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Special 21Day Blessed Wives Workshop Registration Dates

Chang Shik Yang
September 26, 2000

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
1610 Columbia Road, Washington D.C. 20009
(202) 722-6800 - Fax (202) 723-4008 - e-mail
North America HQ, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director; Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

To: Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors, State Leaders and Department Leaders
Fm: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Re: Special 21-Day Blessed Wives Workshop Registration Dates
Dt: September 26th, 2000

May the love and grace of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with you. Following is information about the 4th and 5th special registration workshops for blessed wives. Please do your utmost to enable all to attend.

4th Workshop

Period: October 4 to 24

Participants*: 6500 Couples Blessing including previously married couples from the same time period, plus any blessed wife from the 6000 Couples Blessing and earlier who has not yet attended.

*The 6000 and 6500 Blessed Wives from North America, (USA and Canada) should not attend this workshop, but should totally support the Million Family March instead. These Blessed Wives can attend the next workshop beginning on Oct 25th.

5th Workshop

Period: October 25 to November 14

Participants: 2075 Couples Blessing (i.e. those sisters who stayed in the United States to work on the Million Family campaign), 1275 Couples Blessing, plus any blessed wife who was a candidate for any of the first four workshops, but who could not attend.

Points to Note:

Special Grace Ceremonies

These will be included in the 21-day period. For the 5th workshop, from Nov. 12 - 14.

Any family where the wife has attended the registration workshop, but which has not yet attended the grace ceremony, may do so at this time.

No special conditions are needed to be qualified to attend.

Please bring Holy Robes.

All other details are the same as previous memos that were sent out.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, North America

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