The Words of the Yang Family

Condition in preparation for Dae Mo Nimís Visit to America

Chang Shik Yang
July 31, 2001

As you all know, Dae Mo Nim will be visiting USA beginning August 15th bringing with her the grace and blessing from God and True Parents through the ceremonies she will conduct for our liberation and that of our ancestors.

In preparation to receive this special grace, Dr. Yang would like to ask all leaders and brothers and sisters to make a 21-day condition beginning August 1st (or as soon as possible thereafter). He is asking each person to do at least one of the following conditions:

40 kyung bae (bows)
breakfast fast
21 minute prayer

If one is able to do either two or all the conditions above, they may do so. Let us also keep a prayerful heart for Dae Mo Nim/Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim and all those who will travel with her.

Thank you.


For: Dr. Chang Shik Yang

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