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New Info On Chung Pyung Workshop And National Blessing

Subject: New Info On Chung Pyung Workshop And National Blessing

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2000 8:17 PM

To: All Blessed Wives and Blessed Fanilies up to 8000 Blessing (2075 & 6000) in North America

Fm: Dr. Chang Shik Yang

Dt: August 19, 2000

Re: 21 Day Workshop For Wives And Request For Third Group To Stay One Extra Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Update on the Chung Pyung 21 day workshops for blessed wives of all blessings up to 8000 blessing of 1982 (2075 & 6000):

1. Further Clarification of the Meaning of the 21 Day Workshop:

(With this document are the notes on Father's words and Rev. Kwak's instruction concerning this workshop again as noted above the only change has been that the registration is to occur for North America in the United States in late September. Please read True Father's words and Rev. Kwak's instruction carefully.)

We sincerely respect and understand the challenges that our blessed families face at this time of the "last days" of the dispensation. However, we must make it officially clear that Father has directed all Blessed Wives who are from the blessings up and through 8000 couples to attend the 21 day workshop at Chung Pyung Lake. The purpose is not only for the "National Level" Blessing but also to register as Children of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. Another purpose is to set the condition to "re-bless" our families. The standard that a blessed couple should manifest at this time is far greater than any have achieved. Therefore, there is an unacceptable gap between our standard as blessed couples and the true standard of blessing. On August 14th , upon True Parents' return to East Garden from Korea, True Father spoke and asked Rev. Kwak also to report.

Father spoke as follows:

"As you know, regarding the matter of rebirth, all human beings should have True Father. But in front of me, only True Mother has the same victorious foundation and complete unity with me. So I praised her with an award last year, inheriting my foundation. Also, representatives of all human beings gave thanks to True Parents. In front of True Mother, all blessed wives stand as individuals. In this situation, don't think of your husband or family. You are like Eve, who just has to listen to Adam and God. Eve is alone in front of Adam. So you should adopt oneness with True Mother, and then True Mother gains all blessed couples' foundation. You need absolute faith, love and obedience to inherit this. Blessed wives are engrafted with True Mother and True Father, and on that condition, blessed couples can re-register.
In front of True Parents, we can receive that progress in no other way. The younger couples, those blessed after 1982, will gradually make the same program. So you should join now. This is inner dispensational content of the Unification Church. You should understand how important it is. But it is not only a Unification Church event. It is directly related to all the physical world and spirit world; all human beings need to follow this progress, this paradigm. It is the way and model. Through this fundamental condition, Heavenly Father and True Parents signature is given to you. Then your life truly belongs to Heavenly Father and True Parents".

Rev. Kwak:

"Our blessed couples' standard is truly unworthy, compared with True Parents' basic standard. We received the blessing by their grace, not our own responsibility or condition. Since receiving the blessing, our lifestyle, heart and practice are unworthy - a poor standard. But Heavenly Father cannot wait for us. Centered on True Parents' worldwide victorious foundation, we have to work toward the main dispensational program. So True Parents' heart feels difficulty when looking at the gap between our standard and the true standard.
Our original blessing was not by our effort. It was 99.999% God's grace and True Parents' grace; .001% was our small portion. Even after receiving the blessing, the foundation of that blessing, true life, love and lineage, is something Satan can never attack. Therefore we can go the way of responsibility on that foundation. Because of our fallen habits and nature, and our actual satanic relations under which Satan can accuse us, it is the dispensational time to have re-registration. Church level we got new life from True Parents, but because it is church level, there is no concept or space for registration. Registration necessitates a national sovereignty. So, True Parents have given a special place for us to have registration in the Kingdom of Heaven."

2. All North American Participants in the Third 21 Day Workshop:

Dr. Yang has requested that all Blessed Wives participating in the Chung Pyung workshop that ends September 24th please stay one additional day for a special meeting with Dr. Yang. (Please arrange your flight back to America from the evening of the 25th September or the 26th September.)

3. Direction Concerning the Registration Workshop "Meeting Of Grace" After September 24:

(The last memo of August 13th clarified that the direction concerning the registration session for the whole family was still being discussed we received clarification this morning).

Father has directed that the Registration Workshop for Blessed Families who are working in North America will take place in the United States. Locations, dates and times are still being decided. It will occur sometime after the September 24th conclusion of the Third Chung Pyung 21 Day Blessed Wives Workshop. You will receive notification as soon as it is clear. The format will be 3 days and 2 nights. Husbands, wives and all children should attend together. This is truly a great relief for our North American families and should be understood to be a condition of grace given by our True Parents.

Blessed families working in Korea or Japan (Korean and Japanese and others) will still participate in the Chung Pyung workshop. This permission to attend the "Meeting of Grace" in the U.S. is only granted for blessed families who work in North America.

Out of love and heart True Parents are making this condition to bring us to the correct standard as blessed couples. Also, this grace is now being extended to all blessed couples who made mistakes in the past regardless of the mistake all can be forgiven and the family can make a new start. This grace also applies to all second-generation blessed children - regardless of the mistake, they can be forgiven. - The 21 day blessed wives workshop in Korea is the condition to qualify all members of a blessed family to attend this Registration or "Meeting of Grace" as it has been called in Korean. This is a moment of tremendous grace.

It has been clarified that there will be further registration later for couples from subsequent blessings. Please pray together as a family to make your decision concerning attendance.

4. About Blessed Wives Who Have Entered the Spirit World:

A letter is being prepared concerning how the families whose wife is already in the spirit world should attend the Registration workshop. It will come out in the next couple of days from Rev. Kwak's office. It has been established that an elder daughter or step-daughter from 18 years old can represent the mother in the 21 days workshop. Please note that this condition only applies for families whose wife is in the spirit world, and not for those whose wife is divorced or left the church. Again, clarification on details is forthcoming.

It is our understanding that the family should plan to attend the "Meeting of Grace" for 3 days and 2 nights in North America. The condition necessary is not clear to us at this point.

We sincerely thank you for your great faith and courage as chosen people in this time of great transition into the Age of Settlement.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director, North America

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