The Words of the Yang Family

Expansion of the Blessing

Chang Shik Yang
July 6, 2002

To: All Leaders; All Regional and State FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, Kodan , Organizational Directors, all Department Heads and all Tribal Messiahs

From: Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins

Date: July 6 th, 2002

** 21 Day Condition
** Expansion of the Blessing / Next Blessing Sept. 28,2002
** Japanese Missionaries to Move to America
** Service For Peace General Direction

We sincerely thank all leaders, families and members for the tremendous sacrifice that led to the July 3rd Blessing success. True Parents expressed deep joy for the response and support of the religious leaders and their sons and daughters for the blessing movement that has formed across the world.. Representing the second generation at the blessing the sons of great religious leaders stood as our co-chairmen, these included, Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King III and Minister Torrey Barrett. Based on this victory and other conditions Father proclaimed July 4th as "God's Independence Day!!"


We have begun a national 21 day Prayer condition from Friday, July 5 thru Friday thru Thursday, July 25th. We pray for the success of the Summer of Service and the Friday Service for Peace rally at the MCI center in Washington with Hyun Jin Nim as the keynote speaker.


Based on the success of the July 3rd Blessing, Father has asked that we hold two more blessings in America before the end of the year. The next blessing in America on September 28th. The location will be announced.


We sincerely thank all the National Messiahs and Japanese Missionaries for the incredible sacrifice between March 1 and July 3rd. This condition was the basis of True Parents victory for the July 3rd and the April 27th 144,000 Blessings. All Japanese Missionaries are asked to move to America with their families. National Messiahs are asked to return to Korea.


Service for Peace is exploding in Washington D.C. Our Second Generation are leading the way. At the July 4th celebration with True Parents Yemi Piccard and our Second Generation moved our hearts as they have been the public with their heart pounding song and sincerity. All Young People from 9th grade up should come to Washington, D.C. for a memory of joy that will last a lifetime. Our young people are all over Washington together with the Blessed Christian churches serving and healing this Nation's Capitol.

Buses are being organized from all the Christian churches on the east coast. A huge service and educational project with the city and the schools is now being finalized in which 2000 young people will serve the community together with our SFP volunteers. Many ministers and community leaders who have been inspired by the blessing are now jumping into the Service for Peace spirit. Buses should arrive on Tuesday, July 23rd for a Wednesday, July 24th City Wide Service For Peace program in the Nations Capitol. The 25th will be tours of the Lincoln Memorial with education concerning the greatness of America and its religious heritage and history of reconciliation. Already, Million Family March organizers and city leaders are working on the service program. Youth from churches across the east coast will arrive and tour the monuments, do service for peace educational programs and then rally for peace to send a message to the Nation and to the World that the youth are leading a Service for Peace revolution to claim back the youth and families from destruction through love and service as a means to end hatred.

All leaders of every organization in America are asked to totally engage in activity to develop Service for Peace and help bring 10,000 to July 26th. All State leaders , Vice Regional Directors, AFC, WFWP, Ambassadors of Peace and many others should come to Washington, D.C. (Especially western leaders).


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