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Dae Mo Nim Workshop in the USA; Explanation

Chang Shik Yang
August 1, 2001

To: Block Directors, Regional Directors, Vice Rds.
Fm: Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Re: Dae Mo Nim Workshop in the USA; Explanation
Dt: August 1, 2001

Here are the Type of Ceremonies that Dae Mo Nim will hold in the USA.

1. Ancestor liberation and liberation from evil spirits

2. Clearing of fetus

3. Blessing of Ancestors

4. Spiritual world and physical world blessing

5. Special prayer and guidance for the 2" and 3" Generation children who live in spirit world in preparation for the future Blessing.

6. Registration blessing.

7. Registration Fee for the Event

1. Explanation for the Ancestor Liberation and the Liberation from evil spirits.

A. Who can be Liberated

It is possible to liberate up to 42 generation of ancestors on the father's and the mother's side. You do not have to start all over again, continue from the point you have left off the last time you liberated your ancestors.

You can also liberate your relatives up to the level of grandparents.

Please see attached explanation sheet on how to successfully conduct the liberation ceremony.

B. Liberation Donations

There structure for the suggested donation unfolds like this: Western Members living in the USA


Father side

Mother side

Relatives IF + M) 1-7

Per person or couple
























Japanese members living in the USA will pay the same amount for the liberation of the Father's and the Mother's side as the US members.

Members of poorer nations in the world, who have lived in the USA for less than two years, may make the suggested donation determined for their country. Call your Regional HQ to find out the amount. The members who have lived in the USA for longer than two years are requested to make the same donation amount requested for US members.

For your own Brothers and Sisters and/or your own Children who died before they got married, you can just make a volunteer donation.

For the liberation of your Adopted Parents donate the amount as you would for your Relatives.

Absolutely no living Relatives can be liberated.

The Ancestor Blessing Donation for the first 7 Generations goes to the Headquarters Office in New York.

Please send all the donation for the liberation(s) to the National HQ at 4 West 43"' Street, New York, NY 10036.

Pay by check or credit card.

If you pay via check write the type of the donation you are making on the memo line.

If you pay via credit card send the following information by FAX to the following number: 212-575-xxxx

Type of Credit Card and the Number. Make sure it's legible.
Expiration Date.
Amount to be taken out and for what purpose.
Print your name, sign your name and date the document.

The National Headquarters will make a list of those who made a donation and the amount, and then send the money to Cheong Pyung.

2. Explanation for the Clearing of Fetus.

The clearing of the Fetus applies only to your own miscarriage, abortion or lost baby. With the permission of True Patents these fetuses are being taken down and cleared out of the Spirit World.

This ceremony will take place right after the ancestor liberation in a special meeting with Dae Mo Nim.

Please send the "Clearing of the Fetus Offering" directly to Cheong Pyung

3. Explanation for the Blessing of your Ancestors.

Your ancestors can only be blessed if you meet the following conditions:

They were liberated a minimum of 100 days ago.

The donation for the liberation has been fulfilled.

For the blessing, the earthly representatives wear their Holy Robes, both the inner and outer garment.

The earthly representatives shall also bring Blessing Rings.

The church will prepare Holy Wine and Holy Water.

The donation for the Blessing is a volunteer offering and should be sent directly to Cheong Pyung.

Please, you decide the amount of Donation for the Blessing of your Ancestors.

Take your Ancestors home.

When Dae Mo Nim comes to the USA, she will bring your Ancestors who have been restored with her. All members who are attending the work shop may come and pick up their ancestors and rake them home.

4. Explanation for the Spiritual World and Physical World Blessing,

If you have a Parent or Grand Parent who died after you had your ancestors liberated more than 100 days ago. they can receive the Blessing with their spouse on the earth who has taken the Holy Wine.

The spouse on earth needs to wear the Holy Robe (inner and outer garment).

Please also prepare a Holy Robe for the spouse in the Spiritual World.

