The Words of the Yang Family

Directions for All North American Blessed Families and Members

Chang Shik Yang
September 5, 2000

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
1610 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 722-6800 - Fax (202) 723-4008 - E-mail:
North America Headquarters
Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President

Dear North American Blessed Wives and All Families,

Once again we commend you for your faithfulness at this time of great trial.

We have met with the key organizers of the Million Family March and they also expressed shock and amazement that the wives of our North American families could have such depth of devotion to God that they could so abruptly change their direction. They sincerely welcome our wives and members to work side by side with them to invite one million families to join together on October 16th for this great celebration of the family. As we stated before, you have become such a great source of pride for our True Parents both personally and within our movement but now publicly also.

We have been deliberating with great care and concern as to the direction we wish to convey at this time. The direction of our True Parents is absolutely clear. We will commit all of our hearts and efforts to the success of the Million Family March. Rev. Kwak has instructed that an Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace be convened in support of the Million Family March on October 14 - 17 in Washington, DC. This conference will bring together all the heads of Religions and Denominations and top political leaders, (i.e. Presidents, Kings, Ambassadors and U.S. leaders) that True Parents have educated over the last 30 years. They will be asked to sit in a prestigious World VIP AREA of the MFM at the base of our nation's capitol building displaying absolute unity for world peace. This is truly a moment that comes only once in history.

Directions for All North American Blessed Families and Members:

1) National 40 day prayer condition to begin from Wednesday, September 6th, through Sunday, October 15th, 2000. This will be a special prayer condition for the success of the Million Family March and the "rebuilding and strengthening of our families" both in America and worldwide.

1. That all families throughout the world will be healed and strengthened through the MFM.
2. That the walls between all races and religions will dissolve and we become "One Family" in God's Love and that we display such unity between all leaders and families on October 16th.
3. That "The world becomes our common home and that mankind becomes One Family through the rededication of marriage and wedding ceremony."
4. That Family, Faith and Freedom be promoted through the success of the Million Family March.

2) Specific direction for Blessed Wives - 30 day special activity to support the MFM: All Blessed Wives who were going for the third 21 day workshop and all blessed wives of North America should come to Washington, D.C. Everyone should arrive by September 16th by 3 pm at Columbia Rd. headquarters church. A kickoff rally will be held that night in our church headquarters.

Between now and September 16th please make a total effort to invite all of our existing family, friends and colleagues to Washington to join the MFM on October 16th. Every Christian and religious leader, woman leader, political leader, professor and all VIP's should be invited in the next week to come join the Million Family March. There will be a very large VIP section prepared for top leaders.

3) SPECIAL DONATION - $ 1000 per family for support of our activity. Wives who travel long distances to come to the East Coast will be asked to donate less. Families who do not come for the 30 day special activity will be asked to donate more - details will follow in subsequent directions.

Please send your donation to the following address:

c/o Accounting Department
1610 Columbia Road
Washington, DC 20009

Again our sincere prayer and heart goes out to our Blessed Wives as the great "Founding Mothers" of the new America. You are the pride of heaven.

Sincerely yours,

In the Love of our True Parents. 

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