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40 Day Condition Direction, Revival and Mobilization

Chang Shik Yang
June 3, 2001

Subject: 40 Day Condition Direction, Revival and Mobilization
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
1610 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 722-6800 u Fax (202) 723-4008 u e-mail
North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

To: All Leaders; All Regional and State FFWPU, AFC, WFWP, Kodan, Organizational Directors, Business Leaders, all Department Heads and all Tribal Messiahs
From: Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins
Date: June 3, 2001
Re: 40 Day Blessed Family Mobilization

United Federation of Churches Building

Last week Father requested that 12 American leaders, from all aspects of the North American movement, come to Uruguay to participate in the opening ceremony for the Federation for Cosmic Peace and Unification South American Headquarters. Uruguay's current President and first lady as well as three former presidents attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. Father gave the "God is our True King" address at the banquet. He formally announced that his responsibilities in South America are now completed. He asked the 12 from America to bring unity between North and South America, Catholic and Protestant and among all organizations in North America centering on the Family Federation.

40 Day Family Mobilization

All families are asked to mobilize for the next forty days. Our main focus will be to support the "We Will Stand In Oneness" revivals in America. The forty day period will begin on June 7th and end on July 16th.

During the "We Will Stand" American tour, Father announced that 50 days after the April 17th conclusion of the 50 state tour a massive Pentecost will occur in America. This will center on the Christian leaders related with the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the Blessed Central Families. (This 50th Day since April 17th is today, June 6th. ) Due to the change brought about by the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship a new authority has been given to blessed central families. Jesus and the Holy Spirit will move the Christian church to become one centering on True Parents. Through this unity a Pentecost will occur that will lead to a great healing of families and marriages and we create the rise of a Christian blessed family movement. (The Holy Blessing of 60 Religious leaders and the world news of Archbishop Milingo is generating tremendous interest among Christian leaders about the blessing.)

The mobilization will be for all family members, 12 and up starting from June 7th through July 16th. (12 years and older students may start from July 1st or when their school is out for the summer.)

Focus of Mobilization: In America the focus will be to support the "We Will Stand In Oneness" Harvest for the Pentecost revival meetings occurring in all 50 states. ( One Family One Church should be further emphasized.) Because of the focus on Christian churches and the need for continous aftercare, families will work in their own hometown area or current living area.

True Parents victorious 50 state tour has set the conditions necessary for the Second Israel to totally unite. We will form a Christian blessed family movement and together with the blessed central families, the Christian leaders will lead the Elder Son Nation to Victory. As the "We Will Stand" tour focused on Christian Pastors, our 40 day "We Will Stand In Oneness" Revival and Pentecost activity will focus on Christian churches. A detailed plan for activity will be made centering on each regional director. When there is no revival we should focus on one family one church to build the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the United Federation of Churches. We should also support the activities of all related organizations (i.e. AFC, IIFWP, CARP, WFWP etc.)

Father asked that Lasting Love Conferences be continued to reach out to young students and to follow up with graduates. We should also reach out to our relatives and all of our neighbors and families and bring them to our Five Family Outreach Group meetings or other meetings organized in each state. A national education center for advanced education (7day , 21 day etc. ) will be set up in Chicago.

Conditions: All leaders worldwide have been asked to fast 3 days or do a special prayer condition (See attached memo). You may choose either way. Our focus should be to bring the Christians to the Pentecost.

Location: (40 days in America). We should organize in our own hometown area centering on the Regional Directors plan. Blessed wives who fulfill the 40 days in America may count this period as fulfilling the 40 day responsibility in Korea for one time. The purpose is to be effective in reaching out to Christians and bringing them into the Pentecost and ultimately to the Blessing.


For the safety of True Parents and True Family. b.. For the Unity of Christianity and fulfillment of Second Israel's Responsibility c.. For the success of the "We Will Stand In Oneness" Harvest for the Pentecost revivals

To gain real members of the church for the unification Korea and achieve the goal of the mobilization activity.
In order to have the identity as a central blessed family who has inherited the cosmic victory realm of True Parents.

For the victory of the Pentecost period

United Federation of Churches National Building:

True Father equated the "raising" of the United Federation of Churches Building with the establishment of the first church that the Pilgrims established at Plymouth Colony. This public place (it served as a worship center and public meeting place) was established before they made their own homes. Father has asked that we quickly raise the funds through our Blessed families and our Christian leaders so that an embassy representing the 2nd Israel can be established.

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