The Words of the Yang Family

Memo Concerning Day of Prayer and Healing

Chang Shik Yang
September 18, 2001

Dear Family,

We know that everyone has gone through a great deal with the tragedy of September 11th and the postponement of Madison Square Garden. We pray that God will strengthen you and guide and protect our nations leaders and its peoples. True Parents are returning tonight to America. We await more in depth clarification of the course we are to take at this time. Father has said that America is on the cross and that all of America - everyone - should turn to God in prayer. Our clergy must rally to resurrect America and lead the Elder Son Nation to embrace all religions and races with True Love. Father has expressed great hope that our clergy and all blessed central families and all leaders who have been educated by True Parents will help lead this nation at this time.

In memory of those who lost their lives and in preparation for the Saturday, September 22nd Day of Prayer and Healing we ask that all Family Federation families and members begin a three day period of prayer and fasting. (Services in our churches and with other churches are encouraged).

Prayer and Fast:

Beginning on Wednesday, September 19 through Friday, September 21 we ask that all families begin a three day period of prayer. The prayer should be in the morning at Hoon Dok Hae and in the evening. The length should be decided by each family.


Unity with True Parents and True Family

Unity of all leaders and members as well ACLC Clergy

America fulfills her role Day of Prayer and Healing, Saturday, September 22, 2001 ACLC and FFWPU from 8am - 2 pm

Pray for the healing of all families that lost their loved ones. And that their sacrifice will help America and the world to make a new beginning for peace

The unity of all religions, races and nations to fulfill God's Will.


3 Day Breakfast fast

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