil, established a false family and bequeathed false life and a false lineal inheritance to their posterity.

Accordingly, the only purpose of Godís providence is to find the God-centered man and woman who can restore the position of Adam and Eve, the true parents, and establish the true family through them. With that family as a starting point, God wishes to establish the true tribe and true nation that can fill a true world. In other words, God desires to create the true seed that can multiply true love, life and lineage.

The Bible states that the human fall led to the loss of Adamís family in its totality. First, the position of ideal parents was lost. Then by Cainís murder of his younger brother Abel, the position of ideal children was lost. These two events thwarted Godís plan to build a perfect world. Accordingly, in order to restore Adamís family, God first had to restore the position of Cain and Abel and then the position of the true father and true mother. This had to be done by means of a reversal of the process by which the losses came about. The bringing of Cain and Abel to reconciliation and unity is the foundation to restore the parents.

This historical dynamic has governed the providence of restoration. Therefore, the history of Israel and Christianity is a series of repetitions of the division between Cain and Abel. Fallen people split between Cainís side, representing Satan, and Abelís side, representing God. Then, by their achieving reconciliation and oneness, God can remove the hatred created in the fall.

Abelís side is always struck first, making of it a sacrifice. On that foundation, Abelís side can embrace Cainís side and restore Godís blessings rightfully due the elder. Godís principle grants the right of compensation on the condition of being struck first and overcoming, while Satanís impulse is to strike first. Illustrating this, defeat came upon those who struck first in the First World War, the Second World War, and even in the third world war of ideologies.

God also reclaims ownership from His enemy Satan by enduring persecution. Satanís side persecutes religious pioneers on Godís side. Despite opposition and sacrifice, true religions have continually expanded the territory of goodness in order to save the fallen world. The Unification Church developed and progressed through the working of these principles.

Godís will is that relative good and evil factions struggle, goodness prevail, and then the relatively good party reconcile with the relatively evil party without destroying it. One example is the robbers crucified on Jesusí right and left, one in the position of Abel and the other in the position of Cain. (Mt 27:38, Lk 23:39-40) Another is the confrontation between North Korea and South Korea, representing the right wing (free world) and the left wing (communist world) on the worldwide level. A third is the confrontation between religion and secularism. The most critical issue is how to unite these factions centered on Godís ideal, and then restore the positions of the father and the mother.

The Bible records that Eve disobeyed Godís commandment and had a relationship with the serpent Lucifer, who became Satan. As a result, Eve, Adam and the children Cain and Abel inherited Satanís lineage of selfish and false love. Regardless of our background, we all are the descendants of these ancestors, who derailed us from the original track of Godís lineage. Therefore we were born from Satanís lineage. Jesusí rebuke in John 8:44, "You are of your father, the devil," was uttered for this very reason.

The Old Testament depicts Godís providence as based on the formula, "An eye for eye; a tooth for a tooth." (Ex 21:24) In the Unification Principle, paying a price for a wrongdoing is called making an indemnity condition. An indemnity condition is laid by reversing the mistake. Hence, Eve must restore her act of the fall by reversing it, and each step of the fall must be restored both spiritually and physically. This process requires a mother (Eve) helping her younger son (Abel) to follow Godís will.

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