The Words of the Yang Family

Postponement of MSG Event

Chang Shik Yang
September 15, 2001

To:  All Leaders, Blessed Families and Members
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Phillip Schanker, Rev. Levy Daugherty
Date: 15 September 2001
Subj: Postponement of MSG Event      

The devastating terrorist attack on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 has had a profound effect on the city of New York and the United States. In the midst of the tragedy, tremendous heroism and humanity can be found everywhere. The entire nation is still grappling with the enormity of the disaster and is on a high state of emergency alert.  

True Father, who is closely watching the situation, has encouraged that it would be most appropriate to postpone the 12,000 Clergy Couple Blessing. Our True Parents, and our entire movement, feel deep empathy with the suffering of those who have lost their lives in this tragedy and their loved ones. On September 22nd, the day originally planned for the blessing, we will focus our efforts on a time of prayer and healing for the city of New York and the nation of America. The clergy and membership present will gather for prayer and will invest in ministry, counselling, service, and support of the ongoing relief efforts.

On the following day, Sunday, September 23rd, we will join millions in Central Park for a "Day of Remembrance" for the victims and heroic men and women who lost their lives trying to save others.   Father has clearly taught that terrorist violence is ultimately the result of deep religious divisions and the lack of a common, God-centered value perspective. In this emergency situation, the ideals and efforts of Blessed Families and the worldwide Unification Movement become even more significant. As our nation's leaders consider the appropriate response to the terrorist attacks, we urge everyone to pray deeply for God's guidance and invest wholeheartedly for the future of America and the world.  

Further details will follow.

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