The Words of the Yang Family

July 3rd Blessing

Chang Shik Yang
June 30, 2002

To: All Leaders; All Regional and State FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, Kodan , Organizational Directors, all Department Heads and all Tribal Messiahs

From: Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins

Date: June 30, 2002

** July 3rd Blessing
** July 4th God's Independence Day and
** 8000 Couple Anniversary
** Service For Peace General Direction

We sincerely thank the National Messiahs, Japanese Missionaries and all Blessed Central Families and brothers and sisters for their tremendous support and sacrifice to make the July 3rd Blessing a victory for heaven. Washington is in full hurricane mode. 250 Second Generation are here and the numbers are increasing rapidly everyday. These young people are melting the hearts of the clergy and the people. With this spirit we will bring victory for July 3rd and July 26th Service For Peace.

July 3rd Blessing: Please make every effort to reach out and do final confirmations of the ministers. Carefully take care of each pastor and their second generation and other guest couples. Every phone call and final effort makes a huge difference in the result. Please pray sincerely that the ACLC Clergy and the Next generation are protected and guided by heaven to fulfill True Parents direction.

July 4th : True Parents will not only celebrate Independence Day for America but Father has proclaimed that based on the July 3rd victory we will proclaim and celebrate "God's Independence Day" !!! The celebration will begin with Father's address at 9 am.

8000 Couple 20th Anniversary Celebration July 4th: All 8000 Couples worldwide are invited to join in the celebration of their 20th Anniversary together with True Parents on July 4th at 9 am.

Service for Peace: Special thanks to all the parents who sent your sons and daughters to sacrifice themselves to give America a new birth. All major organizations have been requested by Dr. Yang to fully mobilize their leadership to come to Washington from July 4th thru the July 26th Summer of Service. All FFWPU Western Vice Regional Directors and State Leaders are directed to come to Washington to work with the Christian ministers to bring 10,000 to the July 26th event. We would like to bring ALL key ministers to Washington for this historic heavenly revolution.


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