The Words of the Yang Family

40-Day Blessed Family Mobilization

Chang Shik Yang
July 20, 2001

United Federation of Churches Building

Dae Mo Nim’s Visit to America

Congratulations to all on the victorious completion of the 40-day condition from June 7 through July 16. During this time great progress was made towards the unity of Christianity with our True Parents. This was manifested through the revivals that have spread to every state and the profound success of positive media and testimonies in Korea of the clergy support for our True Parents in Korea. True Parents tour culminated in an historic address at the Korean National Assembly. In addition Rev. Hyun Jin Moon’s speaking tour in Japan was a great success: over 50,000 young people attended. Rev. Barrett and Rev. Edwards were guest speakers. Congratulations to Howard Self and U.S. CARP for the tremendous success last Saturday, July 14, as 1,400 second generation and parents rallied for his address on Service for Peace: A New Paradigm for Ideal Family and Youth.

Please consider the following directions:

40-Day Family Mobilization

Based on the previous direction of Rev. Sun Jo Hwang we will begin a new 40-day mobilization from today, July 20 through August 28. In addition to our international direction, THE FOCUS OF THE AMERICAN 40-DAY MOBILIZATION WILL BE ON THE "WE WILL STAND IN ONENESS" REVIVALS, AND "ONE FAMILY ONE CHURCH" OUTREACH.

Dae Mo Nim’s North American Tour

As stated in a previous memo, the dates for Dae Mo Nim’s tour are as follows:

August 15 San Francisco
August 17 Chicago
August 19 New York
August 21 Washington, D.C.

It will include prayer and ancestor liberation. And the Registration Blessing. The Registration Blessing is for the wives and husbands who went to Chung Pyung, but were unable to take their children there. Husbands who could not attend Chung Pyung due to legal issues or illness may participate in the US ceremony. All others should plan to go to Chung Pyung for the ceremony. (More detailed information will follow.)

12,000 Couple Blessing

Father has directed that we prepare to conduct a blessing of 12,000 clergy couples. When and where is still being discussed, at this point it will most likely be part of the World Culture and Sports Festival 2002. We should educate the clergy through the We Will Stand In Oneness – Harvest for the Pentecost Revivals, True Family Values Seminars and Diving Principle seminars.

Parents Day on Capitol Hill

Please give full support to the National Parents Day awards on Capitol Hill. Please write to encourage your congressman to attend this educational program to support good families. Get all details from your local or regional AFC leader.

United Federation of Churches National Building Fund Raising Drive

From July 20 through October 31 we will begin a fund-raising drive to establish the United Federation of Churches headquarters. Each family is asked to donate (or "raise" through clergy, family, friends and relatives) the sum of $1,200 per family, over a three month period ending on October 31. Please donate whatever you can as soon as possible. The project is already under construction. Father has said that American funds, blood, sweat and tears from both FFWPU blessed families and Christian churches most be offered jointly to establish this "Religious Embassy" for America.

Women’s Federation for World Peace

WFWP National Chairwoman Alexa Ward is developing a strong organization. The current program of prayer breakfasts with Christian women and wives of clergy is very important. Please give your full support. Chicago WFWP held an excellent gathering at Pastor T.L. Barrett’s church. Mrs. Barrett testified how she and Rev. Barrett were reunited through the ministry of our True Parents during the We Will Stand tour.

Thank you very much,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President, FFWPU – USA

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