The Words of the Yang Family

Hoon Dok Hae, Ambassadors for Peace, DP Workshop, Clouds of Witnesses, December 7th Blessing

Chang Shik Yang
October 10, 2002

To: All Regional and State FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, CARP, all Blessed Central Families and Members
From: Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins
Date: October 10, 2002
RE: Hoon Dok Hae, Ambassadors for Peace, DP Workshop, Clouds of Witnesses, December 7th Blessing
NHQ 200201010

This is a profound time in history. The Blessed Central Families are Godís representatives to bring peace and unity between all religions and peoples. We want to once again thank you for your support of True Motherís tour and the success of the proclamation of the Messiah. We also thank the Clergy for their increasing support for True Parentsí role and the increasing awareness of their role in the dispensation as John the Baptists for the new age.

Hoon Dok Hae:

As was communicated by the FFWPUI memo of Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, our International President, Father has directed that all Blessed Central Families worldwide have their Hoon Dok Hae time from 5 am to 6: 30 am.

Ambassadors for Peace:

Rev. Kwak is the Chairman of IIFWP worldwide. Based on Fatherís direction, Rev. Kwak appointed all Continental directors as the Chairmen of IIFWP. As such Dr. Yang is the Chairman of the IIFWP of North America and Mr. Antonio Betancourt has been appointed as Secretary General of North American IIFWP. Each nation has Co-Chairmen. For USA it is Congressman Danny Davis and Rev. Jenkins. Mr. Betancourt will be sending some guidelines based on Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yangís direction for IIFWP. We want to request that all organizations support the ongoing follow-up activities, centering on the regional director. Ambassadors for Peace appointments should quickly reach a goal of between 5000 Ė 6000 nationwide.

Clouds Of Witnesses:

Please check the FFWPU website for the Washington, D.C. central Sunday Service. We especially encourage you to listen or watch Rev. C. Phillip Johnsonís testimony and his official signing of the resolution from Jesus and the saints in the Spirit World. It is a powerful example of how many ACLC clergy are standing at this time in history. The Washington Community led the way to fulfill Fatherís direction for a rally to affirm the Clouds of Witnesses. Father has asked that every individual, Blessed Central Family, community and eventually the whole nation conduct a ceremony or a rally to affirm this historic proclamation. Special thanks to Rev. Lee, Rev. Lykes and the Washington Family for taking such a step to fulfill Fatherís direction. Please take work through and with your clergy to let everyone on all levels know about the Clouds of Witnesses !!

Divine Principle Workshop for Clergy:

FFWPU is sponsoring a high level advanced Divine Principle workshop for Clergy on Monday, October 21 Ė Friday, October 26. Work with your Regional and Vice Regional director if you have special recommendations. There are 5 slots allocated per region. All transportation costs must be covered by the clergy or other local sponsors. The theme: Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon. This seminar will strengthen and inspire the ACLC Executive Committee or other key clergy who can stand with the Clouds of Witnesses testimony. Blessing - December 7th: Please reach out now to the highest level leaders (Clergy, elected officials, Ambassadors, religious leaders, WFWP leaders and Ambassadors for Peace) to participate in the Interreligious and International Blessing in Washington, D.C. The September 14th Blessing became mainstream and universal. There was a very positive overall experience shared by religious leaders and professionals on all levels and from all faith traditions. Please be confident that whoever you bring will become deeply engrafted to heavenís lineage. With the power of Jesus and the saints behind us it is possible that the highest level leaders can awaken to the immense value of this eternal blessing. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang, as with the 144,000 Blessing, would particularly like to see elected officials from the highest level join in. We have 60 days!! There is enough time for high level leaders to adjust their schedules. Invitational materials will be forwarded soon. Prayer and outreach for the blessing must begin immediately. We will begin a formal 40 day prayer and chain fasting condition on October 28 Ė December 6. This will be organized locally by the regional directors. Please make strong conditions that Fatherís direction concerning the reconciliation of all enemies will occur on this anniversary of December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director FFWPU, NA

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU, USA

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