The Words of the Yang Family

America is on the Cross

Chang Shik Yang
Leaders Meeting
September 18, 2001
After being with True Father at East Garden

Stand up, please. (Dr. Yang gives a heartfelt prayer with all leaders holding hands. Then, unison prayer.)

We have to understand that whenever something happens, we must open our spiritual eye and sense and find out what is behind, what is the real reason behind the situation. What is True Parents' providential point of view? Based upon that, we as Unification Church brothers and sisters, should take action. For last seven days, evil power and evil spirit dominated the situation. But from now on, from this moment, with the heavenly side and heavenly authority, we will take responsibility and take this tragedy. If not, these 5000 victims' lives will be in vain. We have to really unite as we represent the world members of FFWPU. This World Trade Center is the official way. Forty different nations were there. World Trade Center became World Tragic Center. Now, this World Tragic Center should be transferred to the world to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. World Trade Center was externally a symbol of whole world of all races, including 1200 Arabs, and black and yellow and white and all religious backgrounds were there. These forty nations represented true representative of whole world. We must have authority based upon responsibility. Even though we are small in number in this world as true children, we know history has developed and claimed by minority, those who possess the mainline and authority. Where did this evil come from? Since Coronation of God, the king of Satan surrendered. But, still Father emphasized and focused on the 400 million blessing in order to get rid of Satan's realm. One thing Father mentioned is that America is on the cross, like Jesus 2000 years ago. That means all those who have Abel figure's heart, ministers, or pastor, or clergy, in particular Unification Church members, we also should have our body and our mind on the cross.

First, let's feel responsibility as true Abel figure. If Abel makes a mistake or cannot fulfill his mission, all God's heavenly fortune and history and destroy Cain's foundation, indemnity goes to Cain's work. First, we must understand the suffering of God and True Parents. Father and Mother are True Parents of humankind. Just do Hoon Dok Hae and keep silent. America is on the cross. Who sent Jesus to the cross? All humankind and Cain and Abel did. The origin of the Jewish and Arab conflict is Isaac and Ishmael descendants. Root is religious, not political. From where did this hate come from? That we must figure out. America, as Abel and elder-son nation, God blessed this nation for 200 years with incredible economic wealth, so it can support poorer nations, starving people. World Trade Center should center to distribute all humankind. It is to contribute and support all humankind. Military power is to protect peace from evil. All great leaders are very focused on that. We cannot pretend to have peace. To establish a peaceful world, we must attack Evil, with God' s strategy. We have to stand in oneness for this situation with our ministers, our brothers and sisters. We as religious leaders, know the providence of God, those who prepare the 12,000 blessing. But in this situation, we as representatives of America, let's truly repent for God and True Parents and truly be the owner by taking responsibility spiritually and physically. I ask that we give our heart and love and prayer to the victims and families, more than 5000 people. Each church and county has been effected. This must be connected to the providence to finish the entire evil of the past, eliminate the entire Cain and Abel conflict. The two buildings disappear. By their pure sacrifice, all humankind divided into two and must unite, and build one strong building through one strong value, family and nation and world. Let's keep the blessing in our hand and focus how to give our heart and love to those families. We must support those innocent spirits. Everyone was shocked and went to their church. President Bush announced Nation Day of Prayer. Father said everyone, everywhere must pray. Through prayer, first we should understand God's point of view.