Prepare two Blessing Rings.

In case the spouse on the earth is too old to travel or too sick, the children can come and represent the parent with the pictures of the parents to be blessed.

This ceremony will take place at the time of the Ancestors Blessing.

5. Explanation of Special Prayer and Guidance for the 2nd and 3rd Generation Children who live in the Spirit World.

This is a special ceremony to raise up the children in order to prepare them for their blessing in the spirit world in the future.

Dae Mo Nim will bring a special prayer candle with which you will pray for your children in order to raise them up.

This Ceremony will take place right after the Blessing of the Ancestors.

6. Explanation of the Registration Blessing.

This registration blessing is for the couple that went to the registration workshop in Cheong Pyung, but could not bring their children. They may now register their children.

Parents shall wear the Holy Robes, 2" Generations may just wears a white top. The church will prepare the Holy Wine.

If one of the parents who went to Korea is unable to attend the ceremony in the USA, the other parent may take care of the registration. Ideally, the wife should do it.

If neither wife nor husband has attended the workshop in Korea they may not participate in this ceremony. A couple may participate in the ceremony it the husband could not go to Korea to join the wife in the workshop because of immigration problems or because of ill health.

The husbands that did not go to Korea must pay the workshop fee of $25 here.

Centered on the wife, write down all the things that you need to repent for. One sheet of paper should be sufficient.

A registration donation is requested. The National Headquarters will make a list of the names and amounts of those who made that donation and will send the money to Cheong Pyung. Follow the payment instructions above.

7. Registration Fee

The purpose of the Registration Fee is to cover the following expenses:

Transportation, food, accommodation for Dae Mo Nim's team.

The rental cost of the venue.

Operation cost, stage set up, equipment rental, staff, etc.

The Registration Fee is broken down in four categories: for ramifies and individuals, for long distance travelers and for local people. The long distance travelers are those who have to travel more than 150 miles to come to the event. Everyone else is a "local." Here is the breakdown of the amount that should be paid:

"Local" family $100

"Local" individual $50

"Long Distance" Family $50 (travels more than 150 miles)

"Long Distance" Individual $25 (travels more than 150 miles)

We wish all brothers and sisters a successful and liberating event.

God Bless you and your family.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

Guidelines for Success in Singing and Clapping Sessions

1. Wear a white shirt. It can be a T-Shirt, sweatshirt or even a dress shirt, as long as it is white. The pants should be of some light fabric, any color is alright.

2. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for the liberation of evil spirit session in order to prepare yourself internally. Think about what you need to work on in the session and what God wants you to take care of and clear up. Pray constantly for success in that session.

3. Focus your mind completely on the session. Repent seriously because spirits in you are there because of the collective sins of your ancestors, nation, race, church etc. as well as your personal sins. These spirits are there because of what happened to them in history, so it is best to have a repentful mind.

4. Put your heart into the singing to overpower resentment filled evil spirits who are often complaining loudly about their difficult situations to the angels and restored good spirits working to get them out of us.

5. Clap hard because this action helps to soften and break up our hardened shells of sin and fallen nature. Clapping makes cracks in our hardened shells through which angels can enter to find evil spirits and pull them out. Use the clapping and singing as tools and your prayerful heart and mind as tools to liberate the evil spirits.

6. Follow the direction of the Holy Song Session Leader. Angels and restored spirits have been instructed to follow the leader's direction and go to the area of your body that the leader is working on. Use their assistance as much as you can. Let the spirit world help you.

7. Hit hard enough to get results. Evil and resentful spirits are strong and stubborn. Think about what is necessary to get them out.

8. Do not use too much force on the person in front of you. Only if that person requests more force should you use it. Men, do not hit the ladies or small children too hard. Use your common sense and do what will help that person.

9. When you are liberating evil spirits form our face, you should focus on the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

10. Work for and EXPECT SUCCESS. 

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