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Let's Unite and Conquer This New York MSG on September 22!

Report of Leaders Meeting on Aug. 28, 2001

Dr. Chang Shik Yang:

I want to summarize six points to make success:

1. Understand meaning of this 12,000. It's meaning is providential. This direction comes from True Parents. It is the harvest of the entire 50-state speaking tour. Last 60 Couple Blessing was like foundation stage. But, that was not like real foundation of 50-state speaking tour. But, this is the actual 12,000. The number 12,000 is the world level of Jesus' perfection level disciples. To open the new 4th Adam's Realm. It represents the 2nd Israel.

2. What is the purpose of this? After the Coronation of God on January 13th, and the 50-state speaking tour, Father went to Korea. The title was: "Settlement of Fatherland." Through this 12,000 blessing, God will make Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the foundation. Clergy must be the world 2nd Israel representative.

3. We have a goal.

4. What is the major target? The clergy and major religious leaders. 12,000 event is not a national level. Father directed that there should be 12-120 couples from each country as their representative of their leaders. Korea will bring many high level Buddhists monks to attend. This blessing will be world clergy blessing, not just ordinary people. From 50 states, we will bring entire good contact ministers, 50-100 ministers from each state.

5. To accomplish this, we need a strategy. We need clear direction. Based on this, we need practical work. We need good communication between headquarters and you generals in the field. When a direction comes from Headquarters, everyone must follow and achieve the goal. Father never changes or yields. He never shows his weakness. Let's completely unite with his spirit. Our higher spirit and strong unity will bring result.

6. Final confirmation. With this will be victory. One day is very important. We should not miss one day any rallies. This is completely on our shoulders. Externally, this is not easy. But, God will lead us. I ask all of you to stand. Milingo, with Jesus mind, has one strong, single line. He determined he would go to the cross. He gave his cross to Rev. Olivier, and changed to a sport coat. He determined to convey Father's message to the Pope with the risk of his life. Let's stand with such strong spirit. Eventually, Milingo will be free and will be with us. We are ready to support you from Headquarters. I got only 1/3 budget from last time. Father said the budget must come from America. Centering on Rev. Jenkins, let's unite and conquer this New York Madison Square Garden. Amen.

Rev. Michael Jenkins:

I worked with Rev. Kim many times. He always brings people. We have a very strong bond of heart. I know this campaign will work. I'm grateful Dr. Yang is back. We are in a very serious spiritual battle. Like Ephesians says, "Put on the whole armour." We really have to understand this is a spiritual war. Like with Bp. Milingo, it's a spiritual battle. He absolutely believes in True Parents and is faithful to Maria and is trying to escape. When Bp. Stallings saw the video of Bp. Milingo, he thought it wasn't the normal Archbishop Milingo. This man is a prisoner. That's why prayers are necessary for Maria. She's fasting for fifteen days. She's really a saint. It's to really secure on the next level of the unity of Christianity and our True Parents. And we won the victory through the 50-State tour, which had many battles and persecutions. But we overcame. And a big blessing came and made a world impact. Now we are expanding that battle. So, Satan knows. An incredible article came out in front page last week with Father's picture. "Moon orbits Harlem" and inside "Moon's a new star." Rev. Preston Washington found us to be a wonderful group of people. Very positive things are happening. That's why we have to be aware of the spiritual battle. Dae Mo Nim's coming purified us and cleansed us so that our ancestors can come to help us. You are a Central Blessed Family who can command tremendous spiritual power. But, you have to have the internal attitude and mind. You pray in your own name. You are the True Parents on you own level. We must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to bring victory.

This is the most important week of all. We have two strategies, to work through the Christian churches and with the top religious leaders, including Minister Farrakhan. Father said Minister Farrakhan also represents Christian churches, because Christian and Muslim united. Then, we must work with the Ethnic groups. We made a list of the top churches that are positive in each district. Bronx is definitely the model. Each organization should have the same model. "One family, one church". We must respect the families that have cultivated the area. The key thing this week you must confirm if the minister will come or not. If yes, we can focus on him. If not, we don't want to put a family there. Miracles can happen, like the Prophet Lazerby in the Bronx. The essential point is to confirm by Thursday.

The other strategy is to have rallies and meetings. Many spiritual phenomena happen when they gather. I have seen many ministers change in a meeting. Spirit world is effective. True Parents could have just sent their speech, but they directly went to each state so that spiritual world would be effected when they touch the soil. That's why the rallies in each area are very crucial. How to schedule? Contact Rev. Dougherty's office. You can bring ministers to other district meetings, not just wait for your own meeting. I have hope with the regional leaders who came from so far away.

The ministers saying "yes" is crucial. Once the minister confirms, then bring him to the meeting to get inspired, especially about buses. We have to inspire the minister about the bus. Church world is a giving and receiving world. You have to talk to the minister heart to heart. The minister should set up a woman coordinator to help organize for mobilization. Otherwise it won't work. The minister inspires from the pulpit. He never calls his members directly. It's the key assistants who work the phones. To do that, you should help financially to help them. The timing is ripe now, everything will go up. We have two pieces of literature. New Jersey printed 5000 for $185. You should make these leaflets close to your area. Put the key names on your ministers on your invitational letters. Rev. Pak and I met with Minister Benjamin. Minister Farrakhan wants to come. We have to pray. He's very serious. He said that this is the next stage of the Million Family March. This is a movement now which keeps our churches together. One of our key ministers was attacked by some local ministers and he needed some love and some prayer. So, Rev. Pak, Bp. Stallings, Rev. Dougherty and Rev. Hori were there and we just prayed with him. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit moved and he got touched by God. Rev. Stallings will make a video tape that you can show your ministers to answer any attacks about messiah, cult, any of those things.

The purple book of Jesus is very important. The media keeps putting out one negative message that Father says he's the messiah and Jesus failed. That kills Christians. We have to counter that. You must visit because you bring your ancestors, angels Christian martyrs. 106 Saints were sent to America by Father. Jesus' main responsibility is America. Jesus anointed Father. The minister started praying and crying and prayed on a chair.

It's really a big battle between Christianity and True Parents. Satan is doing everything to stop us. The most serious thing is to love the ministers. Regional directors have enormous power with black ministers because you can relate more deeply with you in many areas than with the white members. The Korean elders would make the difference, like Bishop Pak or Dr. Yang. We can help each other. They have a certain wisdom because of their long history of thousands of years. When our elders talk deeply, the ministers start to listen. I encourage the regional leaders to meet the ministers directly.

The choir confirmation is very weak. We only 350 confirmed right now. The choirs will be given some donation. One Bishop Serreano of the Faith Restoration Center in New Jersey believe the True Parents are the messiah. He said that he could bring a huge number if we can organize just right. Caribbean Outreach is absolutely important. The members should be well prepared with literature before this Sunday. The church bulletin is the best way.

Our first goal is to get the minister clear. We must fill the bus. There are 500 Haitian churches and maybe a 3000 voice choir may come.

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