Second, we have to comfort and be with the victims. And third, we should re-determine what to do. This is teaching us to stand in oneness, not two, but completely one of family, faith and peace. We must re-build the family, restore the community, even the nation and world. In prayer, we become humble, love each other, not judge or criticize and return to our original heart. America has many great leaders, but providential point of view, since God chose this nation as the elder-son nation, based on Christianity, Christianity should embrace other religions as Abel figure: Islam, Judaism, Buddhists, all other world-wide religions. This is ACLC's holy mission right now and stand in the right position. This ground zero, this is correct that we call ground zero, we have to rebuild the ideal of God. All religious leaders should unite what is behind the providence of God starting this Saturday. This event is very important. First is the Prayer breakfast, starting exactly at 8am sharp. The ministers should really repent. We couldn't take care. They must recognize and re-determine again. This must be a serious Prayer Breakfast. This is the purpose for this. Based on repentance, to save the nation and then the world through the unity of all religions. Let's have deep heartistic prayer and then we will educate those ministers from Heavenly Father's providential point of view and then go to the square. Those 5000 spirits cannot go to spirit world, so they are still hanging around there. We have to initiate, to protect and liberate them. We have to do our best. Let all the ministers know this is a National Day of Prayer and Healing for this situation. We must outreach our entire ministers. Don't lose your focus. Don't relax your heart and mind. Internally Saturday's event is True Parents' idea. I decided just go. All ministers should wear their clerical robes and one rose. Hopefully, we can invite 1200 ministers. This will impact the spirit world, and family, nation and world. Hating each other cannot solve this problem. Once the 1200 ministers come, everyone will have a strong tie and whatever God directs us to do, they will accomplish. If we offer right condition, and our strong unity, God will make a great success. Father is definitely saying America is on the cross. We must be humble and love each other and trust each other. Let's pray and ask God for clear answer. This is to sincerely pray for the future of this nation, the future of this world.

I proclaim to start 3-day special prayer all nationwide Family Federation families to support the victims, family, nation and for peace. So, we will have a prayer condition and breakfast fasting will start tomorrow. Then, Saturday we can offer world-wide Family condition of heart to Heavenly Father. We must pray for this nation, especially when war occurs. More tragedy may come. We must get rid of all hatred from all human spirit.

True Parents' Life

8/31~9/2 Cheju Island. TF gave speeches to cheer up the Japanese members. Hoon Dok Hae: "Life in the Spirit World and on Earth" TF emphasized "Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience." (1st Jardim Declaration) He said, "Now I cannot give a speech being full of energy as I did 30 years ago. So, it is important for you to read TF's words which TF gave being full of energy. And, you have to know the reality of the spiritual world." 8/31 13th Anniversary of Pal Jeong Shik in Che-ju Island. TF said, "Love your enemy. To marry your enemy is the way to inherit God's tradition." "From now on, you have to transcend nations. When you are asked where you live, it is a Satanic answer for you to say 'e~~ country.' You have to have the heart of worldwide level." Also, TF emphasized the creation of God's nation. 9/1 Hoon Dok Hae: "Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship" TF said, "You have to learn Korean. Go back to your homeland, and make a true family. Individualism causes destruction. The greatest asset of the Unification Church is to know God and the spiritual world. It is priceless to live on earth." 9/2 Hoon Dok Hae: "The Age of Father- Son Cooperation" TF emphasized the importance of the situation of women in the history of God's providence, "The mission of a woman is to experience the heart of daughter, wife and mother. God only teaches the truth, and women have to be responsible for restoration through indemnity. When a woman makes a mistake, the whole family perishes. Be ashamed of having been a daughter of adulterer (Eve). Start to follow God's Will after repenting." TP moved from Cheju Island to Seoul.

9/6 TP saw a public performance of the Universal Ballet "Shim Cheong."

9/7 Afternoon TP left Seoul for Alaska.

9/18 night TP came back from Alaska to East Garden. Concerning the crisis of America, TF said, "You have to have an ownership to think this nation is "My" Nation. Not "Our" nation. "I" have a responsibility. Go the way to love your enemy and take action. All religions have to unite into one, having inter-religious concept."

9/19 6:00 AM Hoon Dok Hae: TF's Words about Danbury and Heung Jin Nim' s Sung Hwa. After that TF gave a speech until noon. Further details will follow.

Hyun Jin Nim finished the "2001 Service for Peace" speaking tour, which was held in five Countries; Japan, America, Philippines, China and Korea to make the youth break down egoism which prevails among the youth, and to inspire the young people with a true service spirit through which a peaceful culture will settle down. He is now in Korea, the last country of the tour. He spoke at Chung-nam University on 9/12, and at Su-won inner gymnasium on 9/15. After finishing the tour successfully, he gave a sermon on Sunday, 9/16 at Seoul HQ church. He emphasized True Family, Meaning of the blessing and Blood lineage, and encouraged Korean members saying, "Live for the sake of others best as Father's country members. And, Be not in a debt of heart.

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